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[VOTE] (S18) Stream of the Week - Match Week 1

Discussion in 'TSL: Tradition Soccer League' started by RedAL925, Oct 5, 2015.


Which doubleheader do you prefer?

  1. TSL A: Hoffenheim-Palmeiras / Boca-Celta Vigo

  2. TSL B: Sao Paulo-Torino / America-Genoa

  3. TSL C: Stuttgart-Palace / Anderlecht-Leicester

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  1. RedAL925

    RedAL925 TSL Commissioner

    Jan 31, 2011
    We are so excited for what promises to be a great FIFA 16 cycle, why limit ourselves to just one featured Stream of the Week? Introducing our first-ever Stream of the Week DOUBLEHEADER! The choices are:

    TSL A

    1899 Hoffenheim - Palmeiras & Boca Juniors - Celta Vigo
    The Holiday House Derby, an historically one-sided affair, pits rschwep against CxMacx10. Then top-flight debutants guayo10 and dave okeeffe go for their first points on the season.

    TSL B
    Sao Paulo - Torino & Genoa - Club America
    In the sad nap category, both RedAL925 and Broncos218 make their 2nd division debuts. The former against his preferred team led by pitt4life21, and the latter against veteran manager UcanHateMeNow

    TSL C
    VfB Stuttgart - Crystal Palace & Anderlecht - Leicester
    Frenchie1916's Palace takes on his first club and first love VfB Stuttgart led by Mark Siers. Then title-contenders PhiGuy179 and Scott Metcalf take their young rivalry to the next level.
  2. guayo10

    guayo10 Walk On

    Apr 21, 2013
    Bleh voted for the Ohioans and the foreigners. Almost got 3 in a row dave okeeffe
  3. Macri

    Macri Watch Out!

    Jun 18, 2015
    Apologies, but what's a steam of the week?
  4. Broncos218

    Broncos218 Walk On

    Feb 20, 2011
    Each week throughout the season, one game will be highlighted as the 'Stream of the Week'. This game is usually of some special significance (top teams, rivals, etc.), and will have a schedule gametime posted in the Groupme chat so that people can tune in. Also previews and post-match interviews sometimes accompany the match as extra content
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