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Tuscaloosa News-2013

Discussion in 'Thread Archive' started by bamagrad, Apr 16, 2011.

  1. bamagrad

    bamagrad Back to Back British Amateur Champion

    Jun 11, 2009
  2. bamagrad

    bamagrad Back to Back British Amateur Champion

    Jun 11, 2009
    Bama Prepares for the 2013 Season..

    T-Town- After a Lengthy Spring and a Tough Camp, The 2013 Tide is Ready to Play the 2013 Season. Last Yr was a Surprise for CoachBama, after not only dealing with a young squad with Veteran Leadership but also dealing with the rumors of the possible Ga opening for a new Head Coach, Bama went 11-2 and made another Sec Champ Gm appearance, Then Capped it off with dismantling Ou in the Rose Bowl for CB's 3rd Straight Bowl Win, Plus Leading to a 3rd Straight 10+ win season. Alabama has Fresh faces not only on the Offense side but the Defensive side as well. The only surprise was the dismissal of Last yr's leading Rusher Eddie Lacy as he was cut from the team for conduct unbecoming of the Team. He transfered to N.Alabama with Terry Bowden. CB said this "Eddie was a great player for the Tide, but I will not have contraversy on this team, this situation was handled in the best manner for not only Eddie but the rest of the Team".

    On the Offensive side it will look like this:

    Qb-McCarron SR, Sims JRRS, Manning SophRS.
    HB-Grant JrRS,Townes SophRS,Watkins Fresh.
    FB-Fowler Sr, Gandy Fresh.
    WR-Bell SrRS, Norwood SrRS,D-White JrRS,Weldon Soph.
    Te-Gray Jr.
    Kouandjio, Arie JrRS, Owens Soph.
    LG-Steen SrRS, Rush Fresh.
    C- Coleman Jr, Robinson JrRS.
    RG-Davis Jr.
    RT-Fluker SrRS, Brown SophRS.

    Defensive Side.

    Re- Sentimore SrRS
    DT- Moore SrRS, Murphy Fresh (#1 Dt in last yr's recruiting Class)
    Le- Brown Juco Jr, Hill Fresh.
    Rolb- Stinson SrRS, Hubbard JrRS.
    Mlb- Patrick SrRS, Smith JrRS.
    Lolb- Mosley Sr, Atchison SrRS, Richardson Fresh.
    Cb- Milliner Sr, Fulton JrRS, McNair Sr.
    Fs- Williams JrRS, Busch Jr.
    SS- Perry JrRS, Howe JrRS, Jacques Fresh 6'5.
    K- Shelley Sr.
    P- Mandell Sr.

    Bama opens Vs Washington as CoachBama goes against Coach Ua who won their only matchup At Ark last yr with the Hogs prevailing 22-21, Before Ua took the Rebuilding Job at Washington.

    The #2 ranked Tide knows what is at stake and Hopes for a Great Yr.

    Key Games this Yr- Vs Washington Week 2, Vs Oregon Week 12, & @Auburn Week 13.


    @Washington- W-24-7
    Arkansas- W- 31-6
    NIU(HC)- W- 27-3
    @Georgia-L- 17-23 (ot)
    @Ole Miss- W-24-7
    @Miss. St.- W-31-7
    SEC Champ Gm Vs Florida-L-17-30
    Sugar Bowl-Michigan St-W-44-0.
  3. bamagrad

    bamagrad Back to Back British Amateur Champion

    Jun 11, 2009
    Bama Throttles Washington!!

    Sea- One Thing has Been on CoachBama's mind since last yr's defeat to Ark and CoachGrad, Revenge. Last yr it took a last seconds drive to get into fg range and Ark kicker nailed the 46 yarder to win 22-21 for a major win for CoachGrad. Then CoachGrad left Ark for a rebuilding Job at Washington. Last yr Wash was 1-4 when CG took over and the team ended the yr with a 9-4 record and a Bowl Win over Wis. This yr CG was hoping to contain the Bama Offense and not allow any Big plays, so that the team has a chance for the upset. It didn't happen as CB's Tide rolled Washington 24-7.

    Bama lost the Toss but Wash decided to defer, Bama and Washington's Defense forced 3&outs on their 1st series. Then Bama got a drive going as they mixed in Run and Pass to move the ball down the field. Major pickup to the 3 yrd line on a pass to TE Gray. But Wash defense held their ground and Bama's Shelley nailed a 30 yrd fg for a 3-0 Bama Lead. Then Washington went 3 and out and Bama got the Ball back and started another drive as they continued to pound the rock with their running attack, as they got down into the rea zone of Wash. Then on the 6 yrd line Fowler took an inside handoff and rumbled into the end zone and Bama led 10-0. Then washington again tried to get something going and Montana found the going rough vs the stout Bama D. Then with Time getting short before HT, Bama led a drive down to Wash's 2 yrdline, and Grant took the handoff and punched it in for a 17-0 Bama HT lead. At HT CB told the Def Cord to continue the Pressure on Montana.

    Later in the 3rd quarter, Bama was driving again with run and pass mixture as McCarron Found D-White with a Bullet to Him from 19 yrds out as Bama extended the Lead 24-0. Everyone cept Bama fans sat in Stunned silence. Then in the 4th quarter Washington finally got a break as Grant fumbled the ball and washington recovered and drove it down and Finally got points on the Board as Bama continued to lead 24-7. That was as close as Washington got as Bama continued to play solid D and sacked Montana 3 times and Forced early throws to make him uncomfortable in the pocket. Both Coaches shook hands and talked for a few min after the game. Bama starts the New Campaign at 1-0 and Wash starts 0-1.

    Bama Stats
    McCarron Threw for 180 yrds and 1 td.
    Grant rushed for 66 yrds and 1 td
    Fowler rushed for 45 and 1 td.
    D-White had 50 yrds receiving and 1 td.
    Gray had 45 yrds receiving

    Wash stats
    Montana threw for 160 and 1 int (sacked 3 times)
    cooper rushed for 22 yrds and 1 td.
    eaton had 80 yrds receiving.

    Telling Stat Both Teams had 1 TO the entire game
    TOP was Wash 11:57 and Bama 16:03.

    GG Guy tough way to start the season.
  4. uagrad90

    uagrad90 Walk On

    Oct 25, 2010
    Good Game Bamagrad. Looks like Washington is a couple years out from a serious contender. You completely dominated both lines of scrimmage. Time to get out the smoke and mirrors and get ready for Slim and the Oregon Ducks. Again good game and best of luck the rest of the year and go get that SEC Title. I may be in Seattle but my heart is still Crimson.
  5. bamagrad

    bamagrad Back to Back British Amateur Champion

    Jun 11, 2009
    Bama throttles the Hogs.

    T-Town- The Crimson Tide totaly doninated the Hogs in this matchup as they ripped them 31-6 in T-Town. Bama started hot with 2 td's in the 1st quarter as grant ran for 1 and White caught a td pass from McCarron and Bama led 14-0. Then the Hogs got a td and missed the xtra point and Bama still led 14-6. Then Shelley connected on a 20 yrd fg and Bama led 17-6 at the Half. Bama then scored twice in the 2nd half to close the game out as Fowler caught a td pss and Back up RB Watkins ran for the final score of the afternoon. Bama 31-6 over Ark.

    Grant rushed for 135 and 1 td
    McCarron passed for 168 and 2 td's & 1 int.
    D-White led the Bama receivers with 58 yrds and 1 td.

    Next Up UK.

    Bama Gets past UK!!

    T-town- Alabama Gets a Tough Win over a very scrappy Wildcat Team as they win 20-0. Scoring was very scarce in this Battle. after a scoreless 1st quarter, Bama RB Grant rushed for a Td and then later (after a Milliner INT) Bama's Shelley nailed a 20 yrder for a 10-0 lead at the Half. Bama continued to melt the clock with their running game as Shelley nailed another FG from 28 yrds and Bama led 13-0. Then McCarron connected with D-White for a 24 yrd Td pass and Bama closed out the scoring winning 20-0. Defensively Bama forced a INT and 2 sacks on the UK Qb's as they were pressured most of the Game.

    Grant rushed for 89 yrds and 1 td.
    McCarron threw for 132 and 1 td. (he is now 5 off from Career Td's).
    D-white led the receiving core with 49 yrds and 1 td.
    Def forced 2 sacks and 1 Int and a Ton of Pressure on the Qb's.

    Next for Bama- Northern Ill for Homecoming.
    Bama is now #3 in the Top 25 Polls
  6. bamagrad

    bamagrad Back to Back British Amateur Champion

    Jun 11, 2009
    Bama loses in OT in Athens

    Athens- What else can u say about this game except Classic. Bama came into the game unbeaten and Looking to remain Perfect. Ga also came into the Matchup Unbeaten as they were hoping to compete without their #1 running Back. The Stadium was packed as The Big Top 25 Battle commenced. Bama won the Toss and defered. as Ga drove the ball down the field with Run and Pass and then Ga got it to the Bama 2 yrd Line. Then Blair ran it in for a Ga TD and a 7-0 Ga lead. Then after holding Bama again on Offense as Ga was shutting down the Run, Ga scored again as Goodman caught a screen pass from Backup Qb Mason and Ga led 14-0. Ga Qb Murray was injured in the 2nd quarter and missed the rest of the game. Then CoachBama got his Team together and Told them to suck it up and play the damn game. Then the Offense started clicking as they got 1st downs and McCarron found his receivers as they drove it down to Ga's 2 yrdline. Then Grant on a Toss sweep scored and with little time before HT, Bama was only down 7.

    Then in the 2nd Half Bama received the KOff and Took it down the Field, but had to Punt the ball, Then Ga got their chance, But the Bama D played very tough and Ga Punted as it seemed CoachBC was being careful with Mason. Then Bama got the Ball back as again Bama drove the Ball down the field mixing up run and pass and then Grant took the ball again ran into a Ga wall, but fought through it and scored Bama's 2nd td and Bama tied Ga at 14 all as the 3rd quarter ended. Then Ga put together a win it all drive as CoachBC knew what CoachBama is capable of. Then Ga drove it down as Ga ran the clock down to try and leave Bama with little time as possible. Ga then got it down to the 6 yrdline as the Bama D stepped up again and Forced Ga to kick a FG to get the lead back at 17-14. Stanford Stadium was rocking as they Felt this was it for Bama. But CoachBC didn't think so. then Bama got the Ball back and with Timely passing got it down into the red zone. Then on a Crucial play Ga sacked McCarron, Then Bama tried to run and found a yard. Then Bama decided to Kick the FG. Then Ga froze the Kicker, then Bama called a TO to get his Mind set. Then Shelley Nailed a 42 yrder as the Game was Tied at 17 and Heading to OT.

    Then in OT Bama Lost the Toss, But Ga picked Defense 1st. Then Bama drove it down as McCarron found D-White twice to get it down to the 4 yrdline of Ga. Then Bama tried twice to Run the ball in and Got Nothing. Then a Incomplete pass on 3rd down, Then Gut check Time as CoachBama went for the Win. Bama called The Perfect play as Fowler and everyone went left to get open and McCarron Threw the Ball to Fowler to Give Bama the Lead. But the Sonofabitch Dropped the Ball and Bama lost their Chance for Victory. Then Ga using their Dawg Formation drove it down and Got to the Bama 1 yrdline. Then after 2 stuffs at the Line. CoachBc called a Option play and Mason then Took it in for a Ga Td and the Victory in a exhausting Game as everyone laid everything on the Line. Both Coaches talked for several Min after the Game with Both congratulating each other and some chuckles from Both Coaches.

    Bama falls to #9 in the Top 25 and suffers their 1st Loss and Lose 1st place in the SEC West.
    Bama is Off this Week and Get Ole Miss Next.

    Bama Stats
    McCarron Threw for 205 yrds and no int's or Td's. (McCarron is Now the Career Leader in Passing Yards). still 4 off from tying the passing td career mark set by Croyle.
    Grant rushed for 24 yrds and 2 Td's.
    D-White led the Receivers with 119 yrds

    GG Bc Classic Game. 
  7. bcduggan

    bcduggan Walk On

    Sep 12, 2009
    That was an awesome game. That 4th down play where the HB dropped the ball was the perfect offensive play call. Once McCarron dropped back to throw I knew I was screwed on the play. I swore my jaw hit the floor when he dropped it.
  8. Fred Limbo

    Fred Limbo MVP

    Feb 10, 2011
    sounds like a awsome game
  9. bamagrad

    bamagrad Back to Back British Amateur Champion

    Jun 11, 2009
    Bama Handles the Rebels.

    Oxford- Bama coming off the loss to Ga wanted to prove that won't deter their Sec or National Champ Hopes. Bama wore out the Rebels 24-7.

    The Rebels got the Ball 1st and drove the ball down the Field behind the arm of wilson. Then Ole miss got into the Bama red zone and wilson found Sanders and a Quick 7-0 lead. Then Bama drove down the field as McCarron & Grant & Co found holes in the rebel zone. Then Came in Freshman RB Bennett (who TR said is stronger then he was). who took the ball in from the 3 and the game was tied up at 7 all. Then Bama later in the 2nd quarter took the lead as Shelley nailed a 48 yrder as Bama Led 10-7 at the Half. Then in the 3rd Quarter Bennett capped in his 2nd td with a 12 yrd td run as Bama extended the lead to 17-7. Then in the 4th quarter Bennett finished it off with a 1 yrd run as Bama led 24-7. Ole Miss tried many times to get drives going only to be turned away. Bama finishes it off 24-7 as they stay pace with Auburn in the West Race. Bennett Freshman sensation led the Team with 74 yrds and 3 td's. Grant finished with 43. Little Used Carswell led the Receivers with 50 yrds. McCarron threw for 169 with 0 td's.

    Bama gets UcheaT Next at BDS. 
  10. bamagrad

    bamagrad Back to Back British Amateur Champion

    Jun 11, 2009
    Bama escapes with their Lives 35-34.

    T-town- Coming into the Game everyone knew Bama had to Get pressure on Brey and force bad passes & get TO's. Tenn was hoping to Unseat the Tide and knock them from the West Race.

    Things went bad for the Tide right off as a Fumble was returned for a quick TD and a 7-0 Tenn Lead. Then on the Next Drive McCarron's pass was Tipped and Int'd and Then Brey led his team down to the 5 yrd line and then Neal took the Handoff and scored as UT extended the lead 14-0. Then if things couldn't get any worse it did for Bama. as McCarron threw another Int and Then Brey led the Team to another Td as Neal took it in again and UT led 21-0 at the end of the 1st Q. 21-0 is what CB was saying as he told his team to forget the 1st Q and get their Ass in gear and play the Damn Game. Then CB put in Fresh Bennett as he and McCarron led the Tide down the field as they started to find the holes in the Vols Defense. McCarron under pressure most of the drive found D-White on a quick pass that he took down to the Vols 1 yrd line, Then Bennett punched it in from There. and UT still led 21-7. Then Bama started to Get pressure on Brey as he was picked off by Fulton in Bama Territory. From there Bennett took the Handoff and found a huge Hole and dashed 65 yrds for a Huge Td as Bama trimmed the lead to 7. 14-21. Then the Vols were held on Downs as The Tide took the ball and drove down the field due to the run. McCarron couldn't get anything deep so he continued his short game. Then Bama got into the Vols territory and Bennett rushed it in to Tie the Game at 21 all. OMG what a comeback. Then the Vols drove the Ball down the Field and Tried to Punch it in before HT. Then Brey tried a long pass into the end zone and it was picked off in the end zone by McNair and Bama and UT were deadlocked at HT 21 all.

    Then in the 2nd Half UT continued to Drive the ball down by the Pass, as Brey found his receivers and then Neal took it in again from 6 yrds out and UT took the lead again 28-21. Then Bama took the ball and drove the ball down by running and passing and Then as UT was bringing the Blitz McCarron found Bennett and he took it in from 25 yrds out and the Game was Tied again at 28 all. The 3rd quarter finallly ended as the game was still tied at 28. CB told his team at the Break that this was it. Win the 4th Quarter!.

    Then UT caught a break as The Tide coughed up the ball and UT recovered. Then UT drove the Ball and then the Bama D started to rise up and Held the Vols, But Palardy nailed a 56 yrd FG to give UT the Lead 31-28. Then on the Next drive Bama tried to go Deep again and Sapp Int'd again (his 2nd on the day) and UT was in Business. Then after UT was held again by the Bama D. Palardy nailed another FG for a 34-28 UT lead. CB then said this Drive is it. Go out and win the F*****n game. Then the Tide took the words of their HC right on the mark as they found the Holes in the D and running lanes to get into the Vols Territory while chewing up the clock. Then Bennett took the handoff and Muscled his way through the Vols D, Breaking 2 tackles to get into the end zone and Bama retook the Lead 35-34 with 1:03 left to Play. The Vols then drove the ball down to try to get into FG position. Then on 4th down Palardy tried a 55 yrd FG to win it. CB decided not to freeze the kicker and hope for the best. Palardy kicked the ball and it sailed.................... to the Left and Bama Celebrated a Crucial Victory over the Hated Vols. Then McCarron kneeled the ball down to run out the clock and Bama escaped with a 1 point Victory.

    McCarron threw for 219 and 1 td and 3 int's (his worst game of the season)
    Fresh Bennett ran for 106 yrds and 4 td's.
    Grant ran for 21 before he was pulled for Bennett.
    Bell led the Bama receivers with 57 yrds

    Bama continues to keep pace with Rival Au for the West right to Atl. They get LSwho Next at BDS. 
  11. bamagrad

    bamagrad Back to Back British Amateur Champion

    Jun 11, 2009
    Bama Wins the Iron Bowl!!

    Aub- Sec Title Hopes were on the Line for Auburn in this Iron Bowl. Coming in with a undefeated Sec Record the Mission was Clear. Win and Go to Atl to Face UF for the Sec Champ. For Bama who has been down this road before, it was also Win and Spoil Auburn's Party and also go to Atl for the Sec Champ Gm for the 3rd Yr in a Row. Coming in to the Battle Auburn led the West in Rushing Yards. Bama was near the Bottom. But no matter when its the Iron Bowl.

    Bama lost the Toss and Auburn Defered. Bama coming out was hoping McCarron would at least get the 1 td to Tie the Career Mark for Td Passes. Bama had a Good drive going when Grant Fumbled the Ball and Au recovered. Au then drove the ball down behind the arm and legs of Frazier and Kitchens. But it was the FB that stole the show as Morris ran it in for a quick 7-0 Au lead and JHS was rocking. Then after most of the 1st quarter was expiring Bama got a drive together and During the drive McCarron found D-White for a big pass play and went down with a Back injury and was out for the Game. The Record would have to wait. Sims then got them into Fg range and Shelley nailed a 58 yrd fg and Au was up 7-3 as the 1st quarter ended. Then in the 2nd quarter both defenses took center stage and then Sims tried a pitch and hit a O-lineman and Holland for Au picked it up and was gone for a td and Au was up 14-3 as the 2nd quarter ended. JHS was going Crazy as they could smell Blood on Bama and wanted More. During HT CB was Talking to his Off Cord and Decided to Go with his 3rd string Qb for the 3rd quarter as Sims Struggled most of the 2nd quarter.

    Then after the Bama D held Au 3 and out. Manning for Bama found D-white down the Middle and White broke 2 tackles and was gone for 75 yrds and Bama cut into the Au lead 14-10. Then Later on after the Bama D held Au 3 and out again. Bama got a drive together and then Grant rushed for a Big 41 yrd pickup down to Au's 3 yrdline. Then Watkins came in and Ran it in for a Td Bama and a 17-14 Bama Lead. Au came right back and Frazier danced his way around the D and Then Found his Wr Coates for a 29 yrd Td pass and Au took back the Lead at 21-17 as the 3rd quarter ended.

    Then the 4th quarter started with Bama driving down, But the Au D held their ground as Shelley then came on for a Fg and Nailed it from 51 yrds out and Au still lead 21-20. Au with the lead leaned on their running game as they tried to keep the ball and run out the time in the Iron Bowl. Then on a Crucial 3rd down Frazier went back to pass and Bama blitzed from the outside and Sacked Frazier and Au Punted with 2:00 min remaining in the Iron Bowl. Then Manning went to work as he drove the Offense back down the field and then took a sack and then Shelley nailed another FG from 39 yrds out and Bama led 23-21 with 1:48 remaining in the Game. Then Au got down thanks to a big 44 yrd pass play and then Frazier found his Te Dakota for a Td with :51 sec's remaining in the game, But the xtra point was missed by the Jr Placekicker and Au led 27-23. With only 1 To remaining Bama knew they had to Score. Bama went Full pass on the Drive and Manning Found White, Weldon, and many others to keep the drive going. Then after a big 22 yrd pickup. Bama called their last TO to Win the Game with 25 seconds remaining. Manning then got the Ball and Dropped back and let the rush get to him then found Weldon for a 23 yrd Td pass and Bama scored with :20 sec's remaining in the game. Bama went for 2, but the pass was knocked down. Then Au with 2 To's remaining drove to win the game. after a big 40 yrd pickup Au called a To to postion their Kicker for the win from 41 yrds out. The Holder got the snap and the Kicker Kicked and.................................. it sailed left as Bama pulls out the Huge win in Auburn and Goes to Atl again for the 3rd yr in a row. Rammer Jammer Yellow Hammer We are Celebrating Alabama!!!!

    Bama Keeps the Odk Trophy for the 4th yr in a row as CB is determined to Keep the Hardware in T-town.

    McCarron left the Game early 1st quarter after going 3-3 for 32 yrds
    Sims played the 1st and 2nd quarter went 5-12 for 82 yrds
    Manning went the rest of the way and went 9-12 for 190 and 2 td's and 1 int.
    Grant rushed for 91 yrds and 0 td's
    Watkins rushed for a measly 15 yrds and 1 Td.
    D-White led the receiving Core with 168 yrds and 1 td.
    Weldon had 48 yrds and 1 td.
    Norwood had 31 yrds
    Lyles had 28 yrds
    Carswell had 16 yrds

    Bama Goes to Atl for the 3rd year in a row and CoachBama gets his 4th double diget wins for the 4th yr in a row.

  12. bamagrad

    bamagrad Back to Back British Amateur Champion

    Jun 11, 2009

    Bama Rolls Sparty!!

    N.O.- In a True fashion ass whipping Alabama ran all over Mich St 44-0 to Secure another Bowl Win For CoachBama as they manhandled the Spartans all game. After Laying another egg in the Sec Champ Gm. (Lost 30-17), CB was determined that Bama was going to be ready for this Game. Closing Practices all week to the Media, not only in T-town but New Orleans as well. He wanted absolute Concentration for this Game.

    Bama lost the Toss and Mich St went 3 and out. Then Bama got together a Drive and drove it into Sparty territory, then Sr Shelley Kicked a 47 yrder for a 3-0 Bama Lead. Then Mich St went another 3&Out and Pooched kicked the punt to keep it away from D-white. (this was done the entire game). Then Bama with great field position, then drove it down as Grant was running hard all game. Then a Rollout as McCarron found Norwood for a 32 yrd Td and Bama led 10-0. McCarron on that TD tied the Career Mark set by Croyle with 41. Then Mich st tried another drive picking up a couple of 1st downs as the drive extended into the 2nd quarter. Then another Punt had Bama in Good field position. Then McCarron Found D-White for a 70 yrd Td and Took the Career Lead with his 42nd Td pass and Bama Led 17-0. Sparty tried another Drive, But coughed up the ball and Bama returned it for a Td and a 24-0 HT lead.

    CB told his Team to Not rest cause of the 2nd half Letdown, Finish the Game.

    Then Bama got the ball 2nd half and Drove it with Run and Pass and Shelley connected on another 47 yrder to extend the lead to 27-0. Then on the next drive Sparty fumbled again and Bama had it in Great position. Then on the 3rd play of the Drive Grant took it from the Wildcat and scored and Bama led 34-0. Sparty tried another drive only to be turned away by the D. Then On the 2nd play of the Drive Grant rushed 20 yrds and was injured for the game. Fresh Sensation Bennett took over from there. Then on the same drive facing a 3&1 CB gambled and Called a Qb run for McCarron and he got 7 yrds and a crucial 1st down. Then the drive bogged down and Shelley nailed another FG to lead 37-0. The rest of the Game was Defense Clinic as the 2nd teamers got on the Board as Atchision recovered a Fumble with little time remaing and scored and Bama closed out the Sugar Bowl with a 44-0 Blowout of Mich St.

    Bama finishes 11-2 and another Great Season for CoachBama at the Helm of the Capstone.

    Shelley Finshed with the Player of the Game award in the Sugar Bowl as he was 3-4 for FG and 5-5 in xtra points.

    Sr's are many as Bama they Leave Bama for Better Patures.

    McCarron- What can u say about McCarron sat behind McElroy and then had his time to Shine as he set Career Marks in Yardage and Td Passes. Career- 496-747 for 7,638 and 42 Td's and 23 Int's. His Leadership will be Missed as they Look towards the Phillip Sims 1 yr Era.

    Fowler- Leaves as 4 yr starter as he had his Highest for yrds this yr with 149 yrds and 1 td. He leaves with 335 yrds and 7 td's. But mostly was a Blocker for Grant and the Host of Bama Backs that came before Grant. He will be Missed.

    Norwood and Bell- These 2 had to Sit behind some Great Talent as they waited for their turn and they Did just that providing great Catches for McCarron most of the Yr. Norwood leaves with 1,055 yrds and 6 td's. and Bell with 965 and 2 td's. These 2 will be Missed for Next Season.

    D-White- Don't Know if he will leave for the Draft, But he Put up Great Numbers all Yr, He had 1,055 this season and 8 td's and possibly leaves with a career mark of 2,715 and 20 Td's.

    Steen- Got his time last yr due to Injury to Jones and responded well. this yr moved over to the LG position and provided not only great run blocking, but pass protection as well. His leadership will be Missed.

    DJ Fluker- This 4 yr Starter was a Symbol of Protection all his career and Leaves the Capstone with great numbers. He only gave up 11 sacks for his career. His Leadership will be Missed as well.

    Sentimore- Had to Backup several guys before he got to shine the last 2 yrs at the Le position on Defense. He had 36 Tackles and 14 for loss and 4 sacks. He will be Missed next yr as a New Guy will be taking his spot.

    Moore- Had a Long Career Backing up not only Chapman, but Kerry Murphy as well. But played full time this his Sr yr. He leaves with 31 tackles, 12 for loss, and 2 sacks. His main job was plugging up the middle vs the Run.

    Mosley & Atchison- These 2 played most of the yr as they swapped most of the season and Atchison's great Highlight was a Td return in the Sugar Bowl. Mosley leaves with 59 tackles, 22 for loss, 6 sacks. Atchison leaves with only 6 takles, but the big Td to Cement his Spot in the Sr Class.

    Tana Patrick- Played behind Hightower and Johnson and then got to show his stuff as he provided the Clog as Middle LB. He leaves with 53 Tackles, 10 for loss, 1 sack. Great Job Tana U will be Missed.

    Captain Ed Stinson- Took over the Captain roll this yr and provided great coverage on run plass and pass, as most teams that ran his way lost yardage or fumbled the ball from his Hits. He leaves with 94 Tackles, 19 for loss, 2 sacks and 2 Int's. Hubbard hopes to continue the Bama LB tradition next yr.

    Milliner and McNair- Losing these 2 great corners is Tough but knowing who's coming next yr is a big plus. These 2 made Wr's jobs tough with Great Coverage. Milliner leaves with 72 Tackles, 32 knockdowns, and 4 Int's for his Career. McNair started only this yr, leaves with 43 Tackles and 6 Knockdowns and 2 Int's. Thses 2 will be Missed next yr.

    Shelley- what a ride this Kid took, He started his Soph yr, then struggled his jr yr, Rs the next yr as he lost the Job to Foster in the Spring and then Came back to have a great Sr yr. His Career Longest FG was 59 yrds and was POG 4 times during his career. He will be missed.

    Mandell- Cody was 4 yr starter as he provided great punting for 4 yrs. His Leg will be missed next yr. Took over the KO responsibility's the last 2 yrs. His career longest punt was 64 yrds.

    CoachBamagrad- what can U say about Him, Came in with a Gameplan every week as he led his Alma Mater to 43 wins and 10 losses in his 4 yrs at the Capstone. Made 3 Sec Champ Gm appearances and won all 4 of his Bowl Games. When Ncaa 12 Comes Calling he will be Making the Trip to FIU to Try and revive that Program. The Main Goal for CB is to return to Bama when the Time comes. Til that Time Nick Saban will return to Lead the Crimson Tide til Then. 

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