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>>> Trade Rules

Discussion in 'Team Management' started by CHUNKNESS, Aug 17, 2012.

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    CHUNKNESS Commissioner Quality Simulation Football

    Jun 13, 2010


    ALL trades must be announced in the Team Management forum. Although league approval is not required, ALL trades MUST be announced so that they are accounted for under the T.4TRADE RESTRICTIONS. CPU trading is enabled, and therefore, trading with CPU teams is ALLOWED if the CPU team agrees. The T.4 TRADE RESTRICTIONS apply to USER and CPU team trades alike.

    Please keep in mind that this is NOT a fantasy league. The league staff reserves the right to deny any trade.


    An example of the trade announcement format is posted as follows and it must be used for a trade to be accounted for:

    TEAM 1
    Player A - position - Overall rating, age; or draft pick
    Player B - position - Overall rating, age; or draft pick

    TEAM 2
    Player A - position - Overall rating, age; or draft pick
    Player B - position - Overall rating, age; or draft pick


    All trades must be requested by the scheduled weekly deadline for the transaction to be effective on the next week's roster. The regular season trade deadline is the conclusion of week EIGHT. No trades of any kind are allowed after week nine commences. Trading will resume upon conclusion of the Superbowl.


    · UNLIMITED number of teams may be involved in a trade; however, CPU teams may NOT be involved in multi-team trades
    · CPU TRADES are only allowed if the CPU team makes an offer to a human team; a screen shot of the offer will be required
    · UNLIMITED trades; however, only one trade may be performed with each individual team per season including the CPU teams
    · FOUR players or picks total per trade ( 1 for 1; 1 for 2; 2 for 1; 2 for 2; 3 for 1; 1 for 3 ); an exception to this restriction are CPU trade offers to other teams
    · UNLIMITED picks may be accumulated via trade; however, future draft picks are limited to the current and the next season's draft
    · NO cumulative cap penalty limit

    We are not a fantasy league and this is not the NBA or MLB. Only FOUR players or picks TOTAL between the teams involved are allowed per trade. Therefore, if Team A is sending ONE player, Team B can send a combination of THREE players/picks to Team A as compensation.

    For trade limit purposes, the following definitions apply...

    "SEASON" begins with the off-season retirements & re-signings phase and ends with the conclusion of the Superbowl.

    "OFF-SEASON" begins with the conclusion of the Superbowl and ends with the conclusion of the pre-season.

    "REGULAR SEASON" is the commencement of week 1 and the conclusion of week 8 (regular season trade deadline).


    Draft day trades are allowed if they fall within the T.4 TRADE RESTRICTIONS. There is no limit on the number of draft picks that a team may accumulate via trade. Draft day trades must be completed by the teams involved within the online CCM. Draft day trades MUST be posted in the Team Management forum. The draft will NOT be paused to allow additional time for teams to complete a draft day trade.


    For trade value purposes, a player's overall rating is based on what the player's highest overall rating is at the player's most suitable position scheme. The player's overall rating on the team that is receiving the player in a trade is the receiving team's risk or reward.


    A player that has been received in a trade may not be traded again until the off-seasonfollowing the completion of the Superbowl of the season which the player was traded. For trade protection purposes, the definition of "SEASON" begins with the off-season retirements phase and ends with the conclusion of the Superbowl. Teams may release players received via trade at any time.


    Teams may update their trade block in the online franchise or post the information in the the Team Management forum.
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