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Washington Huskies Football

Discussion in 'Game Summaries' started by HoundsOfHowl, Apr 29, 2012.

  1. HoundsOfHowl

    HoundsOfHowl Feed Me More....Football

    Apr 14, 2012

    The Washington Huskies and their head coach, Bice, after taking over after a scandal last season forced the Huskies coach out of the program and left many questions unanswered, are looking to take over the PAC-12 and bring back to Seattle what they haven't had since 1991, a National Championship. There will be many tough challenges ahead for the Huskies and Bice, but with the roster stacking the house, all 12 opponents better have a gameplan on how to shut these Huskies down!

    2017 Schedule

    8/26 - Ole Miss W 21-42
    9/7 - @ UCLA (DivisibleDuke)* L 32-38
    9/16 - #14 Boise State W 21-24
    9/23 - #19 Oregon (ThruTheSmoke47)* L 38 - 27
    9/30 - @ Utah (Fr33k Packag3)* W 38 - 31
    10/7 - @ #22 Mississippi State W 30-14
    10/21 - #10 Cal (IrishBearcat09)* W 14-24
    10/28 - Colorado (Mopar4Joe)*
    11/4 - @ #13 Stanford (Atkinson919)*
    11/11 - Arizona State (LSU TRUTH)*
    11/16 - @ Oregon State (I Peench)*
    11/25 - Washington State (Caleb Mackie)*

    BOLD - Home Game * Denotes Conference Game
    Washington Huskies 2017 Team Preview
    Quarterbacks - B+
    Junior Redshirt Kyle Davis is going to be running the Huskies out of a pro-style offense, and look for his backup Senior(RS) Kyle Ingraham to get some carries in with his great ability to run the ball.​
    Halfbacks - A-
    Pat Brown, who won the starting battle over the summer is going to have his work cut out for him with All-Americans Trevor Haley & Lee Jenkins right behind him on the depth chart. But look for the Huskies to ground and pound this year with their great depth in the half back position.​
    Receivers - B+
    Senior James Moore, who is going to be the impact wideout this season, look for his great abilities to carry this team through the air, with Danny Hudson & Tony Smith on the filed with him followed by some great receivers behind them on the depth chart this offensive attack could be the deadliest in the PAC-12.​
    Tight Ends - C-
    Great speed and lack of experience in the tight end position the Huskies are going to have to utilize these guys to the best of their abilities and make sure they know what to do out there on the field.​
    Offensive Line - B-
    The Huskies offensive line has some great players, but they are going to need to step up this season to keep their quarterbacks from taking hits and feeling too much pressure this season!​
    Defensive Line - B+
    All-American end, Kenny Tucker who is playing his final season in Seattle, will look to put all the pressure on opposing teams this season, followed with a great group of defensive tackles, this Husky d-line is going to be a powerful foe in this years hunt for a conference championship!​
    Linebackers - B+
    Mike Flowers, senior impact player, will be looking for a great season with his great speed and power look for this defensive captain to get the Huskies defense fired up and hunt to kill! But don't overlook the rest of the linebacker corp, they are just as deadly and potent.​
    Secondary - A-
    With great depth, young players, and All-Americans look for this secondary to apply enough pressure to opposing receivers this season, and it wouldn't surprise anyone to see this secondary have the most interceptions this season!​
    Special Teams - C-
    With Freshman kicker/punter this season, Bryan Hill, has a lot of pressure on his shoulder. He is backed up by kicker/punter Bo Carter, who will look to battle it out for the starting position for the next few seasons.​

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  2. HoundsOfHowl

    HoundsOfHowl Feed Me More....Football

    Apr 14, 2012
    Team Page 2017
    Signed Recruits - 0/16
    Season Awards -
    Weekly Awards -
    • Week 1 Offensive Player of the Week : Pat Brown - 21 Carries, 150 rushing yards, 2 TD, 2 rec, 80 yards, 1 TD, 3 KR, 144 yards, 1 TD
    Team Awards -
    • Week 1 : MVP : Pat Brown : 21 Carries, 150 rushing yards, 2 TD, 2 rec, 80 yards, 1 TD, 3 KR, 144 yards, 1 TD
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  3. HoundsOfHowl

    HoundsOfHowl Feed Me More....Football

    Apr 14, 2012
    Week 1
    Slow Start, Strong Finish

    "Sound the Siren its Husky Football Time!"

    Box Score

    Ole Miss - 7 l 00 l 7 l 7 l 21
    Washington - 0 l 28 l 7 l 7 l 42

    8/26 - Seattle, WA

    Ole Miss traveled to Seattle to take on the #16 ranked Washington Huskies in week one of college football action! It was a very slow start for the Huskies after turning the ball over twice in the redzone, both in the first quarter. The interception by Ole Miss led them to their first points of the game, and gave Washington's fans a look of worry after the Huskies couldn't answer back on the ensuing drive.

    Washington came out firing in the second quarter after backup quarterback, Kyle Ingraham fired a 69 yard pass to J. Moore for their first points of the game, but it didn't stop there. Washington's defense began to press tougher and tougher against the Rebel offense creating turnovers a plenty in this game. With 2:46 left in the first half, Pat Brown began his attack of rushing touchdowns, taking a 4 yard rush in for his first score of the season, following the next turnover by the Rebels, Brown took a 75 yard option pitch from Ingraham for 6, and with :25 seconds left in the half Brown cut up the middle of the Rebel defense for 85 yards.

    Mississippi tried coming back slowly, but it never got going. With :42 seconds left in the third quarter, Rebel quarterback Anderson tossed a 50 yard score to Rivera, but only to let Pat Brown take a 100 yard kickoff return to the house, taking the heart out of the Rebel comeback.

    Going into the fourth quarter the Huskies led 35-14, and the Rebels looked to try everything they had with a quick 63 yard run on 3rd & 1 from J. Amos. It looked like the 14 point deficit was not going to be hard to overcome until with 3:12 left in regulation, S. Parks took an interception for 70 yards to the endzone and the final siren sounded for the Huskies!

    Next week the Huskies are off, and will look to get some practice in before facing conference foe UCLA.

    Key Stats : Miss / Wash

    First Downs : 10 / 8
    Total Offense : 366 / 356
    Rushes l Yards l TD : 23 l 114 l 1 / 27 l 174 l 2
    Comp l Att l TD : 15 l 31 l 2 / 8 l 18 l 2
    Passing Yards : 252 / 182
    Redzone % : 0% / 50%
    Turnovers : 5(int) / 3 (2int&1fum)

    Key Players :

    Kyle Ingraham : 4/4, 153 yards, 2 TD
    Kyle Davis : 4/14, 29yards, 0 TD, 2 INT
    Pat Brown : 21 rushes, 150 yards, 2 TD (MVP)

    M. Flowers : 7 Tackles, 3 TFL, 1 INT
    S. Parks : 4 Tackles, 2 INT, 1 TD
    J. Harris : 9 Tackles
    J. Wright : 2 INT
    J. Thomas : 6 Tackles, 2 TFL, 1 Sack​
  4. HoundsOfHowl

    HoundsOfHowl Feed Me More....Football

    Apr 14, 2012
    Close Only Counts in Horseshoes & Hand Grenades

    Huskies Can't Pull Off the Road Win

    9/7 - Pasadena, CA

    On a beautiful west coast Thursday night, the Washington Huskies & UCLA Bruins came off of bye weeks to meet up in the first conference opener of the season for the PAC-12. Coach Bice, for the Huskies said in a pregame interview, "This game sets the tone for the rest of the season, it is a must win for us.", but little did he know the outcome was going to be a negative result for the team. It was a slow start for both teams, with the first points not coming until 6 minutes and 2 seconds in the first quarter, which was a 26 yard pass for UCLA.

    Washington continued to struggle throughout the rest of the first half only scoring 3 in an early second quarter field goal. UCLA scored with 1:12 left in the first half on another pass from Cunningham. The Huskies had their chance to put up a field goal at the end of the second quarter, but coach Bice had the offense stay on the field and try to get the touchdown. After not getting the touchdown we caught back up to the Huskies coach before he made it to the locker room and he said, "This UCLA team has stopped our running attack and we are going to have to get something going in the second half if we plan on winning this game."

    Both teams had a third quarter touchdowns, UCLA took a 6 yard pas with 4:04 left. Washington's heisman hopeful, Pat Brown, was shutdown this evening, but was eventually able to get on the board with 1:21 left in the third quarter on a 5 yard rush.

    It was the fourth quarter where fireworks would go off and the score would triple for the Huskies. Both teams went in to an all out shootout in the last 7 minutes of action. But it was the 48 yard pass with 2:26 left that would hopefully give the Huskies one last chance, trailing by 3, coach Bice had the kicker put it deep and let his defense work magic. The Bruins came out and made it down the field to put up a field goal with :09 left in regulation to go up 6.

    Both teams knew going into this last kickoff it was all or nothing, 32-38. Pat Brown was back to receive and took the ball and went with it. It was looking like there was going to be a miracle in California, but Brown was tackled around the 40 yard line, but only to find out there was a clipping penalty. Coach Bice threw his headset in frustration setting his team back to their own 45 yard line. Quarterback Kyle Davis took the field to chuck up a hail-mary and that's just what he did, except it only was caught 10 yards out. So the question is, had the penalty not happened, would they have won? We don't know, but we do know that these Huskies will look to bounce back next week when they face #11 Boise State in Seattle.

    Box Score

    Wash l 0 l 3 l 7 l 22 l 32
    UCLA l 7 l 7 l 7 l 17 l 38

    Key Stats :

    First Downs : 23 l 9
    Total Offense : 530 l 467
    Rushes - 21 l 22 yards l 2 TD - 14 l -9 yards l 0 TD
    Passing - 29/50 , 508 yards - 20/27 476 yards
    Turnovers - 1 l 1

    Key Players :

    Q. Cunningham - 13/17, 296 yards, 5 TD
    M. Bozeman - 4 rec, 171 yards, 3 TD

    Kyle Davis - 21/37, 399 yards, 1 TD
    Kyle Ingraham - 8/13, 109 yards, 1 TD
    Pat Brown - 14 rushes, 46 yards, 2 TD
    B. Bates - 13 rec, 261 yards, 1 TD
  5. HoundsOfHowl

    HoundsOfHowl Feed Me More....Football

    Apr 14, 2012
    Nail Biter in Seattle

    Huskies squeeze by Broncos

    9/16 Seattle, WA

    The #17 Washington Huskies hosted the #8 ranked Boise State Broncos in college football action this week. The Huskies were looking to come back after losing last week to unranked UCLA Bruins in a fight to the finish matchup. We had a pregame interview with coach Bice before the game and he said, "Last weeks loss is still lingering around the locker room and it's going to take a victory here to keep us in the hunt for the National Championship."

    The game got off to a slow start for both teams, until Washington's Kyle Davis found his star tight end, Bobby Bates for a 14 yard pass at the 3:52 mark of the first quarter. The rest of the first quarter was slow and neither team could get any momentum going in their favor. The second quarter got off to a great start when the Huskies got an interception, but failed to score any points off of the turnover. Finally, with :31 seconds remaining in the first half, Pat Brown got his number called on a 6 yard handoff to pound it in for 6. The Huskies went into the locker room with full momentum being up 14-0 over the #8 ranked Broncos.

    Both teams still struggled offensively throughout the third quarter, and it seemed like Washington's defense was going to shut these Broncos out, until they hit a 15 yard pass for 6 after creating a long drive, that tired out the Huskies defense. Washington was still up 7-14 going into the fourth quarter and it appeared they were going to play it safe as they began running down the clock.

    After driving down the field again, Pat Brown ran it in for a 2 yard rushing touchdown to get the Huskies up 21-7 with 5:21 left in the game. But, it didn't take long for the Broncos to set up a score, after a 60 yard pass down the field, it set the Broncos up for a 8 yard run with 4:13 remaining in regulation. The Huskies safe play style began to lead to 3 and outs, and sluggish offensive drives giving the Broncos chances to stay in the game. With 2:05 left in the fourth quarter, the Huskies hit a 37 yard field goal, hoping to seal the deal. Up 10 with less than 2 minutes to play, Boise had to strike fast, and that's just what they did. Boise's Tyler tossed his second TD of the night with a 24 yard pass to J. Bailey. The Broncos, out of timeouts, down 3, and only 1:33 left, had to kick the onside and hope that they recovered to even have a chance to pull the win out here in Seattle. The Bronco's recovered the football, but failed to make it the full 10 yards on the kick, giving the ball to the Washington Huskies, who just finished the clock out and walked away with a very close victory over a very good Boise State.

    The Huskies will host the #21 Oregon Ducks (2-1) next week, for what will be a must win for both teams if they look to stay alive in both the PAC-12 championship and the National Championship.

    Box Score

    Boise l 0 l 0 l 7 l 14 ll 21
    Wash l 7 l 7 l 0 l 10 ll 24

    Key Stats :

    First Downs - 8 l 12
    Total Offense - 266 l 281
    Rushing - 15 att/25 yards/ 1 TD l 47 att/142 yards/ 2TD
    Passing - 11/19 2TD, 241 yards l 6/14 1TD, 139 yards
    Turnovers - 2 l 0

    Boise Key Players

    U. Tyler - 11/19, 241 yards, 2 TD, 2 INT
    A. Espinosa - 13 rushes, 25 yards

    Washington Key Players

    Kyle Davis - 6/14, 139 yards, 1 TD
    Pat Brown - 36 rushes, 140 yards, 2 TD
    Bobby Bates- 3 rec, 63 yards, 1 TD
    L. Bryant - 7 tackles
    J. Harris - 5 tackles, 1 TFL, 1 INT
    S. Parks - 1 INT

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