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Discussion in '4th Horseman' started by ChuckDzzNutz, Mar 19, 2012.

  1. ChuckDzzNutz

    ChuckDzzNutz Walk On

    Aug 6, 2011
    Head Coaches Poll​

    #1 Washington - Hokie Effect - Maybe a controversial pick at 1 considering there's a 2-time defending National Champ on the board, but Hokie kicked the shit out of me in our only ever meeting. Albeit I felt there was some twin TE cheeze going on there but I think he could have ran the wing-T and beat me that day.

    #2 Hawaii - Wyrmreaver - 2-time Defending National Champs . . . Bo Woods looks forward to you and your new D-line. I'm like 2-9 all-time vs. Neal

    #3 Cincinnati - SLOPDAWG88 - I always have great matchups vs. Slop but while I dominated the series early, he is on a bit of a run on me lately. He's the 2-time defending National Champion head coach from The B1G . . . put together a couple of solid seasons here in the 4th and is the Big East favorite

    #4 Florida International - Baron - Only played Baron once in a drunken ranked game that I lost 10-7. Defense was stellar as I recall. This guy is really high on his QB . . . wonder if he'll actually produce

    #5 New Mexico - ChuckDzzNutz - Decided to just put myself in the middle of the pack here. Got a new QB who is a first year starter but calling Bo Woods a Beast is an understatement.

    #6 Alabama Birmingham - papaloke - 1-2 all-time vs. papaloke but one of those results is thrown out due to extreme inebriation. The Blazers will look to make a run in C-USA which is stacked with users.

    #7 Texas El Paso - SimplyxNicex218 - We've pretty much split our all-time meetings but I can't wait to introduce you to Mr. Woods later today. Sorry that my Alma Mater shellacked yours in hoops yesterday, but shit happens . . . Go Miners!

    #8 Tulsa - Selvy9 - You get the bottom spot for temporarily quitting the B1G . . . 2-0 all-time vs. Selvy in games that were never competitive, but I also had the better team in those match ups.

    Coordinators Poll:​

    #1 UCONN - IXI DECAY IXI - We have never played, but Jes had a bad run at NMSU that resulted in his firing so you get the nod here this week

    #2 Kansas - GatorJes - as stated, got fired from the Aggies and looking to revive his career with the Rock Chalk Jayhawks
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  2. Wyrmreaver

    Wyrmreaver Ready for Madden 15 on Xbox One, lets get it on!

    Oct 31, 2011
    I think you got it right....... I havent played hokie and likely never will...... would kinda suck if we both won out this season and had to sim the NC game
  3. ChuckDzzNutz

    ChuckDzzNutz Walk On

    Aug 6, 2011
    Head Coaches Poll:​

    #1 Washington - @Hokie Effect - A 59-7 User win does nothing to move him from the top spot

    #2 Hawaii - @Wyrmreaver - A solid 31-14 win over previous #3 Cincinnati keeps the Warriors at #2

    #3 Alabama Birmingham - @papaloke -An impressive 55-20 trouncing of UCLA on Heisman with no sliders earns you #3 this week! (Edit . . it wasn't on Heisman, guess I'll keep u here for now anyways)

    #4 Cincinnati - @SLOPDAWG88 - Tough home loss to the Islanders drop you, but not too far since it was the two-time defending champs and all

    #5 Florida International - @Baron - You drop due to inactivity

    #6 Texas El Paso - @SimplyxNicex218 -No pass rush needed, just drop back in coverage and pick the UNM passing game apart

    #7 Tulsa - @Selvy9 -Big win over (Yawn) FCS team.

    #8 New Mexico - @ChuckDzzNutz - I would have put myself last after throwing for 28 yards against Simply, but I don't know enough about the new guy yet

    #9 UL-Monroe - RyanC - Gonna have to see more than 9 passes and big win over an FCS team before I decide where to put the new participant. At least he didn't break the scoring cap.

    Coordinators Poll:​

    #1 UCONN - @IXI DECAY IXI - Nice upset over TCU on Heisman with no Sliders! (edit, nevermind . . . just an All-American win over the Horned Frogs)

    #2 Kansas - @GatorJes - Rough start to the season falling 59-7 to U-Dub
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