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TWIT, Week 14

Discussion in 'The Tradition' started by Mogriffjr, Dec 31, 2009.

  1. Mogriffjr

    Mogriffjr Walk On

    Feb 10, 2009
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    TWIT, Week 14

    TOP 25
    1- GEORGIA TECH (12-0)- Second week being idle, now awaits UNC in ACC title game
    2- NORTH CAROLINA (11-0)- Huge game with Auburn is first hurdle for title contending Tar Heels

    3- MICHIGAN (9-1)
    4- GEORGIA (9-2)- UGA's 4 leaf clover comes up huge as it leapfrogs 10-1 PSU.
    5- PENN STATE (10-1)
    6- ALABAMA (10-1)- Now awaits Tennessee in the SEC title game
    7- TENNESSEE (11-1)- Has to figure if they win out, they should be in the title game, or at least leapfrogging Georgia, who they beat and has 2 losses in the SEC.
    8- VIRGINIA TECH (9-2)- Has enjoyed a nice bounce back season, in recruiting and on the field, newly found rushing attack the reason.

    9- TROY (11-0)- Receives one 1st place vote
    10- FLORIDA STATE (8-2)- Coaching search looms as guys like Merih, KnighNoles, DJRhude emerge as finalists for the job
    11- TEXAS (10-2)
    12- LSU (9-3)- LSU is back after small hiatus
    13- OKLAHOMA (9-2)
    14- FLORIDA (8-3)- UF enjoying a nice season recruiting and on the field
    15- OKLAHOMA STATE (9-2)
    16- ECU (9-2)
    17- AUBURN (8-3)- Can ruin UNC's season with a win over them in big user game this week
    18- RUTGERS (7-3)
    19- USC (8-3)
    20- ARIZONA STATE (8-3)
    21- NEBRASKA (8-4)
    22- CLEMSON (7-3)- Clemson is looking towards the offseason
    23- SMU (9-2)
    24- WISCONSIN (9-3)
    25- CONNECTICUT (7-3)
    NR- MIAMI (6-6)- Coach Juggs made a surprising return to the sidelines to cheer his boys on. He says he'll be back, inspiring a big win and getting some recruits to sign in the process.

    #2 NORTH CAROLINA (11-0) @ #17 AUBURN (8-3)

    ---UNC has been basically called a "fraud" from a few T1 coaches. Their record seems underwhelming but here is where they can prove the doubters wrong. Despite not playing amazing competition, they have gone undefeated and that's a tough task to go. They've had to endure the nagging injuries of star RB Dustin Clancy as well. Either way, this game will go a long way. Meanwhile on the Tigers side, they have a chance to destroy UNC's hopes of a title. The Tigers in their last game pulled out all the stops, bringing out the Wetumpka Wizard out of redshirt to will his team to victory. Unfortunately that didn't work. It's unclear who's gonna get the nod this week between Rollison or "WW". Either way, we expect SR-RB Xavier Barnes to be an vital part of the Tiger offense, an offense that needs some sort of spark. Oh and that defense needs to get off the field on 3rd downs, as evident by Coach Ramirez's remarks after their last game against Alabama.

    - 1. SR-RB Orwin Smith (GT)- 268car, 1829yds, 35TD's, 46rec, 749yds, 8TD's
    ^ 2. SR-WR Rueben Randle (LSU)- 77rec, 1519yds, 21TD's
    ^ 3. JR-QB James Scales (UGA)- 186/257, 3301yds, 27TD's, 123car, 876yds, 12TD's
    ---Randle and Scales made valiant efforts to make their case to be the heisman winner but truth be told, Orwin Smith had this wrapped up after GT's last regular season game against Tennessee. Smith has had an amazing season, rounding his overall game into shape. Truth be told, he was forced to become this all-world back with the lack of playmakers starting at the beginning of the season. Once GT learned more about their personnel, Smith's numbers tailed off as others picked up the slack but when you have over 2500 yards combined rushing and receiving and 43 combined TD's, your a star. He will likely sweep all the awards and will go down as one of the best T1 backs in history. Two years in a row he'll likely be a two time Walker, Maxwell and heisman winner.

    ---As we finally usher off the last bit of real NCAA guys and embark on the teams we've truly assembled, I'd like to take some time to say goodbye to some of the dominant players in this dynasty, who are going pro, or going to careers they've longed for.

    SR-RB Orwin Smith (GT)- 732 car, 4321yds, 73TD's, 103rec, 749yds, 8TD's
    ---Honestly when Coach Moreecemos took over GT, little did he know how much of an impact Smith would have when his collegiate career was said and done. After all, he was in a crowded backfield as a freshman, sitting behind Jon Dwyer, Roddy Jones, Marcus Wright and Embry Peeples. But while guys like Dwyer and Jones bolted for the pros and Peeples transferred to Indiana, Smith stayed. His persistence and hard working attitude paid off. In 2011 he made his mark, splitting time with then SR-RB Marcus Wright and still going over 1000 yards rushing. His 2012 year was spectacular, becoming the heisman, maxwell and walker winner. In 2013, he's a likely shoe in to sweep those awards again. Sitting as a 98 overall player, Smith is a 1st rounder and franchise RB.

    SR-TE Logan "Wolverine" Thomas (VT)- 347rec, 5735yds, 72TD's
    ---The Mackey award may very well be changed to the Logan award. Logan Thomas was simply a manchild and standing at 6'6" and 238 lbs, he was one on the field. Thomas was simply a matchup nightmare for opposing coaches. His size was one thing but to run like a WR just added to his impressive resume. He was the main target from the carousel of VT QB's from JuJu to Antone Exum. Anyone could have been the VT QB because as long as Thomas was lining up at TE, he was simply unstoppable. Oh and I forgot to mention why the award should be changed....he won the Mackey all 4 years he's played. Thomas will be the #1 TE picked in the 2014 draft by all accounts, unless questions about his hands arise. But with that production, I doubt it.

    SR-RB Bryce Brown (TENN)- 951car, 6390yds, 98TD's, 74rec, 858yds, 9TD's
    ---Brown's number rival the all-time collegiate RB's. Brown hit the 6000 yard mark in rushing yards this year and was a staple of the Tennessee rushing attack since entering the program. His 2011 year was amazing, 2257 yards rushing and 33TD's which gave him the heisman that year. His freshman year he ended up with 1622yards and 29TD's and so far in his senior year he has 1826 yards and 26TD's on the ground. He's been the key cog in one of the national title years and what kept him from becoming the #1 rusher in NCAA history was a injury shortened 2012 which he only rushed for 685 yards. Needless to say Brown's numbers are amazing. Brown and the aformentioned Smith will battle to be one of the 1st RB's taken off the board. Brown's explosiveness and power on the ground will definitely make him a franchise RB.
  2. jms493

    jms493 Veteran Member

    Feb 10, 2009
    nice TWIT MO!! I shed a tear when with Logan's last game looming. great write up o him. I will probably never have a player that dominant again. He played great against Florida 8 rec for 120+ yards but no TDS.....Heinz ran in 3. V-Tech played solid pass defense today.

    VT 24 - Florida 14.
  3. KnightNoles

    KnightNoles Learn to Compete

    Jul 6, 2009
    Wow thought it may have been a shoot out. I guess you made some adjustments though, Im always happy to see a Gator team lose (y)
  4. jfosh

    jfosh Super

    Feb 10, 2009
    I can not beleive Georgia is ranked where they are......

    Smith, Brown, and Thomas were all dominant players. The knock on Brown has to be his injuries. I dont remember him dominating any user games. Thomas got his against me. Smith was tough to bring down when we played G.T..

    Auburn will need to play well to beat UNC and UNC cant get caught looking ahead to the ACC championship.

    Playing in their week 14 game Alabama almost lost to Iowa. Alabama was down 35-13 at the half. I thought I had the game sealed with a go ahead pick 6 with like a 1:10 seconds left in the game. Iowa drove the field scoring to tie the game with 38 seconds left. Iowa for what ever reason decided to blitz just about everybody on my first play after the kick off and I hit my wr for a 70 yard T.D. to win the game 49-42. We did not do ourselves any favors with the voters but we held off the fired up Hawkeyes.

    Great work on the TWIT MO!!
  5. DJ Rhude

    DJ Rhude CAMAR'E

    Feb 10, 2009
    Nice writeup Mo
  6. Mogriffjr

    Mogriffjr Walk On

    Feb 10, 2009
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    Thanks foshe and Rhude.

    Btw Georgia is ranked #3 in the BCS. That means UGA will be hoping for a UNC loss to auburn then a GT loss to UNC. They would be the #1 team in the BCS and may face the winner of bama/tenn or PSU.
  7. Hellisan

    Hellisan Schemin 'em up

    Feb 10, 2009
    Awesome twit

    Good thing PSU lost at all, remember that Miami lost to 'em...

    On this North Carolina vs. Auburn game, I think it will be a good game. I can't see NC getting through both auburn and Ga Tech but I gotta give them the admission that I think they might beat one of the two, I just don't know which one yet. I don't know how talented Blaza's team is overall compared to Auburn, but let's just say that this is one that could go either way. I think he probably has a few things to learn before he topples Ga Tech... Or at least needs them to not have Luallen and Smith . Next year all bets are off... hehehehe.

    Good list of the truly dominant, which I would categorize as guys that dominated the awards, won titles, etc.

    I believe that Marlon Brown would have been in that category if we weren't such a close to the vest type of offense his first three years. IMO he's clearly one of the two best WR in the nation this year along with LSU's guy but I just think in anybody else's hands this guy would have put up a 2,000 yard season by now. He's simply awesome.

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