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Discussion in 'The Tradition' started by Hellisan, Mar 17, 2010.

  1. Hellisan

    Hellisan Schemin 'em up

    Feb 10, 2009

    This Week In the Tradition - Week 4

    Top 25
    Column 1
    Rk Team Wins Losses Comment
    1 Georgia 2 0 Back on top, at least momentarily, after Georgia Tech loses to Va Tech. Starting HB Bower out 9 weeks…. Quite a kick in the teeth
    2 Tennessee 3 0 Impressive comeback win against Florida. After being down 21-7, they score 31 straight points. Healthy for mathchup against Georgia
    3 Virginia Tech 1 0 They will find themselves #2 next week, most likely. Defense looked great dismantling Georgia Tech. Bruce Burton put up almost 200 yards.
    4 Auburn 2 0 They haven't allowed a point yet. It's clear that they know how to shut down the cpu. First user test coming up this week against Florida
    5 Clemson 3 0 Typical ACC schedule, they have three more weeks of thrashing CPU teams before getting tested against North Carolina
    6 Georgia Tech 1 1 They looked as bad as Va Tech looked good. Ugly game for them. Loss of Cooke for the season to a broken collarbone could end up being a killer.
    7 North Carolina 2 1 Lost a tough defensive-oriented game against Tennessee in week 1 but they have the opportunity to get back into the NC picture. Loss of FB Marion Bowen isn't good
    8 Alabama 2 0 Arkansas this week, then Florida next week. Florida's horrible early season schedule begins.
    9 Miami 2 0 The Canes have allowed a total of 14 points. This week they face off against Florida State in an important matchup and will try to atone for last year's loss
    10 West Virginia 2 0
    11 Boise State 2 0
    12 Colorado 1 1
    13 Florida State 2 0 Controversy over their first game behind them (and the league) they have a huge game against Miami. Kelvn McAfee is out for the season, big blow
    14 Penn State 1 1
    15 Wisconsin 1 0
    16 LSU 2 0 Offense was much better against #22 Iowa than against Tulsa. They take their turn against Florida two weeks from now.
    17 Cincinnati 2 0
    18 USC 2 0
    19 Cal 1 1
    20 Ohio State 2 0
    21 TCU 2 0
    22 Iowa 1 1
    23 Texas 1 1
    24 Wake Forest 1 0
    25 Oklahoma State 1 1

    Updated Heisman Rankings
    Column 1
    Pos/Player Team Comment
    WR Lee Georgia Can't see why he's still up here, we haven't been able to get him the ball, horrible QB play.
    HB Burton Virginia Tech Averaging 5.6 YPC and had a huge game against #1 Georgia Tech
    HB Adams Tennessee Back to his old tricks, beating up on user teams. Expect to see him all year on this list.
    QB Hamilton Auburn Are his INT problems behind him? If so watch out.
    DE Singleton Alabama Nice when the defensive players get some attention early in the season

  2. jms493

    jms493 Veteran Member

    Feb 10, 2009
    TWIT is back. Love it. BB looks great! His stats will be tamed as he will see limited CPU action.

    VTech changes GTech's season on 1 play. Sorry Mo..we never wish for injuries of this magnitude.
  3. Mogriffjr

    Mogriffjr Walk On

    Feb 10, 2009
    Featured Threads:
    watch now with Washington at the helm, I won't have the same on the passing game. He's not quite ready but he'll have to do for now. option attack bitches!
  4. jms493

    jms493 Veteran Member

    Feb 10, 2009
    Washington??? I thought it was Robinson??? Same amount of syllables I guess.

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