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Week 1 Panthers vs Bucs

Discussion in 'Thread Archive' started by CWT 3000, Sep 13, 2012.

  1. CWT 3000

    CWT 3000 Walk On

    Sep 4, 2010
    panthers 26 (Luke Keuchly) F
    Buccs 20 (Doug Martin) OT

    Good game between CalebMackie and I. LB Luke Keuchly started off hot with two interceptions in the first quarter. One being a pic. 6. Freeman was just awful to start the game. With two early ints. the Buccs found themselves down 17-0 in the FIRST Q. Doug Martin and the Buccs would slowly eat away at the lead. After the 1Q, action slowed down and the Buccs put together a couple solid drives only to come away with field Goals. In the 3Q; the Panthers leading 17-13, used a drive to chew up a lot of clock, but Cam and company had to settle for a FG. The Buccs had a few chances to put up scores, but the drives would stall and were forced to punt. As the game battled into the fourth the Buccs had one more possesion to make it a game. Freeman would not diappoint. He was accurate, which allowed Martin to work the middle and finally started making gains in the running game. With the Buccs down by 7 and inside the enemies territory (7 yard line) Freeman found Martin in the flat and scored on a nice catch. On this play I was not expecting Freeman to force the pass into double coverage, but Martin had great position and hauled it in. TIE GAME. Panthers would attempt a hail marry, but the pass fell incomplete. End of regulation.

    In OT "The Ryan Grant" would run up the middle on 3rd down... run in place as several guys would make/ attempt tackles. A few seconds later he'd bouce it outside and use his break away speed to go the house and score. Game OVER and fuck me. The first drive of OT the CPU let's R. Grant score... WTF.

    Otherwise a really good game.

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