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    Aug 19, 2010
    Man, I've never played so well in a game (generally), yet so poor in key spots, causing me to end up with such few points to show for it. I ran the ball well, passed the ball successfully, and played solid defense, but managed only 17 points.

    Contributing factors?

    - Went down the field on my opening drive and got stopped on 4th and inches inside the 10.

    - Despite having my best QB decision-making game, I was picked off twice, both times due to being hit while I released the ball out of the play-action.

    - I had three key over-throws that would have been sexy highlight footage, one which was out of the PA, also. I felt as though I may have rushed two, but the third was due solely to variability.

    - I somehow missed a freakin' 29 yard FG. I have NO clue how. Did I rush it and not line it up properly? I'm still flabbergasted.

    Anyway, I won the game 17-3, but felt as though it should have been 35-3. Didn't feel safe until the clock hit .00 in this one.

    This is the most fun I've ever had in a season.

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