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TWIT- Week 11

Discussion in 'The Tradition' started by Mogriffjr, Nov 21, 2009.

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  1. Mogriffjr

    Mogriffjr Walk On

    Feb 10, 2009
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    TWIT- Week 11

    TOP 25
    1- GEORGIA TECH (9-0)- 32 1st place votes and a good win over Maryland keeps GT on top
    2- ALABAMA (9-0)- Bama receives 28 1st place votes and face a huge in #22 LSU

    3- USF (8-0)- Out of nowhere, USF jumps FSU and receives a 1st place vote
    4- FLORIDA STATE (8-1)- After beating #6 UNC, some reason FSU drops a spot in the polls
    5- TENNESSEE (8-1)- Tennessee remains #5 but remains a title contender
    6- AUBURN (8-1)- Amidst the toughest schedule possibly ever in T1, Auburn has won 3 tough games over top 25 opponents
    7- CLEMSON (8-1)- Clemson jumps two spots and now faces FSU for spot in ACC title game

    8- MICHIGAN (7-1)
    9- NORTH CAROLINA (6-2)- Tough loss to FSU drops UNC 3 spots
    10- PENN STATE (7-2)
    11- VIRGINIA TECH (6-3)- Nice win over Miami moves VT up 4 spots
    12- OREGON STATE (7-1)
    13- CINCINNATI (5-2)
    14- MIAMI (7-2)- Loss to VaTech drops Miami 6 spots in polls
    15- GEORGIA (5-3)- 3 loss Georgia finally gets their title hopes ended with loss to Auburn

    16- WISCONSIN (6-2)
    17- OKLAHOMA (6-3)
    18- NOTRE DAME (6-3)
    19- KANSAS STATE (6-2)
    20- NEBRASKA (7-3)
    21- MARYLAND (5-3)
    22- LSU (6-3)- LSU is one of the two newest entries into the top 25 polls
    23- FLORIDA (5-4)- 4 loss Florida joins LSU in the top 25

    24- USC (5-3)
    25- MISSOURI (6-3)

    #7 CLEMSON (8-1) @ #4 FLORIDA STATE (8-1)

    ---For some odd reason, FSU dropped a spot in the polls after beating a top 10 BCS team in North Carolina. This may have a lot of people up in arms but Florida State pretty much controls their own destiny. A win here and FSU will secure the final spot in the ACC title game facing Georgia Tech. A win against GT and FSU will surely be up for a national title game. But first, they must get past Clemson, who also has title aspirations. Clemson also controls their fate but they have a ways to go. A win here and they'll get to play GT for the ACC title. They'll still have Auburn, a highly ranked team in their way as well. Either way, this could clear the smoke for one team while paving a path for the other.

    #2 ALABAMA (9-0) @ #22 LSU (6-3)

    ---Bama has been on their A game this year but now, they are entering the toughest part of their schedule. LSU stands in their way of possibly entering the SEC title game. Not to mention, Bama follows up with Auburn, who is undefeated in SEC play. Losing star RB Trent Richardson hurt but all Bama has done is run an offense that makes no mistakes. SR-QB Star Jackson has played like a star, throwing 22 TD's but only 1 interception on the year. That's an amazing stat. He's also completing 76% of his passes. LSU meanwhile has put Shepard's ability to run and pass to the test. He is the LSU offense and Shepard has an outside shot of 2000 yards passing and 1000 yards rushing. If LSU can force a few turnovers on Alabama, we feel LSU will upset Bama, especially with LSU being at home.

    OLE MISS (4-4) @ #15 GEORGIA (5-3)- ?User games have been the bane of Georgia's existence this year but they should bounce back against Ole Miss

    VIRGINIA (2-6) @ #1 GEORGIA TECH (9-0)- GT looks to steamroll over Virginia before their own bye week and then facing two of the SEC's finest squads in Georgia and Auburn

    #8 MICHIGAN (7-1) @ #11 VIRGINIA TECH (6-3)- Michigan feels they have an outside shot of a title if the chips fall their way. VT looks to take Michigan down a few pegs and bring them to reality

    BOSTON COLLEGE (2-6) @ #9 NORTH CAROLINA (6-2)- UNC has been tough this year and rising from a bad 2011 to a top 10 team. They should take care of BC

    #23 FLORIDA (5-4) @ VANDERBILT (3-5)- Florida should roll over Vandy before having their final tough test of the season

    #6 AUBURN (8-1) Has a bye before facing Alabama next week
    #14 MIAMI (7-2) Has a bye
    #5 TENNESSEE (8-1) Has a bye

    ^ 1- SR-QB Xavier Stephens (TENN)- 190/261, 3027yds, 35TD's, 11INT's, 66car, 338yds, 5TD's
    V 2- JR-WR Rodney Smith (FSU)- 49rec, 1257yds, 13TD's
    ^ 3- JR-RB Orwin Smith (GT)- 198car, 1000yds, 19TD's, 27rec, 271yds, 4TD's
    ^ 4- JR-RB Xavier Barnes (AUB)- 156car, 925yds, 15TD's, 32rec, 422yds, 4TD's
    ^ 5- JR-RB Mike James (MIA)- 182car, 986yds, 16TD's, 20rec, 461yds, 5TD's
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    Feb 10, 2009
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