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Utah Utes Football

Discussion in 'Game Summaries' started by Alwaysfly, Apr 29, 2012.

  1. Alwaysfly

    Alwaysfly Walk On

    Apr 23, 2012
    Utah 2017 Team Preview
    QB C+
    AT QB Senior John Nixon comes back to lead the Utes. He threw for 2302 passing yards and 18 touchdowns. Back ups are Josh Porter Sophomore and Jerome Pittman.​
    HB A+
    The heart of the offense. Ben Deloach coming of a great freshman year with 1134 yards. Look for Deloach and Buckley to take the PAC-12 by storm.​
    FB D
    Alex Tanner a 83 OVR wont get to see a lot of time due to the offense but he could see some time at Tightend​
    WR C+
    The weakest part of the offense not a lot of big play players but they should get the job done.​
    TE C
    Freshman Sam Hopkins will be Nixon man guy and he will be a big key for run blocking.​
    G & T C+
    Not much to say very weak last year but the hit the weight room hard last off-season.​
    C B
    James Meyer 88 OVR will be key part of the line and on rush blocking​
    DE C+
    Freshman Ron Pace will get the start on LE look for him to be All-Freshman team. Sam Johnson will be at RE he wanted to go pro but came back to win PAC-12 Defensive player of the year.​
    DT C+
    Two senior will anchor the line Clarence Sands and Fred White. ​
    OLB B-
    Stephen Johnson and Lee Hollins will be coming around the edge on blitzs very strong core of guys .​
    MLB C+
    Not much to be said here All-American Derron Kiniry will be calling the defense this season​
    CB B+
    CB are the best part of this team with Andrew Lowe and Tim Harris anchoring the outside. Look for Xavier Williams to turn some heads this season. ​
    FS C+
    Quinton Whitaker is a quick FS that will come up and lay the wood on running backs.​
    SS C
    Mark Wilson will be the man on defense look for him to get 7 Int this season.​
    K D+
    William Jefferson a freshman will have a lot on his shoulders. ​
    P C+
    Dan Wilson is only a sophomore and will approve. Surprise note he has 93 speed​

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