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Week 1+2 Power Poll

Discussion in 'TFL: League 1 Red' started by mcyork, Jan 11, 2012.

  1. mcyork

    mcyork Walk On

    May 17, 2009
    Results so far this week will change when all games get in! I'm looking at your MasterCollin
    just bored at work
    1.)Swansea City 2-0 8 GF 3 GA Timpegoose
    2.)Lyon 2-0 7 GF 1 GA BigManOnCampus0
    3.)Ruben Kazan 1-1 3 GF 4 GA GovernedSpy
    4.)Tottenham 1-1 4 GF 5 GA MoonBBad
    5.)Marsille 1-1 4 GF 4 GA elprez98
    6.)Newcastle United 1-1 2 GF 4 GA mcyork
    7.)PSG 1-1 5 GF 6 GA MasterCollin
    8.)Lille 0-1 0 GF 1 GA RynoAid
    9.)Aston Ville 0-1 1 GF 2 GA steve kotzen
    10.)Bordeaux 0-2 3 GF 7 GA WizeguyCZ23

    1.)Swansea City stayed in the top spot by gaining two wins this week both seemed to be routes 4-2 and 4-1. Coach Goose is pushing all the right buttons and his squad is performing at a top level. Lets hope he hasn't peaked.

    2.)Hello Lyon. What a jump this team made. Little was none about Coach BMOC but lead by Briands monster week he jumped all over both clubs and for only a brief few minutes trailed in either match. We are looking for big things from this team tons of talent keep it up.

    3.)Here is where the rankings get murky as the next 5 teams split matches. Ruben Kazan held their own against Bordeaux but fell to the streaking Lyonnais team. I think this team is solid and had a bad night falling behind early and not mounting an attack to battle Lyon. This team should maintain a top of the table finish.

    4.)Tottenham played the top team of late Swansea City and lost 2-4 bounced back later in the week to beat a good Aston Ville team 2-1. Again a team that needs time on the pitch to get Coach Moons style under their bed.

    5.)Marsille took its lumps this week as they were one of Swansea City's victims 1-4. Coach Clutch challenged the lads and they came out with a top effort against PSG shutting them out 3-0.

    6.)NUFC jumped from 10th to 6th with a spirited effort against Lille. Forward Demba Ba had a good week connecting on 2 goals. This team had a mid week adjustment in formation that I think could lead to good things in the future.

    7.)PSG Coach MasterCollin had the lads on top of the moon with a thumping of Bordeaux early in the week 4-2 only to be brought down by Marsille being shut out 0-3. The team needs to fix some things on the back line and tighten down the holes in the defense. Much is to be learned about these 5 teams in the coming weeks

    8.)Lille Coach Ryno and his team fell the most in the rankings this week. The next two teams still have a game to play after these rankings have been posted. But a loss to NUFC looks bad but the team had their chances the ball just didn't bounce their way. Giving up only 1 goal with the talent Lille possess should be enough for them to win but the offense just was not clicking at home. This is still a top flight team and should wipe the egg of their face and move up the charts this week.

    9.)Aston Villa lost to a very good Tottenham team 1-2 and has yet to play Lille as we headed to press. This team like Lille can ill afford to fall to 0-2 so the match will be highly spirited with so much on the line even this early in the season. Coach Steve needs to get in his teams ear and make sure they put forth a proper effort.

    10.)Bordeaux, like I said last week someone's gotta finish last. This league is filled with good teams and good coaches. The team needs to start by fixing its defense as they gave up 7 goals in 2 games. They can score as they put 3 in the back of the net but the object is to have more of those for your team and less for the other.

    elprez98 MoonBBad MasterCollin RynoAid steve kotzen Timpegoose BigManOnCampus0 mcyork GovernedSpy WizeguyCZ23

    Man of the Week
    Well so far it looks like Swansea City's Routledge(2 goals 3 assists) and Lyons Briand(3 goals 2 assists) are head and shoulders ahead of the rest of the league in their 1st two matches.
    Will add write up and have a match of the week for 3-4 once they are posted
    Last edited: Jan 13, 2012
  2. Timpegoose

    Timpegoose Walk On

    Jul 17, 2010
    Good stuff mcyork Newcastle might be getting a nice boost here soon if they end up bringing in Carroll. I got a nice youngster in on loan from Chelsea. 71 OVR CM that I'll probably plug in at CDM when they do the squad updates. PSG has been connected to damn near everybody this transfer window, they could get a huge boost from somewhere.

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