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Week 1: Two Minute Drill with Chris Berman

Discussion in 'TMFL' started by sawemoff, Apr 24, 2012.

  1. sawemoff

    sawemoff #FearTheBeard

    Dec 29, 2011
    Well to Week 1: Two Minute Drill with none other but me Chris Berman. You are probably wondering why I have hair and I am dressed like I was still in the 80s, and and As you can see I magically grew my hair back from the 80s. *Winks and smiles at camera* Here's why! Today is the throwback edition of the Two Minute Drill and I would like to tell you my view on teams that wear them. First off the Dallas Cowboys have the best ones. The white helmet with the blue star can not be beat. *Shows Cowboy Thanksgiving game clips* The Cowboys also seem to win when they have them on, so maybe they need to wear them 24/7. The ones I can stand are the Jets, Bills, and Patriots. The horrendous ones are the Buccaneers, Eagles and the Redskins. These uniforms should never be worn again but who cares about my opinion when they are only paying me to do this! *Chuckles* Anyways on to the show. We have a very special guest for you today, Superbowl Champion Matrix Monkey. ​
    Chris: Hey coach and welcome to the show. First things first, how was Disney World and what was your favorite attraction?
    Matrix: Great times. And to be fair, everyone wants Mr. Toads Wild Ride.
    Chris: Ah, I guess you haven't ever taken da da das (originally called 222s) and rode Space Mountain. Let me tell ya, every time I'm in Canada for a Blue Jays game I grab me some and smuggle them. See you put them in the four corners of your suitcase. *proceeds to show but reverts* Umm lets just move on and I will show you later.

    Chris: What were some of the things you kept telling your players before every playoff game?
    Matrix: Treat it just like every other game and stick to their routine.
    Chris: Good advice coach! Short, sweet and simple, I like it.

    Chris: Everyone has that game or two where they worry if they can beat them. Which game were you the most worried about going into the playoffs?
    Matrix: Oh man, all of them. antcap24 had a great team and great stick skills but we were able to pullout the win. I got insanely lucky when I didn't have to play the Bucs but still almost bombed the game against the CPU, I didn't lead 'till the 3rd quarter. In the Super Bowl I thought for sure I'd get hammered offensively but I was able to contain Charles and Orton threw away the game.
    Chris: Yea, I would say y'all were definitely the underdogs but you stuck to a game plan and won it.

    Chris: What player on offense and defense did you feel stepped there game to lead their respective squads to the Superbowl?
    Matrix: Offense: Tough choice. Garrard played super efficient throughout the playoffs and had a QB Rating over 100 in every game. Roy Helu, on the other hand, was the spark plug on offense and got healthy at just the right time.
    Defense: London Fletcher of course, shutting down the middle of the field was huge. Orakpo stepped up in run defense as well.
    Chris: A lot of the fans were worried when Helu went down earlier in the season. I actually thought the Redskins were going to be dead in the water but the defense and offense definitely stepped up their game. It must have been hard to part ways with Garrad but you got to do, what you got to do, right?

    Chris: Right before the Superbowl ended tell us how the locker room was and how did it felt defeating the Kansas City Chiefs?
    Matrix: Well the game wasn't close at the end so the party started early on the sidelines and carried over into the locker room. There was just a huge feeling of not only of joy and accomplishment, but relief, after a grueling season that brought about its share of doubts.
    Chris: Oh the good ole days, partying like there was no tomorrow! I miss them days but I am glad for you and your team.

    Chris: At what point during the Superbowl did you think that the Lombardi Trophy would be coming back to DC?
    Matrix: The smiling started after D. Hall picked off Orton in the endzone and Gaffney managed to catch the overthrown ball that was intended for a different receiver right after. I knew I was playing a tough team so I didn't let up. When Helu caught that screen pass after another Orton turnover and I saw the blocking in front of him I knew it was going to be a TD and there'd be little chance of a comeback at that point.
    Chris: The Helu run was also a great play. *HE...COULD...GO...ALL...THE...WAY*

    Chris: To repeat or not to repeat is the question. Are the Redskins going to repeat and what needs to happen to get there?
    Matrix: I highly doubt it. How's that for some straight talk. This league is just too talented and anything can happen, we had a lot of luck go our way during the year that led to this and we can't count on that happening again. We need to continue to upgrade and build around our core players, but on one of the weaker rosters in the league there is a lot of room to grow so you never know.
    Chris: I like the modesty coach and I think y'all should compete well in that fierce NFC East Division

    Chris: As I normally do to wrap things up, would you like to say to the fans?
    Matrix: Thank you.
    Chris: There you have it folks, Coach Matrix. Thanks again and we appreciate you being on the show. Good luck on the season. Tune in next week as touch on any breaking news or upsets that occurred in Week 1!
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    Jul 1, 2010
    Great content saw
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    Nice Work Saw

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