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Tough Defense keys Nebraska victory

Discussion in 'Game Summaries' started by Mogriffjr, Oct 14, 2011.

  1. Mogriffjr

    Mogriffjr Walk On

    Feb 10, 2009
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    NEBRASKA (AP)- The Cornhuskers had dropped 44 points on SEC foe Georgia the previous week. This week was a totally different story.

    Nebraska was met with a tough defensive minded team that held Penn State to 10 points the week before. This week was no different as Nebraska was held to a uncharacteristically low 24 points. Luckily for them, that was enough as the defense held Tennessee to 10 points.

    With the home crowd behind them, the Nebraska defense pinned it's ears back and blitzed...and blitzed. The 1st two plays it worked beautifully, backing up Tennessee on 2 and 4 but on 3rd down, they called a great screen that netted 39 yards. "When that happened, we knew we couldn't just bully these guys but we wanted to send a message," said Coach Moreecemos.

    What ended up happening was the Vols settled for a FG but the crowd was amped and the defense made a key stop to force them to a FG. The physicality continued throughout the game as Nebraska laid out big hit after big hit. Starting QB for the Vols, Mark Poe, was knocked out for 5 weeks. Then starting RB Marlin Lane, a guy who figured to be the main cog in order for the Vols to walk out with a victory, was knocked out for 2 quarters in the 1st. Those big injuries seemed to hurt the Vols offense as far as scoring points. The Vols during the time Lane was out did not score and backup QB Justin Worley struggled passing against the aggressive Nebraska defense, throwing 2 INT's.

    With how tough this game was, QB Brion Carnes wanted to make sure he didn't make a mistake and throwing INT's or fumbling. He was very cautious with the ball not turning the ball over but had a hand in two big plays, a 61yard pass to Jamal Turner for a score and a 4 yard scramble in which saw Carnes dodge two Tennessee DT's for a TD.

    The offense was mostly quiet during the game as the Vols really was tough in the trenches and didn't allow Smith and Green to break off any big runs. In the end, the Cornhuskers ended up with a big OOC victory and remain the #1 team in the nation.
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  2. Hellisan

    Hellisan Schemin 'em up

    Feb 10, 2009
    Nice win, Tennessee is a good squad and I've heard BDS is a tough player. I'm looking forward to our matchup as well.

    BDSDIGITAL One Time for your Mind

    Jun 5, 2009
    Yeah this was a tough game. Nebraska is very good. I had some chances early to try to gain some momentum but I got outclassed prett much all the way around.

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