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TOP Wide Recievers

Discussion in 'Thread Archive' started by akutozo, Nov 10, 2015.

  1. akutozo

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    Apr 17, 2015
    In HaW we've seen some outstanding WR play this year and the numbers show it. It's hard to say what exactly determines who was the best. Most receptions? Most Yards? Most Yards Per Catch? Most TDs? Let's take a look.

    TOP 5: The HaWlite (Get it? Elite? HaWlite? Get it? ....Get it? >.>)

    The "Drop off" in talent here isn't very far. The difference in any of these guys stats comes down to just a few plays and are truly elite. All of them finished in the top 5 in multiple categories and could not be ignored.
    1. Breshad Perriman, bal.... Perriman finished #1 in yards (1794), #1 in YPC (23.3) and #1 in TDs (19). Following the statistical nightmare (for opponents) that was the Ravens debut, it's no wonder he ranks tops on this list. Perriman was the best deep threat in HaW S1.
    2. Demaryius Thomas, den.... Is Baybay Perriman's clone? 1746 yards, 23.3 YPC and A TOP 5 14 TDs. While "BayBay" didn't land in the end zone quite as much as Perriman he stretched the field just as much. I wonder if these offenses have ever heard of "dump off" before?
    3. Dez Bryant, dal.... Not to be ignored from his Contract Blood Brother BayBay, Dez dropped 1680 yards, 23.1 YPC and 13 TDs on opposing defenses. The difference between him and DT? Just two completions, despite Romo throwing 98 less passes than Broussard.
    4. Julio Jones, atl.... Julio dropped 1680 yards on opposing teams with an equal 13 TDs to Dez's. Unfortunately, it took him 2 more passes to get there, so he was just inched out below Dez on this list.
    5. Bolajii Ajala, tb.... Ajala is truly the Buccanner's GOAT. A Statistical nightmare, he is the only player to make this list by not being in the top 5 YPC... instead, he was the only one to finish top 5 in receptions at 83 which is likely why he had more TDs (16) than any WR on this top 5 not named Perriman.

    TD Specialist

    Despite catching just 55 passes, Dorial Green-Beckham, ten finished with 16 TDs on the season. Yards are fancy but TDs win games.

    In similar fashion, Randall Cobb, gb finished with 14 TDs on the year with just 61 catches. Both of these guys go down as some of the most reliable TD Machines in HaW.

    Reliable Joe's

    While these guys may not have been top 5 in yards, TDs or even YPC, they delivered what field catchers couldn't: The chains. Each of these caught more passes than any other WR in HaW and should be recognized for their accomplishments.
    • AJGreen, cin: Aj Green caught 95 passes for 1615 yards. While he didn't have a top 5 finish in yards or TDs, he caught more passes than any other WR in the league.
    • Kelvin Benjamin, car: Catching 88 passes for 1382 yards, Kelvin has been an absolute rock for the Panther's offense this season.
    • Amari Cooper, oak: Amari Cooper was worth all the pre draft hyper. 87 catches for 1209 yards make him the best WR rookie this season that wasn't a legacy from HaW 15.
    • Antonio Brown, pit: Is there anything he can't do? 85 catches for 1347 yards make Antonio Brown one of the most reliable pair of hands in HaW
    The Old, the Bold and the Colt

    Andre Johnson, ind gets a special mention here for an outstanding 21.5 YPC. Despite being the ONLY WR on this list above the age of 30, he still brought down 1459 yards on opposing defenses and averaged more per catch than younger, supposedly faster wide receivers. Speed isn't everything, and Andre proved it. If he retires after this, it'll be knowing he proved Houston wrong.

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