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Week 1 Patriots 30 Bengals 25

Discussion in 'Thread Archive' started by Coach KO, Nov 26, 2010.

  1. Coach KO

    Coach KO Walk On

    Sep 14, 2010
    Patriots Tame Bengals 30-25
    Patriots start season off taking down Cinci
    in playoff rematch


    Coach KO's move to Boston was a curious one. All season long he mentioned he wouldnt be leaving Washington. However, when the economics of football are at play. Never say never as they say. The good news for the Pats was that they continued their winning ways. This time handing the Bengals a loss at home 30-25.​

    The game started off like a world class soccer match as neither team was able to move the ball consistently. The best offense for each team appeared to be their defenses as the Bengals forced 2 interceptions early and gave them an early lead. The Pats would score the first touchdown of the game as Brady would find his huge TE Rob Gronkowski for a 9 yard touchdown strike and give the Pats a 10-9 lead into half time. "Obviously a big score right before half time. We knew we were kicking off to start the 2nd half and felt we needed to get the ball in the endzone to have a chance at winning this game." said Coach KO​

    The 2nd half started much like the 1st half in that it was defensive struggle. The Bengals would take the lead again with another short Tiffin FG 12-10. At that point, the defenses began to struggle mightily. The Patriots who were stuffed on the run much of the game were able to get James Davis some room around the outside and sped into the endzone from 48 yards out. The lead was welcomed but short lived as the Bengals were able to move the ball rather easily down field, this time Palmer found his speedy TE Gresham for a 14 yard touchdown and the lead.​

    New England was unfazed as the worked the ball using the pass as Welker was found for huge gain. The drive culminated in with the Pats able to methodically move the ball down field this time Montario Hardesty finding the endzone to give the Pats the lead again.​

    The Patriots continued to scratch and crawl at the Bengals and pehaps the biggest play of the game came on defense again. Gresham who was a thorn in the Pats side all game long inexplicably pitched the ball and was recovered by rookie MLB Emmanuel Burch. "Obviously, it was a mistake but the important part was taking advantage of the opportunity and this time did." The Pats on the 2nd down found Moss on an out an up and he took it to the house for a 49 yard touchdown reception.​

    The Bengals would get back within one score as Palmer was surgical in the two minute drive but the onside kick was recovered by Taylor Price and the game was over.​

    Good Game Dunn.​

  2. natedawg212000

    natedawg212000 New Orleans Saints

    Jul 29, 2009
    New owner - same result. GG man.
  3. Fr3sH_UC

    Fr3sH_UC Walk On

    Mar 9, 2010
    crazy game ! =P

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