USC Trojans

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  1. Uncle Patty

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    USC Trojans

    USC 19 Cal 24 (10-10 at the half):eek:

    Although NcKnight had over 100 rushing, he had 2 fumbles returned for touchdowns costing us the game. Both teams we dominant in the secondary. Pass yds: USC - 122 Cal - 104; each with 3 interceptions. Best had over 100 yds for Cal and their only offensive touchdown. Jackson, Griffen, Topou each had 2 sacks, while Armstead had 3. Thomas had 2 picks, one for a touchdown.

    Need to get back on the field to redeem myself.(y)
  2. LB Fitted

    LB Fitted Walk On

    Jul 17, 2009
    lol so wouldnt have happened had i still been in dis damn leauge!
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