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    Apr 14, 2012
    ok, something I did a long time ago with The Experience was have users send me who they thought "User of The Year" was.

    This individual winning this award should be someone :

    - who has upheld the integrity of the league this season.

    - Someone who has played sim (I know you only played 16 games and didn't play everyone but still you should have some knowledge)

    - someone who has made scheduling games easy

    - someone who may have helped you out if you needed

    - overall someone who was just a great user should be taking home this award

    You can email me your vote at as I don't want my inbox getting 15-20 messages deeper on TSO.

    Submit email as follows,
    Subject : User Vote

    First place 3 points - (insert user)
    Second place 2 points - (insert user)
    Third place 1 point - (insert user)

    I will talley up points and winner will be decided Sunday, tiebreaker will be most First place votes.

    You have til Sunday afternoon at 3pm est to submit votes so I can announce live on the pre draft Roll Call show

    Nominees for the award are listed below

    Bills - Keller
    Dolpins - arlennnn
    Jets - McStrauss
    Patriots - Cole Copeland
    Bengals - jay2149
    Browns - akutozo
    Ravens - kjm007
    Steelers - Freakskull
    Colts - Gravity
    Jaguars - Wyrmreaver
    Texans - RFF
    Titans - Hordan54
    Broncos - Automatik
    Chargers - recchem2000
    Chiefs - Craig
    Raiders- XWarriorMonk
    Cowboys - RaiderRed90
    Eagles - @iBO
    Giants - Masterfocker
    Redskins - GMONEY 15
    Bears - Playa2138
    Lions - GDip
    Packers - hskr8128
    Vikings - BigK44
    Bucs - Coachmedicis
    Falcons - greatnessdc
    Panthers - seanisgreat87
    Saints - Axel Foley
    Cardinals - SwagKingCole23
    49ers - xSavedByGracex
    Rams - RyanRain39
    Seahwaks - Jeremy Rasmussen
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  2. Masterfocker

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    Aug 5, 2014
    It's obviously me. I mean, did you see how easy it was to schedule with me!?

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