UCLA 45 @ Stanford 9

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  1. BRUCE80

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    Feb 11, 2009
    The UCLA team had a goal in front of them and on this day they finally pushed through and look to have secured a place in the final game.

    The O took the ball first and marched down the field and third string RB Young punched in a td from ten yards out.

    On Stanfords first play on O, we knifed into the backfield hammered the RB caused a fumble and ran it in for a td.

    Next Stanford possestion on third down a pass was picked off and a couple plays later it was 21-0 after a short td pass.

    Stanford would turn it over again in the first qtr and we would score another td to lead 28-0 at the end of one.

    The rest of the way we ran the ball, played D and got our starters out so we wouldnt suffer any injuires.

    UCLA wins 45-9.

    Tim Young was the POG only playing a half and having 150 yds and 3 tds....he runs very hard and might just be the best back we have.

    GG BBJ, not much you can do when your team wont hang onto the ball...This was much like a game a season or so ago when my team did that against UW.
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    Feb 10, 2009
    It's made doubly difficult when you're facing a team like that... Great win and congrats on likely being in the NC game.

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