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Trade Rules

Discussion in 'Thread Archive' started by Psycho, Aug 18, 2010.

  1. Psycho

    Psycho Walk On

    Oct 6, 2009
    Trade Rules

    User-User trade review
    Easy, there is none. You do not need approval to trade with other users. I will only step in if something is hugely unbalanced, and the guy mysteriously disappears after the trade. In such a case I may propose that you have to forfeit some draft picks, I'll refrain from making you give the guy back.

    Of course if it looks deliberate, and I thing you set the whole thing up, you'll have more to worry about then me telling you that you have to give the guy back.

    BTW - last season we had a lot of good trading, we only had 3 instances in which I thought things were borderline, but I didn't step in... of course one of those was where I traded Jonathan Stewart, for Ray Rice and a first round pick. (y) Now I let that slide because the real trade was Stewart for a first rounder, which was fair, he through in Ray Rice to clear cap room, which I thought was idiotic to trade two running backs that where almost identical, but give up your first rounder.

    Draft pick trades
    We will have pause through the draft to allow people to get whats owed of them. In other words if I trade Clausen for Chicago's first round pick this year and second next year, then this years draft we will paused long enough for me to get Chicago my pick for there first round selection, so he will be able to select the guy I want. The the year after we'll pause again for Chicago's second pick.

    Here's where it gets dicey, if the player leaves the league before the draft. Last year we had two instances where that happened, and I was able to manipulate things to allow the users to get there exact picks. It may not always be like that, so be careful who you trade with. I will always try to give you "fair" compensation, but may not be able to get you the exact guy you wanted.

    Salary Cap Rules Regarding Trades
    If you trade a player, that players salary is completely transferred to the other teams salary, and his max $ is reset. The only exception is if you trade a guy in the first year of his contract and you owe him a singing bonus (ie, you signed him before last season FA). In this case the signing bonus will be paid that first year, then he'll be removed from your sheet.

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