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Vanderbildt Season 2 Preview.

Discussion in 'Thread Archive' started by T2, Aug 30, 2009.

  1. T2

    T2 Smarter than your average bear!

    Jul 26, 2009
    Vanderbildt Season 2 Preview.

    Hey there sports fans.. The college football season is getting closer... Its time for your pre-season forcast for you beloved Commedores...


    QB - LARRY SMITH- Returner- Threw for 2587 More than any other QB in school History. 25TDs 18INTs

    RB - Gaston Miller - Red Shirt Last Year

    FB - Ryan Van Rensburg - Returner - 3 Rushes 11 yrds Started every game for the Commedores, 13 catches 92 yards

    WR1 Terrence Jeffers - Retuner - Leading Recivier from last year 34 catches 564 yrds and 6TDs last year

    WR2 Udom Umoh - Retuner - 3rd leading recivier from last year 20 catches 314 yrds and 3TDs last year

    TE- Brandon Barden - Returner 4th Leading Recivier from last year 19 catches 146yrds 1TD, Leading Pancake blocker

    LT - Kyle Fischer - Returner had 1 pancake last year

    LG - Justin Cabbagestalk - Reshirted last year

    C- Joey Bailey - Returner - had 2 pancakes and gave up 1 sack last year.

    RG - Wesley Johnson - Reshirted last year

    RT -James Williams - Returner Had 2 Pancakes last year


    Vandy Brings back 8 Full Time starters from last year.

    Look for the Commedores to establish a run game. after last years dominate passing attack the Ground attack must be effective if Vandy will be able to hang with #3 FSU #5 Ole Miss # 9 LSU #7 FLA #10 ALA.

    The offense has increased its size on the O-line but has givin up some experiance. Depth at these posistions will be key for a sucessful Commedores season.

    Vandy will look to minimize turn overs and look to continue to put up points fast.


    LE - Teriall Brannon - Saw action - 7 Tackles and 1 TFL last year

    RE - Theron Kadri - Saw Action - 4 Tackles Last year

    DT - Adam Smotherman - Returner - 34 Tackles 6 TFL 2 Sacks

    DT - Ryan Seymour - From the bench - 3 tackles last eyar

    LOLB - Nate Campbell - Returner - 23 tackles 6TFLs 2 Sacks

    MLB - Chris Marve -Returner - Defensive leader from last year - 67 Tackles 8 TFLs 3 sacks 2 INTs 1 Saftey Team Captain

    ROLB - John Stokes - Retuner - 63 Tackles 11 TFLs 3 Sacks 1 INT

    CB1 - Casey Hayward - Returner - 36 tackles 1 TFL 1 Sack

    CB2 - Jamie Graham - Retuner - 40 Tackles 3 TFLs 1 INT

    FS - Al Owens - From the Bench - 12 Tackles

    SS - Micah Powell Returner - 58 Tackles 3 TFLs 1 Sack 2 INTs

    K Ryan Fowler - Returner - 9 of 16 last year Long of 52 38 for 38 on XPs

    P Renaldo Richardson - New Freshman Punter.

    Defensive Keys/Goals

    Vandy Brings back 7 players on Defense.

    Look for the Vandy D to step it up this year and create turn overs by using a different style of play. you will see more blitzs from vandy this year and some more zone play.

    Vandy is young up front, so look for the Vandy LBs and Secondary to carry this team


    In my first full season as HC of Vandy, we still have somethings to work on. After my arrival here this ball club came together and lost some real tough ball games. we have a very tough schedule this year with our home opener vs National Runner up Florida State. Our toughest road game is against #5 Ole Miss. this year we play the # 3,5,7,9,10 teams this season. I feel that we will compete this year for a shot into the SEC Championship game. While the National Championship is the #1 goal and one that is attainable. I know that we will be in a BCS Bowl this season. My prediction is Vandy 10-2 with a trip to the Sugar Bowl.

    Good Luck to all you coaches out there. BEWARE COMMEDORES ON THE LOOSE!!!!
  2. hoodlum10

    hoodlum10 Walk On

    Jun 23, 2009
    Those are some pretty lofty expectations T2...good luck
  3. T2

    T2 Smarter than your average bear!

    Jul 26, 2009
    gotta shoot for the stars.. well be making some noise. Larry Smith for Heisman in 2010!!
  4. TRudethaDude

    TRudethaDude Walk On

    Jul 8, 2009
    best of luck man. i know its gonna be tough to finish 10-2 when you are already 0-1!!!! hehe see u on the field tonight and good luck with the season in general.
  5. T2

    T2 Smarter than your average bear!

    Jul 26, 2009
    Tomorrows paper will read vandy wins over free shoes u in upset of the year ;)

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