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UCLA Season Preview....

Discussion in 'The Deuce' started by OMlawdog, Mar 2, 2010.

  1. OMlawdog

    OMlawdog Going full Cheeze

    Feb 10, 2009
    UCLA Season Preview....

    Since I sucked last year and didn't do a preview for Ga Tech, I figured I would try and bring it with a preview this year for UCLA.


    UCLA only lost 9 seniors off last year's 12-1 team, and over the last 4 seasons has lost 5 games total. This year's UCLA's team looks to have the talent to challenge for a National Title, just need to find out if they can.


    QB: Harvey Jones returns as the starter but will get pushed by both Dustin Kramer and Leroy Wilson. Kramer is a drop back passer and Wilson is more of an option attack QB, but both bring something different to the table. There has not been a decision on who will be the backup yet, though Kramer could be the guy, and with him on the field it is more of a traditional West Coast offense.

    The season will probably turn on the health of Jones at 6'3" 233 lbs, he has 86 ovr speed, and decent throw attirbutes, but he is prone to make the big mistake. As of now he is set to get most of the snaps and lead UCLA to a Big XII crown.

    HB: The Senior year of Vinny Valentine should be a good one. Last year he was benched for Joe McCoy who had a solid year, and this year he has something to prove. He has great speed attributes and power, and is a complete back, and looks to have a monster season. Backing him up is Will Goodman, who at 6'2" 225 lbs, is a power back with decent speed.

    Behind both of these guys is Burdett Bailey, the Iron head Heyward of the group. At 6'2" 245 lbs, with 91 speed, Bailey has both size and speed to cause problems for opposing teams.

    FB: This spot is filled by Adam Coker a fast FB that will get his touches, but needs to be a better blocker this year. His backup is Tim Bryant a converted HB that has improved, but overall is just a runner at times.

    WR: The most talented position for UCLA this season. May be the most talent I have had at one position in NCAA 2010. Manning, Lane and Parker all fantastic WR's, Manning being more of a complete package with Lane being the deep threat at 6'5"210 with 96 speed. Parker is just a solid WR with good numbers across the board. Behind these three seniors are solid WR's in Dane Keith, and Justin Hall both add something different with Keith 5'10" and 182 lbs, and Hall 6'5" and 195 lbs but both still make freshman mistakes.

    TE: Logan Young, Logan Young, Logan Young. The guy has it all. 6'5" 250lbs with 88 speed and great hands. Behind him are Steve Holley and Nick Jones both RS Sophomores that add someting different. Holley can stretch the field while Jones is more of a blocker with great hands. Young is expected to have a huge season this year.

    OL: UCLA prides itself on a strong offensive line and this year is no different. All 5 starters are over 90 OVR, with Dylan Oliver at LT leading the way. DJ Charles at C and Dustin Richards and Eric Washington at the Guard spots. Overall the starting five is extremely solid, and as long as we don't have any injuries in the interior, we should be good to go.

    DL: The front four should mobile, agile, and hostile. Jamaal Barbour is undersized DE in the Dwight freeney mold and he will team up with Justin Mason to form a pretty intimidating DE pair. At DT, AJ Rivas returns and at 99 OVR should be a force at DT. The backups are not slouches either with Clarence Murphy and Jordan Powell both having solid attributes.

    LB: The conversation should center around Carter Merriman who is a 99 OVR rated OLB and should have a monster year at OLB. flanking him will be Lee Clark who is poised for a breakout year at OLB. In the middle Greg Childs will be replacing Jimmy East who had a solid Senior season and could be a weakness for the UCLA defense.

    DB: The corner back position is deep and talented. The lead CB is Will Anderson who is the best CB I have had at UCLA in NCAA 2010. The guy is a true lockdown defender. Behind Anderson there is Doug Patterson, Kevin Hill, AJ Green and several other CB's all of which are fast and love to play man coverage. At SS, Joe Jackson takes over for Jimmie Dennis, and what he lacks in coverage, he makes up for in hitting ability. At FS, we have Jon Williams taking over at the FS spot and looks to continue the strong FS play UCLA routinely produces.

    Overall: This year's team is ready to roll and hopefully the season will end with OMlawdog hoisting another BCS championship crystall ball.

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