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Trading Rules

Discussion in 'The Longest Yard' started by BlyGilmore, Aug 30, 2012.

  1. BlyGilmore

    BlyGilmore It's All In The Hips!

    Apr 9, 2009
    Just wanted to make sure everybody is aware of the trading rules in this league.

    Each season you are allowed to move six players or picks. We limit this to aim for realism and to keep teams from gimping themselves financially (which can and has resulted in people quitting - leaving the burden to other owners).

    The point is teams in the NFL rarely trade outside of Draft time in April, and certainly don't make blockbuster deals like folks tend to in these leagues.

    Because we're just starting out, the deadline will be before we advance to the regular season. The day after the Super Bowl official begins the next season (trade restriction wise). In future seasons trades will only be allowed during the offseason (once we advance to the preseason there are no more trades). We might also lower the number of players each team is allowed to trade for next season, while allowing more pick dealing flexibility (we left it a bit high this year to let folks customize teams to their liking).

    Keep in mind there are financial implications to any trade you complete. The NFL treats trading a player just like cutting a player for cap purposes - meaning you'll take a cap hit (which is one of the reasons why there are so few trades).

    Trade Announcements
    Trades should be posted in the forums before they are completed in-game, with both sides agreeing in writing to the deal. We do this in case the League wants to more closely examine a trade's fairness (if you executed the deal in-game and it was then overturned, you'd be SOL when it comes to cap hits).
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