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Want to be playing NCAA 14 at this time next year? (PS3)

Discussion in 'League Openings' started by Spayer419, Feb 15, 2014.

  1. Spayer419

    Spayer419 Walk On

    Jun 23, 2012
    Chompions League is an NCAA 14 PS3 online dynasty which is currently wrapping up its 8th season. Because we all started with powerhouse teams such as Ohio State, Oregon and Texas A&M, the talent pool for CPU teams has become very average and in general the dynasty is starting to feel slightly stale.

    With this possibly being the last NCAA for some time, we as a league decided it would be best to start a new file with a coaching carousel approach, so that we can build our own coaching legacies as we play 12+ seasons and increase the longevity of the league by not hoarding top talent from day one.

    There are currently 9 core members of Chompions League that will be a part of this new file, many of whom played all 8 seasons of CL 14 and all 9 in CL 13. We are looking for three more dedicated users to fill out the roster when we embark on this new file with one and two-star teams. Please post in this thread to express your interest.

    What you can expect from us...
    • Fast-paced: On average 36-hours for advance. Last week we had 3 user games and advanced in 7 hours ... on a Wednesday!
    • Competitive and SIM: Very skilled users in this group, but all strive to keep things as SIM as possible
    • Community: Constant communication through Group Me mobile application

    What we expect from you...
    • The ability to make this a priority (not the priority in your life, but one nonetheless) and keep up with schedule
    • Contribute to and improve our great community of users
    Glen Cieske Jbek Rekkapryde cyhiphopp Antonio T. jandy cmassey13 LTL7360

    Please feel free to tag anyone that you think might be interested or a good fit in this thread
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