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Virginia Cavaliers 2014 1st half Review

Discussion in 'The Deuce' started by JrRawlins, Dec 15, 2009.

  1. JrRawlins

    JrRawlins People hate me cause they aint me...

    Feb 10, 2009
    Virginia Cavaliers 2014 Review

    1st Half Review

    Currently at 6-0 and #3 in the country the Wahoos are playing about as well as they can.... could they have peaked too early? Definitely possible...huge wins over Mizzou, #3 Oregon and #5 Virginia Tech have the Wahoo fan thinking big..... QB PJ Clark has been borderline spectular so far this season... Its entirely possible he is tryin to convince the coaching staff that bringing Javon Keller along slowly is the best course of action... (Coaching Staff doesnt agree though)
    Jason Duckett has been the bruising back the Wahoos envisioned when they recruited him out of high school. The tight end tandem of Hester and Thomas have quite simply led the Wahoo offense this season, both players have at least 4 touchdowns and 20 receptions with Hester being the Wahoos leading receiver. Rickey Allen has been the rock of the receiving core, but 2 fumbles in a rivalry game (VaTech) is UNACCEPTABLE, especially since both fumbles led directly to scores to keep the Hokies in the game. Defensively the Wahoos have been stout most of the season, but have had major gaffes as well, Oregon gashed them for well over 200 yards rushing and Mizzou gashed them for over 400 yards passing as did the Hokies... Our defensive line has been extremely solid, especially pressuring the QB.... our linebackers have been decent last year's group was stellar so losing two members from that group there was bound to be some decline...

    Interview with Coach Rawlins...

    Reporter: Coach what did you think of the season so far.....?

    Coach Rawlins: Well honestly I am proud of our guys.. they have shown a bunch of heart early in the year, and anyone who has been around the program knows I personally didnt expect this team to be very good... They seem to be winning games in spite of me, not because of me, which is nice but i guess i better get my act together huh?

    Reporter: Coach, what do you think about Quarterback PJ Clark and with Keller redshirted what happens next year....?

    Coach Rawlins: Sensational, so far ... next year there will be an "open competition" but PJ already knows this... this is his year... next season, if he has a ring we will talk.... next question...

    Reporter: Coach, the game against Oregon, they seemed like the better team......

    Coach Rawlins: Lucky, we got Lucky... but sometimes its better to be lucky than good....they were probably better than we were at that time, their running game was awesome luckily we put them in a position where they had to throw, we learned alot about ourselves that game, down 10 in the 3rd and Oregon has the ball driving it wasnt lookin good.... the Better team probably lost that game, but we made some plays to win.. we could see them again if we meet our team goals...

    Reporter: Coach, what are your team goals for the second half?

    Coach Rawlins: Lol, win our games....

    (***Laughter throughout the reporter poll****)

    Coach Rawlins: Honestly, our team goals are the same every season, make the SEC title game, and try to win a BCS title.. our fans, boosters and players are spoiled, anything less than that is a lost season....

    Reporter: Coach, How do you feel about the rivalry with Virginia Tech?

    Coach Rawlins: Rivalry, we had to win a game for it to be a rivalry, they were stomping a mudhole in us for a while there....Its always intense, well-played and despite the dislike I personally have for the Hokies program, i respect their style of play and the program they have... they are well-coached....

    Reporter: Coach, Georgia next?

    Coach Rawlins: ugh, dont remind me.... on paper, they are ridculous across the board, havent really began to gameplan for them yet but they are always the most talented team on the field, their coach is the best recruiter in the nation bar none... if they ever pull together their talent the rest of the SEC is in trouble......

    thats enough for now thanks for your time...
  2. bogey21

    bogey21 Walk On

    Mar 1, 2009
    Great writeup. Our game was like a track meet. The score may have not reflected it but the flow of the game was amazing. Even though I would love another crack at ya, It would be something to get a NC game with Virgina vs UCLA/Texas A&M, long way to go and a few more hurdles for everyone.
  3. JrRawlins

    JrRawlins People hate me cause they aint me...

    Feb 10, 2009
    Week 7 Press Conference

    Currently at 7-0 and #2 in the country

    Reporter: Coach great game this week against Georgia.....?

    Coach Rawlins: Wow, great game... we got lucky again... down 20-0 early in the second quarter against a team like Georgia... haha i was already thinking about which furniture i was gonna throw during my halftime speech....

    Reporter: Coach, How did you guys recover from such a big deficit....?

    Coach Rawlins: Ahh perservance, lol... nah We keep working got a few breaks, especially when Sims fumbled right after we scored our first TD.. i thought that was huge....it brought the score from 13 to a 7 point lead in the 2nd...... granted the Bulldogs scored on 3 or 4 plays but we felt like we were back in the game at that point........

    Reporter: QB PJ Clark was terrible in the first quarter did you think about benching him?......

    Coach Rawlins: Yeah, we did... 3 turnovers in one quarter is unacceptable with the talent we have behind him, so we told him down 20-0 this is your last possession, do something or you will be holding this blank clipboard.... he led us down the field for a score...and the rest is kinda history...

    Reporter: Coach, how big was the score right before the half...?

    Coach Rawlins: It was huge... not sure how Davis slipped behind Smiley but he did.... we ran some verticals at him earlier and he damn near picked it off, so we were alittle hestitant to run it again.....

    Reporter: Coach, was it alittle strange to watch Smiley and Sims to play you recruited heavily play for the Bulldogs and see their ability up close and personal?

    Coach Rawlins: It was good to see Sims getting some time at corner, we thought he might become a permanent kick returner.....

    (***Laughter throughout the reporter poll****)

    Coach Rawlins(continued): Sims has a ton of potential and Smiley will be a star, we knew their talent levels which is why we pursued them so heavily...

    Reporter: Coach, the third quarter was almost another disaster for you?

    Coach Rawlins: Honestly, i assumed it was over when Georgia marched right down the field and score to start the quarter without throwing a pass, I figured our guys were content with making the game respectable...

    Reporter: Coach, did you think Armstrong would make a mistake to get you back into the game....

    Coach Rawlins: No, absolutely not... when hadnt even knocked a pass down at that point, so when Danny Woods jumped that route in the flats, we were ecstatic....

    Reporter: Coach, how big was Armstrong's injury to the outcome of the game...?

    Coach Rawlins: If Armstrong doesnt get injured in the 4th, i am not sure we win the game, Bell came in and threw 2 interceptions on 2 or 3 pass attempts, i dont think he was ready to be in the position but you learn from your mistakes....

    Reporter: Coach, David Washington....

    Coach Rawlins: HUGE.. simply put... he made two great plays in the 4th quarter.... First the pick 6 to take the lead.......

    Coach Rawlins: then the Pick to seal the deal......

    thats enough for now thanks for your time..
  4. JrRawlins

    JrRawlins People hate me cause they aint me...

    Feb 10, 2009
    Week 11 Press Conference
    Currently at 10-0 and #2 in the country

    Reporter: Coach the Gamecocks came to play.....?

    Coach Rawlins: We felt like we let them hang around and they almost stole it from us....

    Reporter: Coach, PJ Clark benched....?

    Coach Rawlins: Yeah, we already had discussion with him about his turnovers.. and he stated his style was his style... so we made a change...

    Reporter: QB Zach Mills was much better was he?

    Coach Rawlins: No, it was probably worse... if Clark is up to it, we will let him play and audition for other teams if he chooses..

    Reporter: Coach, how can you fix this turnover issue....?

    Coach Rawlins: Honestly we will probably become even more conservative down in the redzone.....

    Reporter: Coach, the defense played very well today?

    Coach Rawlins: They were very good, they didnt cause a bunch of turnovers but they got off the field and made some key stops when nessecary.

    Reporter: Coach, 2 games left til the SEC title game.......any thoughts?

    Coach Rawlins: Honestly, we are only thinking about Clemson.... if we get that win, it clinches our spot in the title game, but we have bigger goals than just the SEC title.....

    Reporter: Coach, do you think you can get to the BCS title game....?

    Coach Rawlins: Not sure, it is one of our goals... but its a loong way away still..... we have some tough games to win before we can begin to think about that.....
  5. JrRawlins

    JrRawlins People hate me cause they aint me...

    Feb 10, 2009
    Conference Championship Week Press Conference

    Currently at 13-0 and #2 in the country

    Reporter: Coach great game this week against Florida State.....?

    Coach Rawlins: Our gameplan worked fairly well, we definitely wanted to establish the run and minimize our risks by putting the ball in the air.

    Reporter: Coach, how did the defense perform so well today....?

    Coach Rawlins: Our defense has played well most of the year... today was obviously one of the more dominant performances we have had this year. But overall they have been very stout.

    Reporter: QB PJ Clark only threw 15 passes for the game? Was this planned? ......

    Coach Rawlins: 15? whoa, i didnt realize it was that low... I knew i wanted to get at least 25 to 30 carries for Grant and Duckett, i think we finished right around 40... our offensive line was dominant today.

    Reporter: Coach, your thoughts on UCLA?

    Coach Rawlins: The #1 team in the country, they have been dominant all year. Their QB is a Heisman winner, they have numerous pro prospects and a dominant offensive line and a ridculous defense.

    Reporter: Coach, how will you stop Terrance Morris the Heisman Winner?

    Coach Rawlins: Heavy Prayer...
    (***Laughter throughout the reporter poll****)

    Coach Rawlins(continued): Morris is obviously decorated as the best player at his position and in the nation with the Heisman award, i dont think we can "stop" him but we can do our best to contain him and make others beat us....

    Reporter: Coach, Jt Green has the playmaking ability to change a game single handedly...

    Coach Rawlins: Hopefully our corners can slow him down enough that he doesnt make any really huge plays...

    Reporter: Coach, offensively whats the plan?

    Coach Rawlins: Get the ball to Grant and Duckett as often as possible, we recognize that UCLA's defense is geared towards stopping the run and make teams as one-dimensional as possible, we still have to run the ball.

    Reporter: Coach, what about PJ Clark?

    Coach Rawlins: I hate to say this, but he will be judged by his performance in this one game.... none of the other games so far matter as much as this.... if he plays well and we win he should start next season (if he stays) if he doesnt play well, Keller will be ready to go....

    thanks for your time...
  6. OMlawdog

    OMlawdog Going full Cheeze

    Feb 10, 2009
    Morris won the heisman? Its my understanding that he showed up in New York but got hurt going to the bathroom and the back up had to accept the award for him.
  7. JrRawlins

    JrRawlins People hate me cause they aint me...

    Feb 10, 2009
    lol, you got jokes
  8. bringbackjimmy

    bringbackjimmy WTFWTTD

    Feb 10, 2009
    I love the player loyalty Virginia has. You wonder why sims went to georgia lol.
  9. JrRawlins

    JrRawlins People hate me cause they aint me...

    Feb 10, 2009
    nah i dont wonder at all, he went to Georgia to become a returner of the year 3 years in a row and only start his senior year..... (y)

    Virginia has simple policy EARN YOUR SPOT each and every year.....

    sidenote: how many 4 and 5 star recruits has Georgia brought in and havent seen the field?

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