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VFL Rules/Guidelines

Discussion in 'Thread Archive' started by majesty95, Sep 16, 2012.

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  1. majesty95

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    Jun 5, 2012
    These rules are based off of those used by our brothers at The 12th Man. Thanks to CHUNKNESS for allowing us to use his layout as a basis. While these rules are very similar to The 12th Man, some rules were modified to meet what we had been doing previously or to simplify things due to so many new users.



    This Rules/Guidelines thread is the league handbook. All members are required to read and understand the rules herein. Any questions, comments or concerns are to be addressed to a member of the leadership committee majesty95, Crumbler81 or Jbbubba. No member of the league should attempt to decipher, interpret or otherwise decode the information contained in this handbook. All questions need to be directed to league leadership.


    All rulings of the league are final. All issues that arise within the league will be investigated, discussed and resolved by league leadership. League members are not permitted to circumvent or otherwise neglect any ruling of the league, nor the rules and guidelines outlined in this handbook. Failure to comply with the rules and guidelines outlined within this thread will be grounds for removal from the league.



    You may use game face or the generic coaches in the game. You must use your real first name and either your real last name or your TSO member name as your last name (shortening is allowed as long as it is obvious who you are. ex. Majesty95 > Majesty).


    You may use any default playbook available in the game. Custom playbooks are not allowed. Playbooks and schemes must be declared prior to each season beginning and may not be changed during the season.

    Coach Changes

    At no time are you permitted to change teams without the prior approval of the league.


    The league will have a soft advance of every 48 hours (two days). All games vs the CPU MUST be player within 48 hours. All games vs another user MUST be attempted to be played within 48 hours. However, should scheduling issues arise, you need to PM the commissioner with an explanation and ask to be given the third day to play and provide a set time for you to play.

    You are responsible for scheduling your games and/or putting yourself on auto-pilot should you not be able to play. Please do not wait until the last minute to decide you cannot play. Your opponent should be afforded an opportunity to play the CPU if your schedule precludes you from playing.

    Anyone who does not show for a game or declares they cannot play and does not put themselves on auto-pilot will be suspended (put on auto-pilot) for one additional week. Everyone is responsible for their own team and schedule. In the event something arises and you cannot put yourself on auto-pilot, PM the commissioner with an explanation and ask if they can do it for you (not guaranteed).

    Members are NOT allowed to play games for other members and are NOT allowed to draft for other members. If you are unable to play your game or attend the draft, the CPU must control your team.


    The preseason will use an accelerated 24-hour advance schedule. You may play your preseason games vs the CPU or vs another user if you can schedule it. Any games not completed by the advance deadline will be simmed. All outcomes of the simulated games (stats, injuries, XP) will be considered part of the season and all users will have to accept the outcomes of those games.


    Coaches only CCM
    Weekly Progression
    Pre-existing injuries: ON
    7 minute quarters
    Accelerated clock: OFF
    Injuries and Fatigue: ON
    Game Speed: NORMAL
    Human and CPU Sliders: TBA

    Jersey Selection

    Please notify your opponent if you plan to differ from the standard home/away colors so that you do not wind up playing dark vs dark. If there are any disagreements, the home team is given priority for jersey selection and the away team must choose the opposite colored (light or dark) jersey.


    You are allowed five pauses by the game. However, please keep your opponent in mind when pausing. It should be very rare that you every need to use more than 1-2 pauses in a game. Pauses should also be brief (less than 30 seconds). If something comes up and you require a long pause or multiple pauses, please send your opponent a message on PSN letting them know. If the issue is going to cause an extended delay, either try to work out another time to play or allow your opponent to play the CPU.


    Depth Chart

    Each owner is responsible for managing their team's depth chart. Changes to the depth chart must be made BEFORE the game. Changes to depth charts prior to the opening kickoff are NOT ALLOWED. However, in game changes are permitted for the following reasons:
    • A player is struggling
    • A player is injured or to prevent injury
    • The game is a blowout (please be respectful and not make wholesale changes. There is not a “mass sub” feature and your opponent will most likely be wanting to get the game over with. So, respect that and only make quick changes to your key personnel.
    Players are not allowed to play out of position on the depth chart. However, changes necessary do to schematic changes are understandable. The following scenarios would be considered reasonable depth chart changes:
    • RB > FB (only if above 230 lbs AND speed is above 85)
    • FB > RB (only if the FB's speed is above 85 or due to injury)
    • RB > WR (only if the RB's catch rating is above 80)
    • TE > WR (only if the TE 's speed is above 85)
    • OL > OL (all positions on the offensive line are interchangeable
    • DT > DE (only if moving from 4-3 to 3-4)
    • DE > OLB (only if moving from a 4-3 to a 3-4)
    • OLB > DE (only if moving from a 3-4 to a 4-3)
    • LB > LB (all linebacker positions are interchangeable)
    • CB > S (Only if tackle rating is above 70)
    • S > CB (Only if man coverage rating is above 80)
    Putting either your #1 or #2 rated WR at #3 on the depth chart is prohibited (unless they are under 6'0”)

    Any change to a players position via the depth chart (with the exception of OL and LB) are to be announced to the league via your team's “Team Management” page.

    Any changes made within formations subs (ex. LB pass rush) during the game are allowed

    Roster Requirements

    There are no restrictions as to how many players you need at each position.
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  2. majesty95

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    Jun 5, 2012



    This section of the league handbook attempts to address scenarios not covered in the TSO Rules and General Expectations or rules that have been modified to fit our league. All of the rules in the "TSO Rules and General Expectations" and in this handbook have been developed over time to create a true "sim" style league. Each member should take the time to get to know the rules contained in this handbook and the "TSO Rules and General Expectations". EVERY member will be expected to follow and abide by them.

    There are not rules specific to Madden in the "TSO Rules and General Expectations". The reason being that most of the NCAA rules carry over to Madden well. Any rule specific to Madden that is not addressed in the "TSO Rules and General Expectations" will be addressed in this section.



    Football coaches, both in the NFL and college, mix up their playcalling. They do so to keep the defense off balance. If the coach discovers that a team cannot defend the run or pass (in general) they will exploit that in their playcalling (this is allowed). However, they do not do this by running the same play over and over or the same route over and over. You MUST use a variety of formations and plays. You may choose to run or pass the ball more than the other, however, you MUST use variety when calling your plays.

    The following guidelines are considered sim and should be followed as closely as possible:
    • ~70% of your run plays should come between the tackles.
    • Sweeps, tosses and stretch plays should be combine to account for less than 30% of your run plays.
    • Max 65% pass plays. (There are only a few NFL teams that throw more than 60% and we should follow real life as closely as possible.)
    • No play should be run more than 1-2 times per game.
    • No route should be completed more than 4-5 times per game.
    • Draws and HB screens should be used only a few (2-3 max) times per game.

    Audibles are very common at every level of football. However, most audibles happen within the same formation (and certainly within the same personnel grouping). You may audible to a different formation but you must do so within reason of your personnel grouping (ex. SG Normal to SG Spread). You MAY NOT audible to unreasonable sets based on our personnel (ie from SG Spread to I-Form). You also may not use a formation audible with the intent of audibling to a new formation at the line of scrimmage (LOS) (ex. SG set with two TE and audibling to I-Form Big)

    Hurry-Up Offense

    The hurry-up offense is only permitted under the following circumstances:
    • Within the final two minutes of a half.
    • When trailing by 17 or more in the second half
    • When trailing in the fourth quarter
    I understand the Patriots ran a hurry-up offense a majority of the time last season. However, that is very rare, as of now in the NFL and the game does not handle the no huddle, substitution and fatigue the same as in real life.

    Also, when running hurry-up, audibling, etc, you must allow your opponent's defense to get set. You may not run no huddle or use an audible to try an catch your opponent with players changing assignments or to glitch the coverage.


    Motion is only allowed through auto-motion (the green routes in playcalling) or to send a receiver/blocker to the opposite side of the formation. Motioned players MUST either clear the tackle or tight end (last person on line) or the ball must be snapped before the player reaches the tackle or tight end. Motioning a player and snapping while he is behind the line with the intent to use him as a blocker is prohibited (fake reverses are allowed only through a designed play in the playbook).


    Play-action may only be used in appropriate scenarios. Using play-action when you need more than 10 yards for a first down is prohibited.


    Quarterback roll outs MUST be a designed play call (QB roll out, PA roll out, option or screen). Dropping back or rolling out to avoid a sack is permitted, provided there is a need to do so due to pressure. You may not drop back 10 yards or sprint outside the pocket after the snap unless it is a designed play call. Continuously dropping back (more than seven steps) or rolling out is prohibited.

    Dual Quarterback

    The use of two Qbs in the NFL is very rare. However, Tim Tebow has changed the game somewhat. You may use a backup QB in certain running situations or in the wildcat. However, this use of the backup QB should be reasonable and realistic. Having a “package QB” take more than 10 snaps is prohibited unless there is an injury.

    Slot Receivers

    Putting your #1 or #2 receiver in the slot is permitted as long as the formation subs in the game allow it. Putting one of your two best WRs at the #3 spot on your depth chart is prohibited (unless they are under 6'0”)

    Manual Catch

    Players may manually take control of their WR to make a catch. However, you may only take control of the receiver immediately prior to the catch. Taking control of the receiver and manipulating him off of his route to gain an advantage over the CPU or to “rocket catch” is prohibited.

    Distribute The Ball

    Your #1 and #2 WR and your #1 TE should be the primary focus of your offense. Continually throwing to your #3 WR or HB is prohibited in most cases. However, a receiver like Wes Welker or a HB like Reggie Bush are special circumstances. Also, reserve or secondary players will have breakout games at points during the season, this is understandable. You just should not make them focal points of your offense unless they are your #1 or #2 WR, TE or "special circumstance? player like Welker or Bush.

    Goal Line Offense

    The goal line offense should ONLY be used within 10 yards of either end zone or when needing one yard or less for a first down. Using these offenses in any other scenario is prohibited. (All other formations that are not called "Goal Line" in the game are allowed to be used at any time. However, keep in mind that these are "specialty" sets and are not to be used as base offenses. Any 3 TE or BIG set should be used sparingly and as a change of pace.)

    Running Out The Clock

    Keep in mind that we are only playing 7 minute quarters. Repeatedly running the play clock down is not allowed. There will be instances when you are searching for a particular play and this cannot be avoided. However, you should try to avoid this in most cases. With that in mind, running the play clock down inside of two minutes in either half is permitted.

    4th Down

    Going for it on 4th down is only permitted under the following scenarios:
    • Whenever you are past the 50 yard line with 1 yard or less to go, you are permitted to for it on 4th down.
    • If you are behind by two touchdowns or more in the second half, you can go for it whenever you like.
    • If you are the losing team in the 4th quarter, you can go for it whenever you like.
    Running Up The Score

    Running up the score is not allowed on TSO. When you are up by 21 points or more with less than four minutes to go, you should be running the ball. When you are up and have the ball with under two minutes to go, you should use QB kneel (unless you need a first down in order to kill the clock, then you may run the ball. However, you must kneel the ball as soon as you are able to kill the clock through QB kneels).



    Much like on offense, you should mix up your playcalling while playing defense. Primarily playing the same coverage (ie two man under) is not allowed. While you may be primarily a man or zone defense, you need to mix up your fronts (over, under, etc) and play calls (man, zone, blitz). You also need to vary between play calls (two man under, cover 1 and man blitzes for primarily man or cover 2, cover 3, cover 4 and zone blitzes when primarily a zone defense). No defense is exclusively one or the other, so mix it up.

    The following guidelines are considered sim and should be followed as closely as possible:
    • A 50/50 mix of man and zone is considered acceptable. (You are allowed to play more zone but man should be at the most 50%.)
    • Blitzing should occur on less than 50% of your plays.
    • Press coverage should generally only be ~20-30% of your playcalling. (In most cases, teams use press coverage in short yardage situations to offset the timing of the receiver and the quarterback and/or when blitzing with man coverage behind it.)

    You should be personnel matching when on defense. That means using 5-6 DBs in 3-5 wide situations and using 7-8 interior players (DL and LBs) when facing big sets (2 TEs, 2 FBs, etc).


    Making adjustments to your defensive players falls under mixing up your plays as well. Using press coverage, slanting your line or making any other adjustment on every play is prohibited. You may use any of the adjustments in the game, but you have to mix them up just like your plays.


    As with everything else in playcalling, you must mix in your blitzes and mix up which ones you use. This includes changing your player's assignment to a blitz. If you are rushing more than four players, it is considered a blitz. Just keep that in mind and keep your blitzing mixed in with base play calls.

    Player Movement

    You may manually position ONE player prior to the snap while on defense. You can do this to account for an assignment issue or to throw off your opponents read of your defense. However, you must keep the player you move within their realm of where they would naturally play (ie corners on the outside of “the box”, safeties behind your Lbs and Lbs off the LOS unless placed there by the CPU due to the play call). Manually moving players to create a “nano”blitz or to otherwise glitch the AI is prohibited.

    Run Commit

    Not allowed under any circumstances.


    Onside Kicks

    Onside kicks are only allowed when trailing in the fourth quarter or to start the second half (in an attempt to catch your opponent off guard). Use of the onside kick in any other scenario is not permitted.

    Fake Punt and Fake FG

    You are allowed to attempt a fake punt or fake FG ONE (and only one) time per game. If you attempt a fake and you do not convert, that's it, you are not allowed another fake for the remainder of that game. Converting the fake will also preclude you from trying a fake again that game.

    Player Movement

    No player movement is allowed prior to the snap during special teams play.
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  3. majesty95

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    Jun 5, 2012


    Game Scheduling

    Every week a thread will be created in the game scheduling thread for each team's game for that week. You are encouraged to use that thread to schedule your game as that is the only verifiable way for the league to confirm you have mad an attempt to schedule should a dispute arise. However, AIM chat and text are also acceptable forms of scheduling games. You and our opponent should still post your plans in the game scheduling thread for your game.

    Each user is expected to post and/or contact their opponent with 24 hours of advance in an attempt to schedule their game. If a user has not made an attempt to schedule their game within 48 hours of advance they will be put on "auto pilot" and their opponent will be allowed to play the CPU (assuming their opponent had tried to schedule according to the rules).

    If a dispute arises and two teams cannot agree upon a time to play, the following process will be used to decide the proper course of action:
    • Did each user attempt to schedule within the first 24 hours after advance? (If one user did not attempt to schedule within 24 hours but his opponent did then his opponent will be allowed to play the CPU on the final day before advance.)
    • Did one user post each day attempting to schedule their game while their opponent did not? (If one user was clearly making more of an effort to schedule their game and their opponent was not, then the user who was making the effort will be allowed to play the CPU.)
    • In the event that the league deems that both user followed the scheduling rules and were simply not able to agree upon a time to play the game will be simmed.


    If you will be away from your console for a few days and know you will not be able to play your game, please put yourself on "auto pilot" so that your opponent may have as much time as possible to play the CPU. You should also post in the "Vacation/Away" thread in the Game Scheduling thread so that the league knows you will not be playing.


    Everyone in the league is expected to have a high speed internet connection (preferably 10 Mbps or higher but at least 6Mbps). If you are having any internet issues prior to your game, please do not start the game. Try to schedule another time with your opponent or contact the commissioner or league president (if near the deadline and unable to reschedule).

    In the event that a disconnect does occur, DO NOT choose to quit game and count stats (or continue vs CPU) unless the game is in the second half and BOTH you and your opponent agree to that. Otherwise, BOTH players should turn of their PS3 (so that no stats or outcome accidentally gets uploaded to the servers). From there you can decide to reschedule or replay.

    Replay Parameters

    The team who was winning the game has the option to replay the game from scratch, or to follow the replay parameters below (When restarting the game, the team who would have received in the second half should do so again in the restart):
    • When winning by 1-2 points, replay the game as normal.
    • When winning by 3-5 points, the losing team will spot the winning team a field goal.
    • When winning by 6 points, the losing team will spot the winning team a touchdown and a QB kneel on the PAT.
    • When winning by 7-9 points, the losing team will spot the winning team a touchdown and a PAT.
    • When winning by 10-13 points, the losing team will spot the winning team a touchdown, PAT and FG.
    • When winning by 14 -16 points, the losing team will spot the winning team two TDs and two PATs.
    • When winning by 17 or more points, the winning team should be allowed to continue (or replay) vs the CPU
    The proper procedure for "spotting" points should be as follows:

    • If the winning team was to receive in the 2nd half, they will kickoff. The losing team will immediately punt the ball back to the winning team. The winning team will be allowed to score a FG or TD (according to the rules above). That procedure should be repeated until the desired lead has been achieved.
    If the game disconnects in the second half and the winning team is up by 14 or more, the winning team will either continue vs the CPU or replay vs the CPU. Use your best judgment and be fair, however. If you are up by 14 in the 3rd quarter and the game disconnects with your opponent at your 20 yard line, you should probably spot them a FG and take a 10 point lead in the restart. Likewise, if you are down by 10 with 3:00 to go and your opponent has the ball, you should concede defeat and not expect a restart. If an agreement cannot be made in one of these “special” situations, then notify the commissioner or your league president. However, the ruling of the league president or commissioner will be FINALand that could include simming the game. It is in your best interest to work out a resolution with your opponent.


    Although games vs the CPU will be rare, there will be no restarts vs the CPU. If you do not feel you can complete your game, DO NOT start it. If you cannot finish your game, the game will be simmed.


    Game Summaries

    The winner of each game is responsible for posting a summary of the game in that week's “Game Summary” thread. The summary can be as basic as a screen cap of the final score and stats or as detailed as a full game recap with custom graphics. The depth of your summary is up to you, but a summary is required.

    Activity Requirement

    This league will only be as enjoyable as you allow it to be. If you just show up and play your games and do not interact in the forums or on Twitter, you probably are not going to enjoy the league that much. In that instance, why bother joining?

    The VFL, and TSO in general, are about building a community based on interaction with other members. Members of the VFL will be required to post game summaries and update their team management pages. You will also be expected to contribute by posting in the Trade Talks, Trade Blocks and Ham Hocks thread as well as taking a break in The Cigar Room from time to time.


    Inactivity will not be allowed. Failing to meet the required deadlines, not responding to league PMs and tags, remaining on “auto-pilot” for extended periods or just generally being aloof will all be grounds for removal from the league.


    You should be respectful of your fellow members at all times. This includes but is not limited to: responding to their PMs and tags, addressing their concerns or requests in a timely manner, seeking mediation from leadership for things that cannot be worked out and refraining from addressing them with name calling or vulgarity. Basically, look at them like a buddy sitting on the coach next to you. You may not always agree, but at the end of the day you should try to find a way to remain buds.
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    Jun 5, 2012



    All trades must be submitted for approval through the trade committee. To get a trade approve you must send a PM to the trade committee (majesty95, Crumbler81, woodsmall, YungLew15, @crunk_ness) with the following information:

    Team A - User
    Player A
    Player B
    Number of players traded away as of this trade:

    Team B - User
    Player A
    Player B
    Number of players traded as of this trade:

    All decisions made by the trade committee are final and are to be based upon the following criteria:
    • Does the trade appear to severely hinder a team unnecessarily (is the trade so egregious that a future owner would be turned off from using that team should the owner of that team leave)
    • Does the trade indicate any sort of collusion (is the trade imbalanced in a way that could indicate two players working together to artificially enhance one of the teams)
    • Does the trade violate any restrictions/rules pertaining to trades/player acquisitions (these rules will be laid out before the league is created. However, they should be similar to what we began with. With that being said, ALL players are responsible for understanding and following the rules as they are laid out.)
    If your trade gets denied, please do not argue or try plead your case. Just go back to the bargaining table and work out a deal that will work based on the feedback they give you.

    Trade Restrictions
    • You can trade up to five (5) players each season (End of Super Bowl through trade deadline (end of Week 8).
    • Draft picks for draft pick and draft pick for player trades are unlimited as long as you do not trade more than five players away.
    • A maximum of two (2) players may be traded at one time.
    • You may only make one (1) trade during the actual season (preseason to end of week 8)
    Once you have approval to complete the trade, you must post the trade in the completed trades thread. Once a trade is approved by the committee it is FINAL.

    CPU Trades

    At no time may a user engage in a trade with a CPU controlled team.

    Trade Block

    Owners must use the Trade Talks, Trade Blocks and Ham Hocks thread or their Team Management page to post their trade block. Teams may not use the in-game trade block.

    Player Cuts

    In order to cut any player with an overall of 80 or higher, you must submit the request to the trade committee through PM. The request to cut must use the following format:

    Player, POS Age OVR Salary for that year, Years remaining on contract.
    Reason: Outline a brief explanation of why you intend to cut this player.

    The “cut approval” will follow the same 3/5 or 3/4 approval requirement as trades.

    The reason for this is to ensure that a team is not unnecessarily removing high quality players from their team. This is also to disallow players from trying to circumvent the trade restriction of trading away players rated 80 overall or higher (once they have already made two trades) by trying to pass them through waivers to another team, and vice versa.

    You are the owner of an NFL franchise and are expected to run your team accordingly. This includes managing your salary cap and cap penalties. Bailouts will not be given for players who fail to manage their cap properly.

    Free Agency

    In-season free agent acquisitions will follow a waiver process. The waiver order will follow the order of the previous season's NFL draft. However, once a team acquires a player through a waiver claim, they will fall to the back of the order. The waiver order will reset each season following the NFL Draft.
    • Any player that a team wishes to sign must be claimed through waivers. This includes any player claimed during the preseason, regular season, playoffs or at any time that the game does not make you "bid" on the player.
    The “offseason” free agency period will use the game's built in free agency engine. There is an offseason free agency period both before and after the draft. All other free agent acquisitions will be considered “in-season”.

    Re-signing Players

    There are no restrictions pertaining to re-signing players already on your roster.

    NFL Draft


    All user are expected to use ONLY their in game scouting to prepare for the draft. Searching for information on the web or using any kind of "guide" is prohibited. Violations will be considered cheating and sanctions will be harsh up to and including removal from the league.


    The draft will be held each offseason and will utilize the game's build in “Live Draft” feature. The draft will be scheduled for a time that is convenient for a majority of the leagues owners AND coincides with the normal advance schedule. We are not able to cater to every team's schedule and, therefore, may schedule the draft at a time when some owners are not able to be present.

    Draft Settings

    The draft will allow each team 60 seconds to make their selection. The draft will not be paused to allow teams to negotiate a trade, to allow a user additional scouting time or because a user is not available to pick. However, the league reserves the right to pause the draft should a scenario arise that warrants it as long as the pause does not benefit a member of the league's leadership.

    Draft Board

    Owners are not required to be present for the Live Draft (although it is strongly encouraged) and are allowed to leave the draft at any time. However, it is that owner's responsibility to ensure his team's draft board is complete. Otherwise, the CPU will make it's own decisions for that team.

    Draft Day Trades

    Trades during the draft are unlimited and do not need to be approved the the league. However, only draft picks are allowed to be traded during the draft. All trades need to be finalized prior to your team being “on the clock”. The draft will not be paused to allow teams to complete trades.

    Rookie Trading

    Newly acquired rookies cannot be traded until after the Super Bowl following their rookie season. Rookies rated 79 overall or below may be released at any time. Releasing rookies rated 80 overall or higher must be approved through the “Trade Approval” thread.
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    Jun 5, 2012
    Please like each of the four rule sections above. EVERY member MUST like each section by Week 1 of the regular season to acknowledge that they have read and understand the rules. Not following this process will result in being removed from your team until you have read and understood the league's rules and guidelines.

    coachgaddy, MarkyMark67, Kyle-702, Crespo6, MZizzle2, BadaBing319, Jbbubba, bigtubb_, RightWingPigeons, lilaaddzz, YungLew15, Richard hunter, fpuent, Big John, jeb4056, AveryB, Ninersfan80, wayers50, Crunk_Ness, IncrediTony, slicknick202, thoov08, woodsmall, Cole Copeland, Crumbler81, MiaFLSurf, B-MELO-82, Jshaver, Jeremy, OzcarL
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    Jun 5, 2012
    UPDATE: I updated Gameplay > Offense > Distribute the ball. You can easily find the update by scrolling to the green section.

    Also, everyone should "watch" this thread so that you will be alerted when changes are made. To watch the thread, click "watch thread" in the top right hand corner of the thread.
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    Jun 5, 2012
    UPDATE: The following sections have been updated:

    Section 1 > General Disclaimer
    Section 1 > League Rulings
    Section 1 > Franchise Settings > Coach Changes
    Section 4 > Roster Management > CPU Trades
    Section 4 > Roster Management > Trade Block

    All changes have been highlighted.
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    Jun 5, 2012
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    Jun 5, 2012
    UPDATE: Section 1 > Advance Schedule > Preseason
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    Jun 5, 2012
    UPDATE: The following sections have been updated. The changes are highlighted in green.

    Section 2 > Gameplay > General
    Section 4 > Roster Management > Trade Restrictions
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    Jun 5, 2012
    UPDATE: The following sections have been updated. The changes are highlighted in green.

    Section 4 > Roster Management > Free Agency
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    Jun 5, 2012
    UPDATE: After some discussion in The Cigar Room and subsequent testing, the following sections have been amended. The changes are highlighted in green:

    Section 2 > Offensive Gameplay > Goal Line Offense
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    Jun 5, 2012
    UPDATE: Per the league vote, the following sections have been updated. The sections affected will appear in green.

    Section 2 > Offensive Gameplay > 4th Down
    Section 2 > Defensive Gameplay > Run Commit
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    Jun 5, 2012
    UPDATE: The following update was made. Most of this has already been discussed within the league, it just has not been updated in the rules.

    Section 2 > Offensive Gameplay > Playcalling
    Section 2 > Defensive Gameplay > Playcalling
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    Jun 5, 2012
    UPDATE: The following section has been updated. The rules had been outlined previously but had not been fully disclosed in the rules. The updates have been highlighted in green.

    Section 3 > Scheduling > Game Scheduling
  16. majesty95

    majesty95 Show class, have pride, and display character.

    Jun 5, 2012
    UPDATE: The following section has been updated. The updates have been highlighted in green.

    Section 1 > Advance Schedule
    Section 4 > Roster Management > Trades
    Section 4 > NFL Draft > Etiquette
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