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Tournaments Results/Summaries (part 1)

Discussion in 'Thread Archive' started by NYJuggalo45, May 27, 2009.

  1. NYJuggalo45

    NYJuggalo45 Walk On

    Feb 10, 2009
    Tournaments Results/Summaries (part 1)


    Round 1
    #1 seed Frank Mir (Ryno) over #8 seed Gabriel Gonzaga (cpu) by KO
    Mir wins on a early 3rd round KO via kick to the head. Gonzaga gave Frank all he could handle... mounting him several times.

    #2 seed Brock Lesnar (Graves) over #7 seed Fabricio Werdum (cpu) by KO
    Brock Lesnar was on his back in the first minute of the fight after being rocked with a hook from Wedum. After regaining his composure and working with the game plan he was able to defeat Fabricio by way of KO. Lesnar def. Wedum KO - Rd. 2, 1:12

    #6 seed Cheick Kongo (Hot Rod) over #3 seed Antonio Noguiera (Blaza) by KO
    Fight started out with both fighter trading blows. Kongo landed a few kicks to the head. Nogueira closed the distance with some hooks. In the middle of the first round Kongo starts to take control using the clinch landing uppercuts and knees to the body. Minotauro attempts a takedown but Kongo sprawls the attempt. In the sprawl Kongo pulls off a powerbomb into side control, then transitions to the mount. He closes the deal with a couple hammerfists and Noguiera is out for the count. Winner by KO - Chieck Kongo

    #4 seed Andrei Arlovski (Sweetness) over #5 seed Tim Sylvia (Marcman) by KO
    1st round was a feeling game as they were both feeling each other out. The Maniac did have a Knock down but was unable to finish. Both fighters looked a little uncomfortable as they were still feeling out the new Arena. Andrei Arlovski was able to pull off the Win via KO 1:04 into the 2nd round. Great match and it was fun as hell. I had a smile on my face the whole time.

    Round 2
    #4 seed Andrei Arlovski (Sweetness) over #1 seed Frank Mir (Ryno) by KO
    Andrei Arlovski wins with KO 2:43 into 2nd Round
    1st Round-The Match started pretty even, both slugging. Arlovski hit the jaw when it was key, had some good take-downs. Arlovski had to be carful, Mir almost had 2 submissions in a row. With 4 seconds left in the 1st Arlovski gave a hard uppercut and almost knocked Mir out, he was able to stay awake though.
    2nd Round-Arlovski comes in with an anger that no man wants to experience. Mir gives a couple nice kicks but Arlovski answers with some heavy righs. The Pitbull takes Mir to the ground once again, but it just playing with him and stands back up after 2 hits. Once Mir stands, Arlovski gives 2 heavy Lefts, an uppercut, then the Board the Train to La La Land Heavy right to the temple puts Mir on the train.
    The Pitbull after the match: Andrei, fantastic job, you are now in the first ever TFC Championship Match. How did you do it? I hit very hard you know. I was aiming for jaw but missed and hit temple, I am dissapointed it went second round. Oh ya, I happy I am in Championship match. Feel Bad for the next guy, going to get three knockouts, HOT HEAD FIGHTING

    #6 seed Cheick Kongo (HotRod) over #2 seed Brock Lesnar (Graves) by KO
    Kongo wins via KO at 3:15 of Round 1
    Match started off with Brock landing some punches displaying his quickness advantage. Kongo attempt to take the fight to the ground and is successful. After some punches are traded, Kongo moves into full mount. He lands some punches but Brock escape back into half guard. Kongo wasn't having that and gets back into full mount. As couple more punches and Brock is dazed but still trying to hold on. Brock lets his guard down and Kongo quickly lands a hammerfist to score the KO.

    #4 seed Andrei Arlovski (Sweetness) over #6 seed Cheick Kongo (HotRod) by submission
    Arlovski proves to be dominate, except against Kongo.
    1st Round-
    All Kongo except a few punches, the clinch, ground, and takedowns. Arlovski got dropped which many though he was asleep but got back up.
    2nd Round-
    MORE KONGO. Just dominating Arlovski and this seems to be over. Lesnar at the side just about to throw in the towel, but Andrei just would not give up. Fighting how Kongo wanted it and hung in there. If this went to descision, it was clear KONGO has it won.
    3rd Round-
    Arlovski comes in fighting well, just not enough and gets taken down into full mount for 1 minute. Hard shot to the ribs, its over everyone thinks BUT NO, Arlovski somehow flips the 235 pound Kongo over and gets into a Mount pulls a leg submission out of his ace and snaps Kongo's leg for an unbelievble win.
    Lesnar and team HHF jumped up and ran to congratulate Arlovski.
    Kongo was visibily upset after the fight. He dominated the fight throughout but Arlovski wouldn't go away. This does not bode well for the rest of the heavyweight contenders as now Kongo will stop at nothing to get HIS belt



    Round 1
    #1 seed Rashad Evans (Eagles) over #8 seed Wilson Gouveia (cpu) by KO
    Winner- Sugar Rashad Evans by knockout at the 2:33 mark of the first round.
    This fight lasted 2 minutes and 27 seconds and to be honest, it shouldn't have gone that far. Both fighters came out and circled the cage. About 20 seconds in Evans got the action going with a few jags. Gouveia countered with an attempt at a head kick. Evans blocked the kick and counters with a heavy right hook that took Gouveia to the mat. Evans was unable to get to Gouveia and finish the fight. About two minutes later Evans finished the bout with a vicious head kick. Gouveia was no match for TEAM PUBLIC ENEMY'S Sugar Rashad Evans.

    #2 seed Lyoto Machida (Bahnzo) over #7 seed Tito Ortiz (Bondzai) by KO
    The first round was close but went to Machida. He had some nice kicks to the head and a good takedown. In the second round, they were trading blows and Tito took a kick to the head that put him to sleep.
    Lyoto Machida wins at 1:50 of Round 2 with a KO.
    Tito Ortiz was no match for The Dragon as he threatened to send Tito back into retirement with a lights-out roundhouse kick to the head.

    #6 seed Thiago Silva (Steel) over #3 seed Forrest Griffin (Bogey) by KO
    Silva wins by KO 1st rnd. (0:19) with elbows.

    #5 seed Wanderlei Silva (Coleman) over #4 seed Rampage Jackson (Bruce) by KO
    This fight started slowly as both fighters felt eachother out. That changed quickly though as Wanderlai took Rampage to the mat and transitioned to mount. A few blows to the dome later and the ref stopped the fight.

    Round 2
    #2 seed Lyoto Machida (Bahnzo) over #6 seed Thiago Silva (Steel) by KO
    Lyoto KO's Silva at 4:59 of Round 2. Lyoto dominates on the ground and gets a lucky flash KO with 1 sec remaining.

    #5 seed Wanderlei Silva (Coleman) over #1 seed Rashad Evans (Eagles) by unanimous decision
    Silva defeats Evans by decision rd1(30-27), rd2(29-28), rd3(30-27).

    3rd place match
    #1 seed Rashad Evans (Eagles) over #6 seed Thiago Silva (cpu) by KO
    Evans scores a knock out at 2:50 in the first round. Evans came out looking to take the fight to the ground. Silva did not allow that to happen. Evans ended the fight with a vicious head kick putting Silva to sleep.

    #5 seed Wanderlei Silva (Coleman) over #2 seed Lyoto Machida (Bahnzo) by TKO
    Silva defeats Machida at 1:19 of the 1st by tko.

  2. NYJuggalo45

    NYJuggalo45 Walk On

    Feb 10, 2009
    part 2


    Round 1
    #1 seed Anderson Silva (Coleman) over #8 seed Ricardo Almeida (cpu) by TKO
    --This match started out slow as both fighters tried to feel each other out. That all change four minutes in when Silva dodged a right. After a quick elbow Silva turned to the clinch landing four knees. His opponent broke the clinch but was met with flying knee and a quick left and right hand sending him to the canvas. Silva proceeded to stand over dude and throw blows until the ref was forced to stop the fight.
    --Silva wins by TKO at 4:40 of 1st round

    #2 seed Dan Henderson (Eagles) over #7 seed Nate Marquadt (cpu) by KO
    Winner- Dan Hendo Henderson by knockout-Round 2(3:29)
    Round 1- Both fighters came out a little tentative. Marquadt took the first shot. Hendo Sprawled and denied the take down. Henderson followed with a big right hand. From there both attempted to take the other fighter to the ground. Neither fighter really got to much done until Henderson score a late take down. Once he took Marquadt to the group he was able to pass his guard and secure the mount. Round 1 ended with Henderson unleashing bombs onto the face of Nate Marquadt.
    Round 2- Round two started with both fighters standing and trading blows for the first minute. Marquadt landed a nice right cross and dazed Henderson a little bit.Once Henderson got himself together he took the fight right back to the ground. This time he was able to pass Marquadt's guard and quickly found himself back the mount. One hammer fist later Herb Dean was all over Henderson and Nate Marquadt had no idea what where he was.

    #5 seed Thales Leites (Bahnzo) over #4 seed Michael Bisping (Graves) by Submission
    Thales Leites submits Bisping via Kimura at 3:19 of Round 2. Was a good ground match, but Thales thrives there and pulls off the win.

    #3 seed Rich Franklin (Shaun) over #6 seed Yushin Okami (cpu) by KO
    Round One: Franklin underestimated the wrestling background of Okami. Franklin just could not get Okami off his feet. A couple of well timed throws gives Okami the round.
    Round Two: After his corner gives him some motivation, Franklin comes out with some ground and pound. The whole round was Okami looking at Franklin elbows in guard.
    Round Three: Okami sprawls well to start the round, the throws Franklin. Franklin is able to get back to his feet where he got Okami to the ground with a double leg. After a failed submission attempt, both fighters scramble to their feet where Franklin catches Okami with a right hand and finishes him with a flurry of punches.
    Winner: Franklin by TKO - Round 3 (1:16)

    Round 2
    #5 seed Thales Leites (Bahnzo) over #1 seed Anderson Silva (Coleman) by KO
    Winner: Leites via KO at 4:54 of 2nd Round.

    #2 seed Dan Henderson (Eagles) over #3 seed Rich Franklin (cpu) by KO
    Hendo takes down Franklin at 4:38 of the first round.
    Both fighters came out looking to trade fists. Hendo ended the fight early with a heavy left to the temple.

    #2 seed Dan Henderson (Eagles) over #5 seed Thales Leites (Bahnzo) by KO
    In the TFC Middleweight Tournament finals Dan Henderson scores a knockout victory over Thales Leites at the 2:03 mark of the first round.
    Both fighters came out aggressively. Henderson took down Leites early and was able to mount Leites. From there Henderson was able to land a few good shots from the top. Leites was able to get off his back and bring the fight back to the feet. Once the fight got back the feet Leites landed a few big shots to the head of Henderson.
    The fight ended when Henderson was able to land two upper cuts right on the chin of Leites.


    Round 1
    #5 seed Karo Parisyan (Ryno) over #5 seed Matt Hughes (Sweetness) by KO
    WINNER: Karo The Heat Parisyan VIA Knockout 42 seconds into the fight
    It started off a slugging match, only by Matt Hughes. Hughes came out blazing guns, not keeping his chin down over-confident. The Heat came with an overhand left right on the jaw which stunned Hughes and put him down.
    I though this was going to last 3 rounds, didnt know Karo had that much power. GF
    Video can be seen here: http://www.traditionfootball.com/forums/showthread.php?t=1851

    #1 seed Georges St Pierre (NYJuggs) over #8 seed Ben Saunders (cpu) by TKO
    GSP wins by TKO at 1:04 in Round 3
    The first round saw alot of feeling each other out. GSP was winning the standup as expected, but Ben Saunders was surprisingly able to take him down twice. Both times little damage was down and GSP was able to escape from the bottom.
    The 2nd round saw GSP impose his will on the overmatched Saunders. Rush opened up 2 cuts on Saunders, 1 bad one under his left eye and battered him around. With about a minute left and GSP starting to tire, I decided to take him down. Quickly transitioned to side control and was pounding him when the bell saved him.
    3rd round, GSP came rushing out and hit a spinning back fist followed up by an uppercut that sent Saunders reeling. He was able to cover up and recover, but only temporarily. A nice combo ending with a head kick sent Saunders back to the la la land and this time GSP wasn't letting him off the hook. A right cross put him on the mat and GSP quickly pounced and got in another 3-4 head shots before referee Mario Yamasaki called an end to the fight.

    #2 seed Diego Sanchez (Shaun) over #7 seed Jon Fitch (cpu) by KO
    Round One: Fitch dominates. Takedown after takedown and brutal slams take the gas out of Sanchez. Fitch has Sanchez in full mount but Sanchez survives the round.
    Round Two: The same fight continues. Fitch has his way with Sanchez, turning his left brow into ground chuck. Sanchez is able to get in two punches the whole round.
    Round Three: Sanchez comes out full bore. Knowing he is behind two rounds AT LEAST on the cards, there is nothing to lose. Fitch continues his domination, throwing elbow after elbow. Fitch transitions into the full mount where he dazes Sanches with a well placed left. Sanches gives up his back and manages to scramble to his feet. Fitch throws a leg kick but is caught flush with a right hand, followed by a crashing left that sends him to dreamland. Sanchez is lucky to have avenged one of his only losses.
    Winner: Sanchez by KO - Round 3 (1:02)

    #3 seed Thiago Alves (Blaza) over #6 seed Marcus Davis (cpu) by KO

    Thiago came out working his footwork and defense and peppered Marcus Davis with Jabs and leg kicks. This combined with Marcus Davis' inability to hit Alves flush led Davis to shoot for a few takedowns, which were stuffed by the pitbull. As Davis tired in the 1st, Thiago started working the head with high kicks and hooks. With :22 seconds left in the 1st round, Davis went for a wide looping hook which was avoided by Pitbull and countered with a crushing high roundhouse kick that left Davis' body numb.
    Alves wins by KO (at :22 sec) in the 1st round.

    Round 2
    #1 seed George St Pierre (NYJuggs) over #5 seed Karo Parisyan (Ryno) by KO
    First 2 rounds were a really good chess match. GSP is so strong, was able to take down Parisyan and mount him a few times, but Karo's ground game is very good. Alot of reversals and sweeps. Few submission attempts to no available. Most of the 1st 2 rounds were fought on the ground.
    3rd round started off much of the same. Parisyan was tiring a bit though and GSP, being the most insane shape fighter in MMA was still pretty good. After another tussle on the ground, both fighters got back up to their feet. I decided it was time to push it having more stamina left. After an exchange, and seperate, Parisyan throw a hook that had him turned around. GSP immediately threw one of his deadly high kicks. Mouth piece went flying, Parisyan crumpled to the ground, fight over. Georges St. Pierre advances to the finals. I think it was at 3:03 of the 3rd but not sure.
    Ryno should have the video coming soon.
    Awesome fight, definitely the best I've had so far. It was the chessmatch that guys have posted about. Really was a struggle and an awesome fight. GG bro.

    #3 seed Thiago Alves (Blaza) over #2 seed Diego Sanchez (cpu) by KO
    Alves by 3rd round TKO

    #1 seed Georges St Pierre (NYJuggs) over #3 seed Thiago Alves (Blaza) by decision
    Really good back and forth match. Both guys had moments when they were dominating. Alot of the match was spent on the ground but neither guy was able to mount or finish it with a submission.
    GSP won a unanimous decision 29-28 across the boards. Won 1st & 3rd round with Alves taking the 2nd. Really fun and good fight. Probably the best I've had so far. Good one blaza

  3. NYJuggalo45

    NYJuggalo45 Walk On

    Feb 10, 2009
    part 3


    Round 1
    #3 seed Kenny Florian (Bogey) over #6 seed Joe Stevenson (NYJuggs) by KO
    KenFlo by KO at 2:04 in the 1st round by head kick
    Fight started off normal enough. Stevenson is a midget, even in the lightweight division. Finding range with him is tough. Florian had the edge in the standup so took him down twice. No real damage inflicted. Florian gets up 2nd time, jab, head kick, out cold. Flash KO. Joe Daddy apparently has no chin because on the reply, the kick wasn't even flush. But that's the way it goes. Good fight Bogey. Florian is tough standing. KenFlo advances to the 2nd round
    KenFlo by KO at 2:04 in the 1st round by head kick
    After being taken down twice, I was looking for a big blow, left kick to the head and it was over. I need to work in my ground game ASAP, good fight Juggs.

    #2 seed Sean Sherk (Hot Rod) over #7 seed Joe Lauzon (Bondzai) by KO
    This one was quick. Sherk came out swinging and caught Lauzon with a couple lunging hooks. Sherk then got J-Lau in the clinch and with one uppercut it was a wrap.
    Sherk Wins via KO (1:01 of Rd 1)
    They traded a few blows and then Sherk roid raged in the clinch and knocked Lauzon the hell out with one knee.

    #1 seed BJ Penn (Steel) over #8 seed Nate Diaz (cpu) by KO
    Short and Sweet. Just a few seconds after the 2 fighters touchd gloves. BJ started out with a low kick then followed it with a left handed clinch.
    BJ then threw 2 right elbows then followed that with a vicious right handed uppercut that put Diaz out for the night in 18 seconds
    BJ Penn winner by KO (0:18)

    #5 seed Roger Huerta (Marcman) over #4 seed Tyson Griffin (cpu) by KO

    This match was as close as they come. Each fighter was knocked into a daze twice, both managed to escape. Tyson kept goin for the takedown and trying to bring the fight to the ground. But Rogers stealthy escape abilities allowed him to fight his own fight. With the gavel pounded in the 3rd round, Huerta reversed Griffin's grasp and got position to ground and pound and was able to KO Griffin with 2 SECONDS LEFT in Round 3

    Round 2
    #2 seed Sean Sherk (Hot Rod) over #3 seed Kenny Florian (Bogey) by KO
    Sherk wins via KO at 3:50 of Round 1. Started off with both fighters feeling each other out. Florian goes for an early kimura attemt but Sherk escapes. Sherk scores a takedown and gets into full mount. Florian couldn't get out of the compromising position and Sherk pounds away and get the KO.

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