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volunteers murder wildcats

Discussion in 'Thread Archive' started by Ruckus Redbird19, Aug 27, 2012.

  1. Ruckus Redbird19

    Ruckus Redbird19 Walk On

    Jun 30, 2011

    week two proved the metal of one team and exposed anothers weaknesses. the wildcats were at home for the first time of the year and they were feeling that they had a few good match ups, coach fitz-" we thought that we matched up good against thier secondary but it seems that poor descisions and bad play calling kept us from being right." the game opened with tripple threat kain colter exploding up the right side for a huge gain on the option keeper. the cats seemed poised to score but could only muster a field goal. "the red zone plagued us all day. with out a conventional running game it was too hard to get our game plan working. there are only so many draws and qb options you can run. trick plays only take you so far before they stop being tricky." the redzone woes killed northwestern who kicked 2 field goals on stalled drives and threw a pick on a clever play by the safety. "we had a bunch of clearing routs and a short drag hook the key was the linebacker and the corner. they both vacated and i threw the ball. never saw the safety streaking in." -colter. three trips to the redzone in the first half and 6 points. mean while a missed asignment in cover 1 caused a wide open te. he showed explosive speed and busted a 58yrd td. northwestern moved the ball better in the second half but a td in garbage time made it closer than it seemed. "we got murdered plain and simple" -colter, who led the team in rushing and passing.

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