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TRADE BLOCK: Houston Texans (2014)

Discussion in 'Team Management' started by dakota7, Aug 15, 2014.

  1. dakota7

    dakota7 Former Blue Chip Recruit

    Sep 23, 2009
    On the Block:

    The entire roster, except Watt, Clowney and Cushing, is available.


    Wide Receiver Andre Johnson 6'3 230
    33 Years young, Johnson is the 4th highest rated receiver entering season 1. The lack of a quarterback in Houston makes him expendable (just like the real life Texans should be doing).
    Featured ratings -- 95 overall
    90/88/89 speed/acc/agl
    96/98/94/96 catch/CIT/RTE/RLS


    Cornerback Jonathan Joseph 5'11 188
    Age: 30 years young Could be the difference for you between a solid defense and a dominating one!!
    Featured ratings: 88 overall
    93/91/92 speed/acc/agl
    89/85/76 man/zone/press


    Halfback Arian Foster 6'1 227
    Age 27 years young Foster might be the difference for your team. He is the consummate closer.
    Featured ratings: 91 overall
    89/91/89 speed/acc/agl
    94/90/96 carry/truck/stiff arm

    Please inquire about any other player that might interest you. The Texans are looking for young talent in return or DRAFT PICKS. Act fast, win your title now!!!
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