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Tulane 2015 Season Preview

Discussion in 'Extreme Makeover' started by NUCMANDON, Sep 27, 2013.


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    Oct 1, 2010
    Coming on to a 1-10 team at the end of a season with one game left is not how Coach Don Wessells had visioned his head coaching career to start but you have to take the opportunities when they come. The coach was worried about the talent left on the team when he took over, However his blue collar work ethic would make wonders during the offseason in training. "I am very proud of how hard these guys worked during the offseason. There will still be bugs to work out with a lot of first time starters taking the field this year" said Coach.

    Tulane comes into the season with a ranking of 115 and picked to finish 10 in the conference with their stadium being ranked 113 in the toughest place to play. Coach is looking to change all that. He has news article posted all over the locker room and weight room of how bad Tulane is and how bad they will be. Tulane will play a schedule this year where they will be over matched every game but two. Moving to the American conference may help them in the long run, but this may not have been the right time for a stronger schedule. Either way coach is very excited to get this season underway.

    Team breakdown

    QB- Powell (6'3" 214 JR RS )got some garbage playing time behind Montana the last two season. His stats are pretty good for the playing time he received. He can hurt you with his feet just as easily as he can with his arm. He has a very experienced OL in front of him which will help for him to gain confidence through out the year. His distribution of the ball will be critical as his support players are lacking.

    HB/FB- The HB position is still up for grabs going into week 1. You have the bruiser in Josh rounds or the speed guy in McGuire. neither has any game experience at the college level. Coach Wessells philosophy relies heavily on a good running game. It will be interesting to see how this plays out. The FB position is also a new comer (Wes Smith) to the college ranks as he will be getting his first playing time as well. he is expected to be a last resort passing threat out of the back field. He is fast for FB that is.

    WR/TE- On the passing attack there is no shining star. They do bring plenty of experience for the QB though as they are all seniors starting with London (TE) and Edwards (WR) being the top receivers from last years squad. They are not speedy but they have decent hands. Look for a lot of short easy completions.

    OL- The OL is one of coaches biggest concerns. "You can have 5 star recruits in all your skill positions but if you can't make lanes or give the QB time they will look like 1 Stars." said coach. There is a lot of experience here. The OL is made up of 3 SR 1 JR and a SO all of which started last year. The line averages 6'4 288lbs. Taking a team over this is about the best I could ask for in a line, However it needs to be a lot better if we are going to compete for a conference championship.

    DL- LaFrance looks to be setting new school records this season. In the new system his job is QB. "How awesome is it going to be to not have to worry about the run and rush the QB every play" said LaFrance. the rest of the DL is below average at best but experienced as the DL has 2 SR and 2 JRs on it.

    LB- This unit is returning from last season. 1 JR and 2 SO. The fact that they played together last season is about the only thing good we can say about them. Lack of recruiting in this position has led to these guys start not their talent on the field. Williams (MLB) somehow made the conference 1st team all-American team (preseason).

    DB's- There is one thing you can say for the secondary THEY ARE FAST. everyone of these guys are in the 90's for speed. 3 SR and 1 SO make up this group. its not hard to find the star in this group it is Monroe (SR FS) he is the general in the secondary. CB Batiste is a preseason All-American (2nd team conference) for them as well.

    Special teams- Not so special. enough said. P Picerelli is a preseason All-American though but purely because of how many times he had to punt.

    That just about wraps it up. Coach is hot and heavy on the recruiting trail. Let's get it started!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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