Washington eyes a move to the 4-2-5

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    The Washington Huskies are currently looking at making a move to a 4-2-5/4-4 hybrid type of scheme.

    Coach Wick36 noted a few reasons they might go with this type of defense:
    • They want to keep a 4 man front to capitalize on good pass rushing DEs.
    • The Huskies already have several of the Hybrid OLB/SS type of guys on the roster. They don't have the elite pass rushing skills that the guys in real life would have (those players don't exist in the game :(), but they've got some decent run stopping skills. Shaq Thompson and Darryl Jordan would likely start in those spots, but incoming Freshman Brandon Little would likely compete for a spot.
    • Having a guy outside would help out with stopping read option offenses, which have been gaining traction.
    • Washington has had some difficulty signing their ideal LB group. At LSU, Wick36 tried to keep the trifecta of an elite coverage guy, a do everything MLB, and a third linebacker who wasn't a liability in coverage, but his main goal was to fuck people up.
    • It would help keep the corners off of the field. Washington will be pretty weak at corner next year. Wick36 inherited a team with several upperclassmen CBs and not much young talent. A few lost recruiting battles last year really set things back. The incoming CB this class is pretty big, but they'll need a little time to develop.

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