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    Jun 30, 2010


    Record: 3-0
    Conference Record: 2-0
    Last Game: Vanderbilt 10 - Ole Miss 6
    Current Ranking: NA
    Next Game: at Washington

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    Jun 30, 2010
    Week 1: Vanderbilt vs. Memphis

    The Commodores opened their season with a surprisingly close win against Memphis. Going into the game, Vanderbilt's talent was thought superior in all matchups, but it looks like someone forgot to tell that to Memphis. The Tigers came storming out of the gates with a long drive fueled by a conversion on 3rd-and-10 from their own 24 with a draw play to their halfback Lance Smith. The drive was fruitless, however, as kicker Paulo Henriques failed to connect on the field goal.

    The story of the day for the Commodores seemed to be their inability to finish a drive. Countless times starting quarterback Larry Smith led his team within the opponent's 40 only to be turned away and forced to punt. Equally frustrating was Vanderbilt's inside running game. The Commodores ran up the middle 8 times for a combined 1 yard which is also slightly misleading as the stats are boosted by a 7-yard cutback scamper by star tailback Warren Norman. These frustrations continued all day and the two missed field goals by normally steady veteran kicker Ryan Fowler only piled on to the misery.

    Following this trend, the Commodores found themselves down 17-7 after a 23-yard Henriques field goal with 5:56 left in the game. The Commodores quickly drove back down the field with a passing attack featuring a Larry Smith-John Cole connection, look for that tandem to be more prominent in the coming weeks. Always Scorin' Warren Norman punched it in on an 7-yard option run with 5:01 left in regulation.

    The Commodore defense held strong and forced a punt. Vandy drove down to the 37-yardline and on a 4th-and-1 play were stuffed and the ball returned to Memphis with a little over 2 minutes to play. The defense held strong again and the Commodores received the ball back on their own 2-yard line down 3 with 1:57 to go.

    Despite several dropped passes, which also plagued Vandy on the day and even cost them a sure TD, Larry Smith drove to the 36-yard line only to be put in a 4th-and-8 situation. With his kicker 0-2 on the day and a long way between him and the goal posts, Coach Brady sent his offense onto the field. He said of his decision, "Larry had the hot hand on the drive. He's our leader. He came up to me while we were making the decision and he said, 'Coach, we can do this. Put the ball in my hands, I'll make it happen.' How do you tell your quarterback no in that situation?" And it's a good thing Coach Brady listened as Smith completed a 34-yard pass that might have been thanks to a little luck. The ball, caught low by Udom Umoh, also zipped past the head of the underneath receiver who couldn't grab it. When asked who the intended target was, Smith answered, "Let's just say, before I go to bed tonight, my prayers are going to include a few more thank-yous than normal."

    Smith punched it in on a QB sneak with 21 seconds left for Vanderbilt's first lead of the game. They held on to win it 21-17. Vanderbilt outplayed Memphis as they held the advantage in many statistical categories: Passing Yards, Rushing Yards, Time of Possession... The Commodores are lucky to escape with a win this time, but they've definitely got some work to do heading into SEC play next week vs. LSU.

    Major Contributors
    Larry Smith: 18-37, 314 yds, 1 Rush TD
    Warren Norman: 16 att., 74 yds, 1 Rush TD
    John Cole: 7 catches, 103 yds
    Udom Umoh: 4 catches, 99 yds
    Jamie Graham: 5 catches, 96 yds

    Tyler Bass: 11-33, 168 yds, 1 Pass TD
    Lance Smith: 16 att., 100 yds, 1 Rush TD
    Curtis Johnson: 1 catch, 36 yds, 1 TD
    Jamon Hughes: 8 tkls
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    Jun 30, 2010
    Vanderbilt Signs First Recruit to Class of 2011

    Vanderbilt signed their first recruit of the season as 6'6'' 305 T Johnnie Ford :3stars: from Country Club Estates, GA gave his commitment to Coach Brady after an unofficial visit in which he took in the Commodores win over Memphis. VandyHQ caught up with Johnnie for an interview after he gave his pledge...

    On his early decision...
    "Vanderbilt was the first school to offer me. They've been number one on my list since the start and it just feels right."

    On how it feels for the process to be over...
    "It feels great, now I can focus on my senior year and hopefully take my team to a state championship. I'll also be contacting my fellow recruits to see if I can sway them to sign with Vandy."

    On Vandy's 21-17 W over Memphis...
    "It was closer than I expected but they pulled out the win. I was really impressed by the fans, they were into the game the whole time. The players showed some guts in the comeback and I can't wait to join them next year."

    On whether he'll still look at other schools...
    "No sir, I'm done. Vandy's the place for me and I'm going to contact the coaches of the other schools and let them know."

    On the other schools he considered...
    "My top 5 has always been Vandy, Miami, Auburn, South Carolina, and Florida State. Vandy was the only one to offer me though."

    On his hometown...
    "I'm from Country Club Estates which is obviously a big golf community. I'm just trying to show people that we can play football too. We don't get much respect so I use that to drive me. Hopefully I can bring some attention to the football team in our community."

    Ford is a run-blocking tackle who hopes to use his road-grader size to open up holes for running backs. He needs to work on his pass blocking and build some muscle. He lacks the strength of a top-notch tackle and some analysts have called him "doughy". With Vandy's youth at tackle, he'll most likely redshirt his first year to build strength and become a solid contributor as an upper-classman.

    Current Class
    T Johnnie Ford 6'6'' 305 Country Club Estates, GA :3stars:
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    Jul 22, 2009
    Very nice write-ups!!
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    Jun 30, 2010
    Week 2: Vanderbilt vs. #25 LSU

    In Vanderbilt's first SEC matchup of the year, the Commodores took on the #25 LSU Tigers. Both teams limped into the matchup having underwhelming performances in their previous game. One team, however, would show marked improvement. The other? Well, it's going to be a long ride back to Louisiana.

    Vanderbilt looked like a completely different ball team this week. From the start, they imposed their will on LSU. LSU started with the ball and promptly went 3-and-out. Vanderbilt then drove deep into LSU territory but only came out with a field goal. LSU would go 3-and-out again and this time, Vandy scored a touchdown on an option play to Warren Norman. The offensive turnaround for Vanderbilt can largely be attributed to the team's new option-based running attack. Both this week and last, the Commodores couldn't get anything going up the middle, so they used quick QB Larry Smith to get to the outside to spark the running game. This subsequently opened up the play-action for Smith which explains his improvement from week one to week two. Vanderbilt would add another FG before the half to make it 13-0.

    Coming out of the Vanderbilt locker room, both confidence and adrenaline were running high. That is, until backup RB Zac Stacy fumbled the opening kickoff which was recovered by LSU and taken back for a touchdown. You could hear a pin drop in the stadium. It was on everybody's minds, "Not again." This seemed to take the wind out of the offense's sails as nothing was working any longer. The defense, on the other hand, seemed to get tougher, angered by the offense costing them their shutout.

    Vanderbilt continued to tread water, adding another FG late in the third. It should be noted that kicker Ryan Fowler is back on track going 3-3 today after missing both field goals last week. The Commodores seemed to be in control again when disaster struck again. On a bubble screen to John Cole, the ball was thrown backwards which meant it was a live ball after Cole dropped the pass. Cole helplessly watched from his knees as the fumble was returned for a touchdown.

    The offense rebounded, probably because they were afraid of what the defense would do if they didn't, and promptly drove the length of the field and Stormin' Norman scored on a 29-yard run to the outside. LSU would put together a long drive that would last most of the fourth quarter thanks in large part to Vanderbilt's bend-but-don't-break prevent defense. The Tigers got stonewalled though once they reached Vandy's 20; a forced fumble, 3 straight sacks, and an injured starting quarterback forced an end to LSU's drive. The Commodores would run out the clock for the win on their home turf, 23-14.

    The win was the second on the season for Vanderbilt, matching last year's season total. When asked about the team's success, Coach Brady responded, "We are not your grandfather's Vanderbilt team. We are not your father's Vanderbilt team. We are not your older brother's Vanderbilt team. We're building something here that's pretty special and it's going to change everyone's perception about Vanderbilt football."

    It's safe to say the win can be attributed to Vanderbilt's defense who would have pitched a shutout had it not been for an offensive blunder and a special teams mistake. When Chris Marve, star MLB who recorded 8 tackles on the day, was asked about what he thought of the potential shutout, he answered, "All I know is, the defense has to run sprints for each point we give up each week. I'm going to be in coach's ear on Monday reminding him to give these guys the same treatment for the scores they gave up." As long as you keep leading this defense to shutout performances Chris, go right ahead.

    Major Contributors
    Larry Smith: 15-25, 205 yds passing, 13 carries, 36 rush yds
    Warren Norman: 13 carries, 61 rush yds, 2 Rush TDs, 1 catch, 6 yds
    Udom Umoh: 8 catches, 114 yds
    Tim Fugger: 4 tackles, 2 sacks
    Chris Marve: 8 tackles (7 solo), 1 pass defended
    Ryan Fowler: 3-3 FG, 2-2 XP

    Jordan Jefferson: 18-25, 127 yds passing
    Kelvin Sheppard- 11 tackles
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    Jun 30, 2010
    Week 3: Vanderbilt at Ole Miss (Rivalry)

    The Vanderbilt Commodores made their first road trip of the season as they headed down to Oxford, Mississippi to take on SEC rival Ole Miss. Both teams entered the game undefeated and neither team was going to give in to defeat. The game was a hard-fought grudge match where each team's respective defense put on a show for all to see.

    The game opened and each team was quickly forced to punt. Ole Miss then put together a drive that culminated in a 4th-and-1 attempt from Vanderbilt's 9-yard line. Vanderbilt's defensive leader at MLB, Junior Chris Marve, shot the gap and tackled the Ole Miss running back for a 3 yard loss. Vanderbilt capitalized on this turnover by driving the field thanks to a few successful option runs. The Commodores touched off the drive with a 19-yard TD pass from Larry Smith to Warren Norman. This was Smith's first TD pass of the season, but it certainly wasn't his best day throwing the football.

    Ole Miss was able to recover and put a field goal through on their next drive bringing the score to 7-3. Vanderbilt responded with a drive of their own thanks to a few more key runs by Smith and Norman. Vandy drove it all the way to the one yard line but was stuffed at the goalline and forced to kick a field goal before the half.

    Both teams were at a stalemate in the third quarter. Ole Miss' stellar defensive line shut down the Vandy running game and was wreaking havoc during the passing game harrassing Larry Smith. Meanwhile, Ole Miss was failing to gain any significant yardage on the ground. Quarterbacks for both teams were struggling with inaccuracy which led to plenty of punts throughout the game. The lone exciting point in the fourth was a goalline stand by Vanderbilt that turned away Ole Miss from scoring after a 4th-and-goal attempt from the 2.

    Finally in the fourth quarter, Ole Miss burst through for another field goal. On the ensuing drive, Larry Smith botched a pitch on an option play and Ole Miss took over in Vanderbilt territory. Ole Miss went on a drive . In what turned into a trend on the day, Ole Miss was once again turned away on a 4th-and-short. Both teams hopelessly tried to move the ball on offense, but they ended up punting back and forth the entire fourth quarter. On the last drive of the game, Ole Miss started from their own 6-yard-line. On a 4th down play, Vandy intercepted the ball and took it back within the Ole Miss 10 and ran out the clock for the win.

    In what was an ugly game all around in which both quarterbacks struggled and the defenses dominated, the lone offensive bright spot was the performance of Warren Norman. He recorded his first 100 yard rushing game of the year and caught the first Vanderbilt passing TD on the season. The Vandy offense hopes to return to form next week against Washington and the defense hopes to continue its stingy ways.

    Major Contributors
    Warren Norman- 12 carries, 104 rush yds, 2 catches, 25 yds, 1 rec TD
    Tim Fugger- 3 tackles, 2 sacks

    Ole Miss:
    Kentrell Lockett- 3 tackles, 1 sack, 1 FF

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