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Week 1: Bucs 28 Vs Falcons 31

Discussion in 'Thread Archive' started by shuffman25, May 5, 2010.

  1. shuffman25

    shuffman25 Walk On

    Mar 31, 2010
    Week 1: Bucs 28 Vs Falcons 31

    1st Quarter
    The first drive of the game started out methodical for the Falcons, basically doing whatever they wanted at the line of them scrimmage, Michael Turner would punch in a 14 yard TD to give the Falcons 7-0 lead. The Falcons would quickly get the ball back and hit new commer N.Burlerson for a 59 yard td pass.

    2nd Quarter
    Things Looked grim for the Bucs, they showed alot of character and fight could have easily packed it being down 14-0 and nothing doing for them. They started to show signs of life and mounted to gather a drive that resulted in a 27 yard FG. The Bucs seem to have momentum shifting towards there side and captilized with a 1 yard td run by R.Mendenhall.

    3rd Quarter
    The Falcons sensing they needed to do something to stop the momentum from being full shift towards the Bucs, do what they do best and gave M.Turner the ball and didn't disapoint with a 22 yard TD run. However the Bucs would not stay down putting togather two scoring drives of there own a TD and FG drive, score was 21 Falcons 20 Bucs at the end of the Quarter

    4th Quarter
    It was once said that big time players make big time plays, this was never more evident in what people in Atlanta are calling the play, Michael Turner turned what was a normal dive into a top 5 run EVER. He bull rushed into the Linebackers and with 4 of them hanging on to him, he breaks all tackles and out runs the secondary for a 64 yard TD, this seeming it would break the Bucs will but it did not they answered with a scoring drive and two point convo tieing the ball game 28-28. The Falcons got the ball but was shut down and resulted in a punt, what transpared to the Bucs had to be heartbreaking a well placed punt bounces backward into the Bucs cover guys and the Falcons recovered and Kicked a game winning FG.

    Was a epic game, one of the better ones i have ever been apart of was just to much Turner for the Bucs to over come. The Falcons rookies where impressive Parker made a TD saving TFL, Garruplo had 3 catchs 60+ yards and howard was a shutdown corner with 4 balls thrown his side no completions.

    Matt Ryan 9/17 188 Yards 1 TD

    Michael Turner 22 ATT 201 Yards 3 TD

    Ryan Garruploo 3 Rec 67 Yards 1Pancake

    D.J. Williams 6 Tackles

    Michael "THE BEAST" Turner

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