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Discussion in 'Thread Archive' started by majesty95, Sep 23, 2012.

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  1. majesty95

    majesty95 Show class, have pride, and display character.

    Jun 5, 2012
    Here is the waiver order for Week 3 of the Regular Season.

    The waiver period consists of the first 24 hours after advance. Any team wishing to claim a player must post their claim by 11pm CST Monday 9/24. You will then have 48 hours to sign your player (if awarded). Nobody may sign their player until the waiver award list is posted. If you fail to sign your player in the 48 hours after the waiver period ends and the CPU claims them at advance, they will be with that team until they leave as a free agent or the CPU cuts them.

    You may only be awarded ONE player during the waiver period. However, you may claim as many as four (must be done in the same post). List them in order of priority (top to bottom). The reason for this is so that if someone ahead of you on the waiver priority claims your #1 guy later on, we can then default to your #2 guy. So on and so forth. This also prevents us from having to add additional time to the claim period for late claims. If you do not post a player in your claim post, you will not be considered for them.

    Every player needs to be claimed via the waiver process in order to be signed. All player signings must be posted in your team management page.

    You may add players to your original post only up until the waiver period ends. However, we will go by the order that they are listed in your post so make sure that you have them ranked accordingly.

    Once you are awarded a player, you will then fall to the back of the waiver priority in your original order for the subsequent weeks. For example, if both the Rams and Vikings claim a player in Week 3. Both teams will move to the back of the priority list with the Rams remaining ahead of the Vikings. We will follow this process every week after claims are made.

    NOTE: Please no discussion in this thread other than to post your claim. Any questions, comments or concerns, please PM me, the user (whom you have a comment for) or tag us in The Cigar Room (formerly known as General Discussion).

    Get after it!

    Week 3 Waiver Priority

    (Teams with a player listed after their name indicate teams who were awarded a player during the Week 2 waiver period.)

    MZizzle2 Colts
    IncrediTony Rams
    majesty95 Vikings
    Jbbubba Jaguars
    Crumbler81 Panthers
    Futuriistiics Bills
    wayers50 Seahawks
    jeb4056 Cowboys
    SaintRaw Texans
    thoov08 Packers
    Ninersfan80 49ers
    coachgaddy Patriots
    Jshaver Browns
    Kyle-702 Jets
    lilaaddzz Raiders
    Flyinhi2005 Redskins
    fpuent Bengals
    MiaFLSurf Falcons
    woodsmall Lions
    Cole Copeland Saints
    B-MELO-82 Ravens
    AveryB Giants
    YungLew15 Chiefs
    Richard hunter Steelers
    Zikry Buccaneers HB L. Blount
    Crunk_Ness Cardinals K D. Buehler
    Crespo6 Titans SS D. Carey
    bigtubb_ Chargers TE T. Heap
    MarkyMark67 Dolphins CB A. Smith
    Big John Eagles SS B. Sanders
    slicknick202 Bears FB A.Sherman
  2. slicknick202

    slicknick202 Walk On

    Aug 31, 2012
    Bears Claim:
    1. Wr D. Amendola 75
    2. DT Fred Robbins 86
    3. Wr Chad Ochocinco Johnson 79
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  3. B-MELO-82

    B-MELO-82 Walk On

    Aug 27, 2012
    Raven Claim:

    1. Lolb: Quentin Groves / Age: 28 / Overall: 75
    2. Rt: Stephon Heyer / Age: 28 / Overall: 81
    3. Cb: Kelly Jennings / Age: 29 / Overall: 75
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  4. Crespo6

    Crespo6 Walk On

    Aug 20, 2012
    Titans claim:

    1. LOLB Spencer Adkins
    2. LOLB Darius Fleming
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  5. Zikry

    Zikry Walk On

    Sep 22, 2010
    Buccs Claim:

    1. Danny Amendola WR
    2. Ramses Barden WR
    3. Jordan Shipley WR
    Last edited: Sep 24, 2012
  6. MarkyMark67

    MarkyMark67 Walk On

    Jul 16, 2012
    Dolphins claims for week 3:

    FB D.Young 79 ovr, age 25
    RB S.Slaton 79 ovr, age 26
    DT M.Thomas 80 ovr, age 26
  7. MiaFLSurf

    MiaFLSurf Losing in the 90th

    Sep 1, 2012
    Falcons claim:
    Cb: Kelly Jennings / Age: 29 / Overall: 75

    Im assuming I get him over the Ravens due to waiver order?
  8. MarkyMark67

    MarkyMark67 Walk On

    Jul 16, 2012
    Dolphins have 2 injury waiver claims for week 3:

    RB S.Slaton 79 ovr, 26 age
    LOLB M.Fokou 77 ovr, 27 age
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  9. Kyle-702

    Kyle-702 Walk On

    Aug 23, 2012
    Jets Claim

    Cameron Morrah, TE, 70 Ovr, 25 years Old
  10. majesty95

    majesty95 Show class, have pride, and display character.

    Jun 5, 2012
    You already placed a claim. You needed to edit your original post per the rules for the thread. Only your original post will be used.
  11. majesty95

    majesty95 Show class, have pride, and display character.

    Jun 5, 2012
    S1 W3 Waivers - Awarded Payers

    Kyle-702 Jets TE C. Morrah​
    MiaFLSurf Falcons CB K. Jennings​
    B-MELO-82 Ravens LOLB Q. Groves​
    Zikry Buccaneers WR D. Amendola​
    Crespo6 Titans LOLB S. Adkins​
    MarkyMark67 Dolphins FB D. Young​
    slicknick202 Bears DT F. Robbins​

    You guys are now free to sign these players.
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