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Archived TSS Owners List & Tags

Discussion in 'Thread Archive' started by AzureEffect, Sep 20, 2012.

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  1. AzureEffect

    AzureEffect Walk On

    Jan 16, 2012
    I will update this as we have additions to the League or as people leave. I will sticky this so that its at the front of the forum: I will also update this in the "Team Management" forum, think of this as a "shortcut"

    Owner Tags:

    AFC East:

    Dolphins = RRAHx2
    Jets = bestactaround
    Patriots = Singlewinghog

    AFC North:

    Browns = AzureEffect
    Bengals = charter04
    Steelers = SimFBallCritic

    AFC South:

    Jaguars = PIMitch23
    Texans = QJBeat
    Titans =
    Colts =

    AFC West:

    Broncos = Anthrax78
    Chargers = Reickross
    Chiefs = Fast Feet Pete
    Raiders = Qui3tStorm

    NFC East:

    Cowboys = COACH RUCKUS
    Eagles = Dtown
    Redskins = Dboi313bad
    Giants = Sam

    NFC North:

    Lions = XLenceofXQtion
    Packers = pollux2
    Vikings = Matthew Keves
    Bears = raveneff

    NFC South:

    Panthers = MIDI
    Falcons = sschevyridah
    Saints = DMA258

    NFC West:

    49ers = OptimusMagnum
    Cardinals = MGovier
    Seahawks = KaoticWVUFan7
    Rams = Steff

    Commish = AzureEffect
    Co-Commish = XLenceofXQtion
    Co-Commish #2 = SimFBallCritic
    Co-Commish #3 = QJBeat
    Forum Co-Co Commish = raveneff

    Here's the Google spreadsheet with everyone's GT.

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