Week 1 Redskins 10 vs Giants 48

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    May 8, 2009
    Week 1 Redskins 10 vs Giants 48

    First half was close because both QBs were shaky and threw some INTS. i was able to get my running game going early which i used the whole game. I got greedy right before the end of the 2nd and threw an INT to D hall who brought it back 99yrds. But i went into the locker room leading 21-10. In the 2nd half it was all giants scoring points off some INT returns and a fumble on a PR.

    Some stats
    J. Campbell 16-40 188 yrds 5 INTS
    L. Fletcher 13 tackles

    B. Jacobs 23 att 134 yrds 2 Tds
    Osi 3 sacks

    Total Offense
    222 TOT - 34 Rush - 188 Pass

    393 TOT - 248 Rush - 145 Pass

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