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UGA Press Conference

Discussion in 'Thread Archive' started by GSUtiger, Apr 14, 2010.

  1. GSUtiger


    Apr 13, 2010
    UGA Press Conference

    AD:I'm here today to announce the hiring of the New Head Coach of the Georgia Bulldogs. Ladies and Gentlemen of the press, alumni and study body please welcome Coach Jigcityboss.

    Coach:Thank you all for showing up today. First I would like to just thank the AD for giving me this oppertunity to lead such a great program. In the world of TF and OD's I'm unknown so i will give you some background on myself. I have built up many programs in past versions of NCAA.(way back on PS2 and before that SEGA when there was no dynasty modes) I have a passion for getting in there and mixing it up with the best there are out there. I hope to bring all that I've learned over to Cream of The Crop and make a splash! I will now take questions from all who have them.

    Reporter 1: How does it feel to take over a program so late in the game and what are you plans?

    Coach: To me it feels normal and I'm looking forward to getting the new season started. My plans are to make the program a contender year in and year out.

    Report 2:What is your coaching style and what type of players will you be recruiting ?

    Coach: I will be using a Balanced playbook for Offense and on Defense i will be running a 4-3. Being a coach who was raised in SEC Country i live by one thing SPEED!! So i will be recruiting players with speed but most importantly players who I think will fit in the system best.

    Reporter 3:Coach being an LSU guy at heart how does it feel being in charge of a program from the East divison of the SEC?

    Coach:It's kind of hard being born in Baton Rouge and now taking over UGA, but sometimes thats just how things work. I will always keep a close eye on LSU knowing that if I make it to the SEC Champ Game that will probably be who I play. Playing LSU will have great meaning to me, a victory is always sweater. My main focus is the DAWGS and the players that we have here.

    Report 4:Speaking of players coach how as the Fall practice been going with players?

    Coach:As with any coaching change there is always the begining period of getting to know the players and the players getting to know the coaches. I didn't ask them to do to much but learn as much of the system as possible and give it there all. We have looked good in practice, so if we can look that good on game day we might make a little noise in the SEC.

    Coach: Thank you all for attending today. To my fellow Coaches in Cream of The Crop it's an honor being part of this league. I'm always availiable via AIM: gsuncaa or Text: 225-773-7703

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