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Waiver Wire order and instructions

Discussion in 'Thread Archive' started by PepperNY, Apr 5, 2011.

  1. PepperNY

    PepperNY Fear the Spear

    May 9, 2010
    The Waiver wire is going to be very easy for everyone. If you are familiar with fantasy sports then this will be a cakewalk and for those that dont its a very easy process. Basically it boils down like this:

    1. Go into MLB 11 The Show into the online league and view the list of current FA's.

    2. After deciding who you are interested in you simply post the players name and position in the subject line and in the body you simply put that you are making a claim for him. The Post will stay open for 48 hours and will go to the person that was highest on the waiver order that placed a claim for that player.

    3. Make sure you have someone in mind to release if your roster is already full. YOU WILL NOT BE AWARDED AN EXTRA FA TO FILL DEPTH because you requested a 6th OF'er and dropped your 4th infielder so please place your claims wisely.

    4. After you are awarded your FA pickup, we will lock the thread and send you an alert that you may pickup your player. Your done for that week as we only allow a max of 1 FA pickup max per week barring injury not to exceed 3 per season. AGAIN INJURIES SUPERCEED ANY WAIVER CLAIM AS LONG AS ITS OF THE SAME POSITION OF THE INJURED PLAYER

    5. DO NOT FOR ANY REASON PICKUP A FREE AGENT WITHOUT US AUTHORIZING IT FIRST. IF YOU ARE CAUGHT YOU WILL BE REMOVED IMMEDIATELY. We dont have a transaction log online but we will research rosters from time to time and we will catch it.


    1. Arizona Diamondbacks
    2. Washington Nationals
    3. Chicago Cubs
    4. Milwaukee Brewers
    5. NY Mets
    6. Florida Marlins
    7. L.A. Angels of Aneheim
    8. L.A. Dodgers
    9. Detroit Tigers
    10. Oakland A's
    11. Colorado Rockies
    12. St Louis Cardinals
    13. Chicago White Sox
    14. Boston Red Sox
    15. Texas Rangers
    16. Atlanta Braves
    17. Cincinnati Reds
    18. San Franchisco Giants
    19. Minnesota Twins
    20. NY Yankees
    21. Tampa Bay Rays
    22. Philadelphia Phillies

    If you have any questions feel free to ask
  2. PepperNY

    PepperNY Fear the Spear

    May 9, 2010
    To answer everyones question, YES RETIRED players are fair game for free agents so have at em boys
  3. PepperNY

    PepperNY Fear the Spear

    May 9, 2010
    Waiver Order for new week as of 6p CST 4/12/11

    1. Brewers
    2. Braves
    3. Twins
    4. Rays
    5. Mets
    6. A's
    7. Giants
    8. Dbacks
    9. White Sox
    10. Cardinals
    11. Angels
    12. Nationals
    13. Reds
    14. Cubs
    15. Yankees
    16. Dodgers
    17. Rangers
    18. Marlins
    19. Phillies
    20. Tigers
    21. Rockies
    22. Redsox

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