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UVA Game Summaries

Discussion in 'Thread Archive' started by rongill97, Mar 8, 2010.

  1. rongill97

    rongill97 Guest

    UVA Game Summaries

    After taking over as an interim head coach, Defensive Coordinator Ron Gill had only a couple things to smile about in his first game. UVA MD is always going to be a big game. Maybe only bigger rivalry will be with Tech.

    I will say the defense played well. We only gave up 7 points on defense and less than 200 yards total. We let them off the hook too much on 3rd down letting them convert 6 of 9.

    Well, the offense.. 7 turnovers is, well, as sloppy as it can get. I think its safe to say that there may be more time available for our #2 qb this week in practice. 6ints is a lot. Some of them were just great defensive plays, but some of them were on the qb.
  2. rongill97

    rongill97 Guest

    UVA 39 vs. USF 29

    After a couple of strong defensive showings, UVA defense was challenged mightily through the air, giving up an embarrassing 390 yards passing. Offensively, the team is still getting its passing game worked out, but big steps were taken in this game.

    Player of the Game

    Torrey Mack - 23 carries, 207 yards and 3TDs.

    Final Score:

    UVA: 39

    USF: 29

    Notable Keys to Victory:

    T.O.P- UVA-18:12 USF -8:19

    3rd Down Con. USF 3-9(33%)

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