Week 1 - Dolphins (32) @ Bills (21)

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    Week 1 - Dolphins (32) @ Bills (21)

    GG Steven, should be a good couple seasons with you in Buffalo. I know its hard to use them lol.

    Game started with a 3 and out by Buffalo. Dolphins score on a TD pass from Henne to Marshall on first drive. Missed XP.

    Bills would get the ball on a terrible kick near half field. Would move well to score on a 2yd run from Spiller.

    On the Dolphins first play of the next series Henne was hurt with a bruised sternum and taken out for the game. Luckily Ronnie Brown was able to play well and scored on a 68yd run up the middle. Missed XP.

    Dolphins were able to score off a turnover and made the XP. 19-7 game in the late 3rd. Buffalo would march downfield and score on a 4th and 2 on a pass from You to Nelson.

    Buffalo would stop Miami and get the ball. You throws a pick on a good play by CB Jason Allen. Dolphins able to move the ball and score on a TD pass to Marshall. That was pretty much the game with 2 more scores from both sides late.


    Henne - 3/3, 30 yds, 1 TD
    White - 9/14, 70 yds, 2 TD, 1 INT
    Brown - 15 rush - 128 yds - 1 TD
    Marshall - 4 catches - 45 yds - 2 TD

    You - 15/23 - 150 Yds - 1 TD - 3 INT
    Spiller - 18 rush - 48 Yds - 1 TD
    Evans - 5 Rec - 70 Yds
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    Sorry Mustang, didn't see your recap before posting mine. GG.

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