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Discussion in 'Thread Archive' started by smace767, Jul 12, 2009.

  1. smace767

    smace767 Walk On

    Jun 23, 2009

    I dont think that letting everyone freelance on their schedule without a system will be good for the dynasty. Noknee can attest to a user who was USC, who did not want Noknee's Notre Dame team on his schedule, simple so he could win out and increase his title hopes and recruiting position. I saw in another dynasty the national champ came in the season highly rated like #8 , but never played a team ranked higher than 16.

    I was in a dynasty that created incredible, meaningful match ups all season. The last three games, on as many as 5 users schedules, ended up being playoff games for the BCS title.

    Its not hard, its a simple system based on balance and elimination. It is the best way i have seen to get the right teams to the BCS game.

    Worst case scenario you would have 3 undefeated user teams, but since conf's are playing each other the users would still decide who is the stronger conf based on head to head games.

    Here is an example of the schedule system. The preseason rankings were posted and this was used to get preseason position for the schedule.

    #1 play other confs #2
    #2 play other conf #1
    #3 play other conf#3
    #4 play other conf #4

    The highest preseason rated user in conf is in the #1 spot. They would play the other conf'#2
    #2 teams would play the #1's like above
    #3 teams would play the other #3
    #4 teams play the other #4

    Have all teams play the 12 highest rated non user conf member (CPU)teams.
    using the preseason ranks it would be the highest rated user team vs the highest rated cpu team not in a user conf.
    You do this to stop all the undefeated cpu teams taking all the BCS positions with out winning on the field. The CPU can still win the games and from early reports the CPU will win more games this year than it did last year anyway.example

    2 - Oklahoma@ Alabama
    3 - Texas@Ohio st
    4 - USC@ND
    9 - Oklahoma State@Va ech
    14 - Boise State@Ole Mis
    15 - Cal@FSU
    17 - BYU@Iowa
    19 - TCU@WVU
    21 - Nebraska@Illin
    24 - Utah@South Carolina
    25 - Kansas@Clemson
    Next highest (t) Oregon ST@Tenn

    Preseason rank and schedule, The first game is a CPU team the next are home and away user games.;

    gibby289- Ohio State(7)-------- Texas(3),@FSU(20), Ole Miss(11),
    IAHAWKS757- Iowa(22)-------- BYU(17), @Va tech(10), Bama(6)
    noknee- Notre Dame-------- --- USC(3), @Tenn, WVU(23)
    hoodlum10- Illinois---------- Nebraska(21), @Clemson, South Ca

    K24Lyfe- Virginia Tech(10)-------- OK ST(9), @Ole Miss(11), Iowa(22)
    cp3bestpg- Florida State(20)-------- Cal(15), @bama(6), Ohio St(7)
    BLACKJ414- West Virginia(23)-------- TCU(19), @Noter Dame, Tenn
    RubTheRock- Clemson---------- Kansas(25), @South Carolina, Illinois

    smace767- Alabama(6)--------- Okl(2), @Iowa(22), FSU(20)
    jjlloyd- Ole Miss(11)--------- Boise St(14), @Ohio St(7), Va Tech(10)
    Sublime321- Tennessee--------- Oregon St, @WVU(23), Noter Dame
    CamHenDerSon- South Carolina--------- Utah(24), @Ilinois, Clemson

    Noter Dame and Illi might flip flop. I did flip flop south carolina and Tenn. They can be edited but they still have good schedules.

    All matchups are home and home series. flipping the road and home games. After year 2, you use preseason ranks for year 3, and recreate the match ups.

    The system creates fair and balanced schedule and with one more game to schedule.
    Each team will have one out of Conf road game they can schedule a user, a traditional rival, a top 5 team, or whoever they want, without having an all cupcake schedule.

    No user games should be scheduled week one. The big user games could be at any time after week one, including last game of the season, big matchups for BCS position.

    Not trying to take over or anything. I know that the seasons you play with a schedule like this, add to the pressure and excitement of the season. Just look at everyone's schedule.
  2. gibby289

    gibby289 Guest

    I liek this but anything is fine with me
  3. BLACKJ414

    BLACKJ414 Walk On

    Jun 23, 2009
    Dang.. nice post smace. I never really even thought about something like that happening (CPU National Titles without facinga human player). Im all for this system if it will result in a more balanced and meaningful schedule for the player.
  4. hoodlum10

    hoodlum10 Walk On

    Jun 23, 2009
    great post smace, that is simply remarkable. im still trying to understand it all, i like it mostly, but my main concern is that there are too many user vs user games and that it will really slow down the dynasty. its a really nice system, but idk. im still tryin to figure it all out, i will post back here asap once i weed through all the details.
  5. smace767

    smace767 Walk On

    Jun 23, 2009
    I got into detail but in simple terms.

    1) every 2 years you rank teams in their conf by preseason rank.

    2) you schedule 2 out of conf games based on your preseason position in your conf. #1's play the other 2 conf's #2's, if your are preseason ranked 3rd in your conf, you play the other two confs #3's, If you are ranked 4th in your conf preseason you play the other confs #4's.

    make it home and home, reset the rankings preseason year three and reschedule another home and home series.

    3)the total max user game is 3 in conf, 2 out of conf = 5 user games per season.

    4) schedule the top ranked cpu teams outside of a user conf.
    for us it would be the 12 highest cpu teams from the pac 10, big 12, and big east, wac or mountain west conf. highest ranked user plays highest ranked cpu team from those confs.
  6. Noknee

    Noknee Walk On

    Jul 1, 2009
    The rules setup almost always makes it so the CPU doesn't get a free NC, however I think it should be slightly more flexible. Like if you have 2 great games in back to back years against someone and want to play them again, I think you be allowed to, regardless of the rankings. I don't know I just don't want it to be completely inflexible is all.
  7. smace767

    smace767 Walk On

    Jun 23, 2009
    just an option

    While no system is perfect, and there has to be flexibility in any system which the commish could over rule or tweak.

    I think this system would be a great base to start from.

    This is what the system would do in my opinion:

    Balance everyone's schedule-The strong teams have a tough schedule the lower ranked teams have a lower rated schedule. But teams of equal standing have the same schedule strength.

    Creates conf vs conf direct competition_ each conf will play four games againts the other confs each, 8 total. We could recognize the best out of conf records both team best and conf best out of conf wins.

    creates an out of conf playoff system-Ensures the most number of teams decide their chance of playing in the bcs title game on the field. Any team that is ranked in preseason, 2nd of their conf, will play every preseason conf favorite. If any of the # 2 teams wins all its out of confs games, it would be in the drivers seat to get to the bcs game, if they win their conf.

    Also if the #1 and #2 teams in your conf win their out of conf games, knocking of the other #1's and #2's, the #3 team in that conf could end up with a realistic chance to get the bcs title bid, by winning the conf. You end up rooting for your fellow conf members to help your team position during the out of conf schedule. Poll and bcs logic is suppose to be improved so conf strength could be a bigger factor. In most any other ways you schedule, if 4 teams are ahead of you in the poll and they are in different conf's and you don play them their was nothing you could do.

    Lower teams are not under dogs in 5 or 6 games and could win a greater amount of games which will improve their recruiting classes. From all reports(I get the game in an hour) the cpu can beat you this year. So having as many games as possible that the lower ranked teams have equal talent is big for their team growth and the dynasty as a whole.

    The commish could always tweak this or take challenge matchups. Any challenge could throw things off as well. you only have a choice of 8 out of conf opponents. One match that is renewed every year might affect another matchup that doesnt want to be renewed. Or create a preseason top 5 team playing an unranked out of conf foe.

    I have also seen where a commish schedules all the out of conf games so you have a home and home with everyone in the dynasty and he post it year 1. So you know who you play in year 3, 4, 5, and 6 when the schedules are created.

    But again balance is the key. If you look at everyone's 2 out of conf games. Every team has a realistic chance to win every game from a talent standpoint and ratings.

    Not just stick skills, but the players on the field, if we sim it could go either way balance. This means every game will be a war.

    Just my thoughts and an option. This is everyone's dynasty. Please dont confuse my choice to post and speak, with trying to takeover or dictate anything. Im down for whatever the dynasty and the commish decides.
  8. hoodlum10

    hoodlum10 Walk On

    Jun 23, 2009
    smace you are officially the schedule guy for this dynasty. this system sounds great, idk how to, so i want you to implement it. i think the system can really even out the playing system, lets use it.
  9. IAHAWKS757

    IAHAWKS757 Banned

    Jun 30, 2009
    So does this mean that individual users dont need to worry about finding people to fill out their user games?
  10. hoodlum10

    hoodlum10 Walk On

    Jun 23, 2009
    yes, that is exactly what this means. i mean if there is someone in particular you really want to play it can be arrainged, but this system pretty much takes care of all the schedule configuring.

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