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Trifecta '13 Description & Rules

Discussion in 'The Trifecta' started by Papa Perry, Jul 20, 2012.

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  1. Papa Perry

    Papa Perry Leeroy Jenkins!!!

    Jul 1, 2009
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    Difficulty: Heisman
    Recruiting: Heisman
    Quarter Length: 8 min

    We follow the site rules found HERE along with the following:

    Advancement Schedule
    CPU Games have a 24hr deadline
    User Games have a 48hr deadline
    If there is a time when you need longer contact myself AND Twist in a PM.

    Custom Playbooks
    Offensive CPBs are allowed but you have to stick to some offensive identity. Spread, Option, One Back, Pro Style, etc. There are millions of good Multiple playbooks so use them. If someone's CPB is questioned I may ask for the user in question to list the formations to me so I can review.

    Defensive CPBs will be allowed but only ONE WAY. Since the Multiple D book only has the 3-4 base set, you will only be able to create a defensive CPB with a maximum of three 3-4 and three 4-3 formations. You cannot add the 3-3-5 or the 4-2-5 base formations. After that, you can add any Nickle, Dime, or whatever formation you want. I don't feel as if this should be explained.

    Scholarship Limit
    The first season we will have no limits to anything in recruiting. You can use the full 25 scholarships but you cannot cut anyone you sign. You will have to cut an upperclassman. We will revisit this after we see how it goes.

    Players Leaving
    For now, everyone is eligible to be swayed back.

    User Game Complaints
    Guys, most of us know the drill. If you believe someone is doing something cheesy, politely pause the game and talk with them about it. If that doesn't work, come to me. You all need to remember that me and Twist can't do anything unless we know. We will have a 3 strike policy which will be detailed later.

    Running Up the Score/State Padding
    We come here to get away from this. There is a 70 point cap, meaning don't go over it. If you are up by 40+ in the first half, you are required to pull starters. If up by 28+ in the second half, you are required to pull starters. Any stat padding done with a player will result in him becoming ineligible to be swayed, a possible suspension, or he may be required to be cut in the next offseason.

    Discipline/3 Strike Policy
    Very simple, don't cheese, run up the score, or pad stats. You will be penalized each time you do something wrong. After the 3rd time, you're gone. Me and Twist will discuss the penalty after talking with the user being penalized.
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