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Utes Sneak Their Way into PAC12 CCG; Beat Stanford 34-31

Discussion in 'Game Summaries' started by MaxATX34, Sep 9, 2011.

  1. MaxATX34

    MaxATX34 Texas Football

    Feb 17, 2009

    Utah (10-2) and Stanford (12-0) met in the PAC12 Conference Championship for the first time since Utah joined the conference and it was an instant classic.

    This wasnt the first time theses two coaches have played. They are both familiar with each other from their days at Florida/Georgia, and this one was just as close and entertaining as any of those legendary SEC games.

    Utah would win the toss and elect to kickoff. Stanford would move the ball down the field, but Andrew Luck would make a bad read and throw his first of 4 interceptions on the day. Jordan Wynn & co. took the field, and made the Cardinal pay for their mistake with a TD drive capped off by a 2yd Palamo rush.

    Stanford would get the ball back and score about 1:00 later with one of their 3 huge TD plays. Luck would hit an open Drew Terrell who caught the ball in open space and took it 68yd to the house. 7-7.

    The Utes would answer with another extended scoring drive that ate up the rest of the 1st quarter (about 4min) and was finished by Jake Murphy (Utah's bruising FB). Again though, Stanford would answer with a big play.

    Stepfan Taylor took the rock right up the middle and went 58yd untouched for a TD. Taylor had a stellar game on the ground, but in the end it wouldnt be enough to make up for Luck's miscues.

    Utah would tack on 10 more(including a last-second FG) and Stanford would add 7, which made for a 24-21 Utah lead at halftime.

    An early FG in the 3rd quarter made the count 27-21 Utah, but Stepfan responded less than a minute later in a big way again, bolting 72yd for another TD.

    The game was ultimately decided in the 4th quarter (like every game, right?). Stanford would march into the Red Zone but would be held to a FG that gave the Cardinal a 31-27 lead. Jordan Wynn and Thretton Palamo would come on and orchestrate another TD drive, punching one in from inches away with 1:37 left.

    So this was the situation: Stanford has the ball, down 3, 1:37 left, and Andrew Luck at the helm. A FG ties it and a TD wins it. Before the final drive, the Utah defense could be seen huddled around Coach Max (who is an admittedly Offensive-minded HC) praying. They knew it would take a small miracle to fend off Stanford who had been scoring on huge plays all game. Andrew Luck lead his team down the field, calling timeouts and getting out of bounds. Salt Lake went dead silent as the game would be decided one way or another very shortly.

    Luck let his gun-slinger mentality get the best of him though, and made another bad read and the ball was picked off deep in Utah territory with about 0:30 left, sealing the game and crowning the Utes PAC12 Champs again.

    This was an intense battle from start to finish! Anyone who caught this one should have been entertained to say the least! GG HotRod. Entirety of the game can be found here http://www.twitch.tv/hotrod922

    Jordan Wynn
    13/20 195yd 1TD

    Thretton Palamo
    19ATT 130yd 2TD

    Devonte Christopher
    4REC 74yd 1TD

    Salt lake City, UT (AP) -- The BCS picture just changed dramatically this weekend, and there is still a chance for it to get even crazier. Currently, Utah is ranked #6 in the BCS standings. In front of them are Stanford, GT, VT, Tenn, and TCU. Utah just knocked off Stanford which will drop the Cardinal somewhat.
    GT and VT have to play each other in the ACC CCG, so one of them in going to lose and one of them will presumably make it into the NC. Tennessee is currently #4, but have to face Ole Miss in the SEC CCG with an interim Head Coach. TCU is idle, but Utah only trails them by 0.002 right now and the Utes will definitely get a boost after beating the #1 team in the country. So, assuming Utah jumps TCU, Tenn loses, and Stanford drops behind Utah, Coach Max and his squad could be looking at a possible NC appearance vs the ACC Champion. All bets are off if Ole Miss loses to Tenn though, and Stanford made it to the NC last year without even going to the CCG so no one really knows what will happen. Utah definitely has a case for being the best 2-loss team in the country though, and a repeat trip to the Rose Bowl wouldnt be a bad consolation prize.
  2. Mogriffjr

    Mogriffjr Walk On

    Feb 10, 2009
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    This was all good until...

    I was in the chat and our resident on-looked ghost9 (sorry will get your name right and tagged) said what if Utah wins?

    I explained the same thing to him what you said...

    Except GTech is playing NCState for the Acc title. You have to hope your win and subsequent title win will vault you over idle VTech and you can snag the last spot behind possible VT if GT loses.

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