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Vikings Get Revenge With Stone Cold Defense in Snow Bowl

Discussion in 'Game Summaries & Team News' started by DarkKnight89, Mar 16, 2014.

  1. DarkKnight89

    DarkKnight89 Walk On

    Feb 13, 2014
    The Vikings defense remembered what happened the last time these two teams played and reminded the Giants why they are the most physical team in the league. On the Giants first two offensive possessions of the game the Vikings Defense held them to two FG's while on the other side of the ball Adrian Peterson and Josh Freeman led the Vikings to an early 14-6 lead. The Giants would respond by scoring using their 2 minute offense before the end of the half but the 2nd half was a whole different story. 2 minutes into the 2nd half CB Fredrick O'Connor picks the ball off and returns the ball 40 yards for a TD on an excellent return to take a 21-14 lead. The Giants would tie the game up at 21 but the drive cost them the whole 3rd qtr. As the 4th Qtr began the Vikings would quickly find themselves in trouble after Jason Pierre-Paul sacked Freeman to set up a crucial 3rd and 17. Every playoff run has a defining but on this drive there would be 2. With the Giants defense playing straight up man coverage all the receivers were cover but the DE forgot to contain the pocket and Josh Freeman breaks free. There was nothing Jon Beason could do as Josh Freeman ran for 40 yards on the play but the drama did not stop there. On 4th and 3 on the Giants 37 with the wind against them and snow blistering them in the face the Vikings coach put the fate of the game in his QB and he delivered a beautiful pass to Cartwright for the first down. Unable to move the ball the Vikings take the lead with a 30 yard fg. On the Giants next series David Wilson would take a hand off and go up the middle but was met with vicious intent by LB Cornelius Washington who caused a fumble with O'Connor on the recovery. Adrian Peterson would ice the game with a 30 yard run for his 2nd TD and send the Vikings into the NFC Championship.

    Shout Out to the Giants who played a hell of a game. I have nothing but respect for that dude. Great Game Homie…..
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  2. cry_havoc

    cry_havoc Walk On

    Jul 27, 2012
    That 4th down kills me...thought Prince had the pick or swat at least. The 3rd and 17 was pretty much the ass kicker SMH. Fun game...really was. Best of luck.
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    CHUNKNESS Commissioner Quality Simulation Football

    Jun 13, 2010
    Congrats on your success this season James.


    Good luck in the NFC Championship game Kenri. Thanks for the write up. Please make sure to review the 4th DOWN RULE...

    In a controversial moment of a critical game, a rule infraction such as yours can be devastating. We communicated with James afterword and he indicates he was cool with it as the game situation allowed. However, going for it on 4th and 3 with the game tied was still against our 4th down rule. Please be aware for future instances such as this. If you communicate with your opponent beforehand and they are cool with it, we have no issue. However, that was not what transpired.

    I don't mean to take away from your win. I just want to bring it to your attention so that you are aware for future instances. Thank you for your attention regarding this and again, congrats and good luck!
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