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Washington @ Florida

Discussion in 'Thread Archive' started by CntBeUrsuperman, Sep 1, 2009.

  1. Washington @ Florida

    First off ignore the final. This game was so much closer than the final would lead you to believe. And going from Madden to NCAA is damn near impossible. First half he is running and throwing all over me. He scores on all of hos possessions I think. I miss a FG to end the half and the score is 13-10 and I'm thinking to myself how is this happening?!?! He is freaking Washington. Thats why we play the game I suppose. He gets balls after half I call some weird D Ive never called before...as I sit on the safety I run up to cover some underneath route....well my responsibility was cover deep wide open TD. Hes now up ten. I get the ball back and Tim throws the ball 8 feet wide and he picks it! He has to settle for a FG. Time to change my game plan time to let Tebow run wild. A few option plays later TD Tim Tebow! He gets the ball I send the blitz Locker gets hit mid throw and my D-lineman picks it off!!! A few plays later Superman is right back in the endzone and we're up 1!! He either then fumbles or throws a pick but I get the ball and again Tebow scores. One more hit stick on defense and a fumble is returned for a TD and then Demps takes it 80 yards to the house off the option. Good game and really close until the 4th.

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