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Discussion in 'Thread Archive' started by SaintRaw, Sep 3, 2012.

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  1. SaintRaw

    SaintRaw Walk On

    Aug 16, 2012
    Welcome Gentlemen, to the newest Madden 13 CCM PS3 League on TraditionSportsOnline.com. As we approach the real NFL season this weekend, we also begin the celebration of TSO's most promising Madden 13 league for the PS3 :))). Here is a schedule of what we plan to get done this weekend:

    Friday, September 7th -
    1. The VFL will be created on Madden 13 and all invites will be sent out to our Coach's. Each member is required to create a coach whether you use Gameface or not.
    2. First week of cuts will take place and Week 1 of Pre-Season will be advanced at 12am PST(Saturday morning). Any team without manually cutting your roster will be simmed and the CPU will do so for you. If you are unable to do so on the PS3, please use this website Madden 13 Connected Careers.
    3. To get in habit, please hit READY when weekly tasks are completed.
    4. We will take in any activity going on in the league. Trades, Free Agency, etc.
    Saturday, September 8th -
    1. We will hold the same process for Week 2 and Week 3 of Pre-Season.
    2. Please complete your Week 2 cuts, the week will be advanced at 5pm PST.
    3. Week 3 cuts will take place right after and the week will advance at 12am PST.
    4. Please hit READY.
    Sunday, September 9th -
    2. We will finish the last week of Pre-Season and the advancement into the Regular Season will take place at 11pm PST.
    3. LET THE GAMES BEGIN!! Start your scheduling folks'.
    Starting Monday, we will hold the first week of our regular season. For the first week, we will be doing a 3 week advancement. Please go over the rules of our advancement days so you aren't behind on any information. The first advancement will take place Wednesday at 11pm PST. The second advancement will take place Friday at 12am PST (Saturday morning). The last advancement will take place Sunday at 12am PST (Monday morning).
    A new schedule will be posted after that. Enjoy fellas, and get ready for a great season here at the VFL.
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  2. SaintRaw

    SaintRaw Walk On

    Aug 16, 2012
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  3. SaintRaw

    SaintRaw Walk On

    Aug 16, 2012
    Let the games Begin!!'
    Join the league now!!
    League Name - Virtual Football VFL
    Password - ilovedenver
    Please read all rules before doing ANYTHING.​
    Please read the Free Agent Rules.​
    Please post any activity you choose to do.​
    Please refer to the first post for instructions on what we plan on doing today.​
    1. Cole Copeland - Buffalo Bills
    2. uagrad90 - Cleveland Browns
    3. YungLew15 - Kansas City Chiefs
    4. woodsmall - Detroit Lions
    5. Richard hunter - Pittsburgh Steelers
    6. B-MELO-82 - Baltimore Ravens
    7. Kyle-702 - New York Jets
    8. IncrediTony - St Louis Rams
    9. fpuent - Chicago Bears
    10. wayers50 - Seattle Seahawks
    11. MZizzle2 - Indianapolis Colts
    12. lilaaddzz - Washington Redskins
    13. RightWingPigeons - New Orleans Saints
    14. MarkyMark67 - Miami Dolphins
    15. Big John - Philadelphia Eagles
    16. slicknick202 - Arizona Cardinals
    17. MiaFLSurf - Tampa Bay Buccaneers
    18. bigtubb_ - San Diego Chargers
    19. Crumbler81 - Cincinnati Bengals
    20. Ninersfan80 - Houston Texans
    21. thoov08 - Green Bay Packers
    22. BadaBing319 - Carolina Panthers
    23. SaintRaw - Denver Broncos
    24. Beau Mason - Atlanta Falcons
    25. KingNunz - Oakland Raiders
    26. majesty95 - San Francisco 49ers
    27. Crespo6 - Tennessee Titans
    28. jeb4056 - Dallas Cowboys
    29. AveryB - New York Giants
    30. coachgaddy - New England Patriots
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