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Week 1

Discussion in 'Thread Archive' started by Mags, Dec 21, 2009.

  1. Mags

    Mags Former MEGA PC Commish

    Feb 20, 2009
    Week 1

    reply here
  2. scared46

    scared46 Walk On

    Aug 16, 2009
    Week #1 the Lions have to face the defending NFC North Champs and this time the Lions held the Bear's rushing attack at bay by only allowing 36yds on the ground. Thats what killed us in the first meeting was big running plays for TDs.

    Bears would strike first on a 6yd TD pass to Knox. Lions would add a FG in the first.

    1st Quarter

    2nd quarter not much in scoring due to both teams play outstanding defense. Lions add another FG.


    3rd quarter..Still not much happening again, both defense still playing good but, with Matt's arm and some keys first downs Lions punch in a TD run by A. Brown and convert the 2 points

    3rd quarter

    4th quarter the Bear's offense scored another TD pass to M. Gains and add a FG to take the lead. But the Lions answer back on a key 4th and inches at the Bear's 36 yd line and the Lions didn't know how the Rookie Kicker would kick under pressure so Lions convert the forth and move a little close to kick the tieing FG.

    End of Regulation

    Lions get the ball in OT and Matt connects with Calvin Johnson inside the Bear's terroritory and the Rookie kick showed he can handle the pressure by kicking the game winning FG!!!


    Great game Scar!!! GL rest of the way and see ya in Chicago :D
  3. scarface

    scarface Walk On

    Jul 24, 2009
    Yeas was a hard fought game back and forth with not much going on, Smith ran his ass off and those crosses to Johnson were unstopable.
  4. gt86

    gt86 Walk On

    Jul 24, 2009
    Eagles - Cowboys

    This had to be one of the worst madden games I have ever been a part of. The game never gave Styk and his Eagles a chance from the very start. The Eagles would lose 3 fumbles and throw 3 ints and only complete one pass in the game. The Cowboys would take advantage in the first half by building up a 28-0 lead in the first half on 2 Td pass by Romo to Rb's Jones and Keller and two Td runs by Felix Jones. In the the 2nd half the Cowboys would start calling the dogs off but it didn't matter with how this game went. Which allowed to Cowboys get a Fg in the 3rd qtr and a td run by Fb Anderson in the 4th. Madden screwed Styk so bad in this game that he only had 20 yds of total offense for the entire game. ALmsot everytime the Eagles had the ball they would turn it over.

    Cowboys win 38-0

    For what it's worth Styk GG Madden totally screwed you from the get go
  5. bigmandy54

    bigmandy54 mac54

    Nov 14, 2009
    arizona vs atlanta it was a great game wells ran the ball for 169 yards and kurt still has game threw for 175 and 1touchdown and the def keep turner under 100 yards.

  6. jcquik

    jcquik Guest

    Bucs vs Browns

    Bucs didnt manage to move the ball to well on offense the whole game. HB James Davis rushed for 81 yards but that was it. The Browns killed themselves on ints as QB Jay Cutler threw for 383 yards and 6 ints. Three of them in the redzone were costly. FA CB pickup Justin King took one to the house for 99 yards. Justin will get the starting nod as he showed his coach nice potential.

    final score 28-7 gg trashy
  7. savaunte

    savaunte Oakland Raiders

    Aug 29, 2009
    Raiders 16 Ravens 14

    Raiders open the season against one of the toughest teams in the league. These two teams met late last season, with Oakland getting the better of coach Mags and his Ravens. This years Ravens are lead by QB Tim Tribow while the Raiders have 3 new faces on their OL.

    Raiders get the ball first and calmly and methodically drive down the field. Ravens D stepped up and forced a FG though, but Raiders get early lead. Ravens offense cant get going and are forced to punt. Raiders again drive into Ravens territory but get stone walled again and are forced to settle for another FG. Ravens offense was anemic in the first quarter and almost the entire 2nd. Raiders get a HUGE break when PR Webb fumbled a punt, Raiders LB Ricky Brown scoops it up and scores the first and only TD for the Raiders. Ravens offense came to life in the final minute of the 1st half. Driving the length of the field and scoring on a 12 yard pass from Flacco to Underwood.

    Alot of defense in the 2nd half of this one. Raiders would only manage another FG while the Ravens would find the endzone once more when rookin QB Tim Tribow would run it in from 9 yards out. This last drive was added by a running into the kicker call that gave the Ravens a first down instead of a FG. Raiders coach was furious, stupid, stupid penalty that could of lost us the game. Raiders would try to run out the clock but came up way short on a 3rd and 7. Ravens get the ball back on their 7 yard line with about 1:50 left on the clock. Flacco came out throwing, hit Ray Rice over the middle but Rice FUMBLES and the Raiders are right there to pick it up securing their first win of this season.

    Key stat: Ravens = 4 turnovers / / Raiders = 2 turnovers

    GG Mags, both games we've played have been fun as hell..GL this season.
  8. Mags

    Mags Former MEGA PC Commish

    Feb 20, 2009
    Hell yeah, was fun. Once again, the god damn KR fumble for a TD sinks me. I think I have had about 7 of them so far. Great game, nice D, and hopefully I'll get another shot at ya down the road. GG Sav.
  9. chrisdstan

    chrisdstan Walk On

    Jul 29, 2009
    Seahawks @ Giants

    Real defensive game here that came down to a last minute play.

    First Quarter:
    Seahwks would take alot of time off the clock an get into the box with a pass to D.Butler 29 Yd pass 7-0 hawks.

    Second Quarter:
    Finally the Giants take one to the house with R.Bush 3 Yd pass making the game tied at 7-7.

    Third Quarter:
    3rd quarter was pretty boring but the Hawks were able to get a fg out of it.

    Fourth Quarter:
    This is where the drama begins and we knew once we scored with 3:31 scored we knew we had to play a QB contain to stip the screens, the qb run and the crossing routes that where killing us all game. Seahwaks made it to the 10yard line. It was 4th with 4 togo with the hawks doing a rb draw and coming up short with the Gaints winning 14-10.
  10. tankwillis

    tankwillis Walk On

    Sep 18, 2009
    Vikings 31 Patriots 23

    The new look Vikings earned a hard fought, ugly win to open the 2010 Mega football season. A one dimensional offense managed to do just enough not to lose. Newly acquired Brady Quinn was injured early, and Sage Rosenfels proceeded to throw 2 interceptions and no TD's for an offense that had no problem moving the ball thrpugh the air last year with Brett Farve under center.

    On the bright side AD was AD, gaining 160+yds and 2 TDs on 18 carries, and the additions on defense already began paying dividends. Nnamdi Asomugha help Randy Moss in check while also intercepting a Tom Brady pass. Aaron Curry added a game sealing INt of his own to go with 4 TFL, and a sack of pretty boy Brady.

    GG quik and thanks for filling in for the PATS. Good luck on your season.

    AllDay: http://www.easports.com/media/play/video/14728204

    MoreAD: http://www.easports.com/media/play/video/14728223
  11. TRudethaDude

    TRudethaDude Walk On

    Jul 8, 2009
    Titans hosting Texans

    Coach Jeff Fisher decided to throw on the ol' Houston Oiler uni's in this one to really get this game off on the AFC South rivalry tip. Mission accomplished. This game had a bunch of big hits, turnovers, and even had Chris Johnson go out with a dislocated elbow right about halftime. His status is doubtful for next weeks game although it looks like he will be back for week 3 action.

    Now to the game. Winning the opening toss and going all the way down the field the Texans had an early 7-0 lead. On the Titans first drive they drove into the redzone, but the drive stalled and they had to settle for a Rob Bironas FG. 7-3 Texans at the end of 1.

    2nd quarter started with the Titans holding on to the ball. At this point Jake Scott the new rookie qb out of Texas Tech showed his worth as he connected on a 20 yard TD pass to the player of the game Justin Gage. Gage finished the game with a team high 4 receptions and 72 yards receiving.

    3rd quarter had both teams playing a bunch of defense. 3 turnovers a piece for the Titans and the Texans kept both defenses on the field in less then ideal positions. Tennesee backup running back Javon Ringer wound up fumbling on our own 30 area. The Texans were stopped and held to a FG attempt that went wide left. On a couple of other drives the Texans had the ball in optimal scoring position, but the Titans defense stayed tough forcing timely interceptions.

    4th quarter again had a bunch of defensive plays. No play was bigger then the #31 pick of the first round Davon Morrison's interception in the endzone! When it got down to the very end of the game the Titans hit Javon Ringer on a screen pass that went for 33 yards and sealed the deal on week 1 of the season for the defending AFC Champions. Final score 10-7 Tennessee

    *big props to thelou34 for stepping in for a cpu controlled Texans team. Greatly appreciated and good game. I'm sure we'll have fun when our real teams meet in a few weeks.
  12. bigox1337

    bigox1337 Walk On

    Oct 8, 2009
    Rams(40) @ 49ers(35)

    It was another great game against a multi-league rival in coach gaddy. The rams took home a week 1 win with the help of steven jackson and a crucial offseason trade. Steven Jackson logged 161 yards rushing and a TD on 20 carries and Avery was held in check when on the field as a WR but as a returner it was a different story. It seemed that every return was at least to the 35 or 40 yard line and he added a kickoff return for a TD right after the 49ers had a pick 6 and made it a one possession game.
    Newly acquired FS ryan clark made some big plays in the game with 2 interceptions and Hines Ward had a 16 yard TD grab.
    The difference maker in the game was the rain, both QBs where badly overthrowing the WRs, the WRs were dropping the accurate balls and there was plenty of fumbles because of the rain. The rams got 2 tds of costly fumbles on punt/kickreturns because coach gaddy refused to fair catch anything.
  13. hoytpower

    hoytpower Walk On

    Jul 24, 2009
    I get the assist then for the trades. LOL
  14. Luis

    Luis Walk On

    Jul 27, 2009
    Chiefs at Chargers

    San Diego season opener couldnt have gone better. Sproles returned the kick off 98 yards and put the chargers up by 7. After a couple of failed drives, Sproles returned a punt 53 yards to set the 1yard TD by LT. The chiefs were down by 2 scores before the quarter end and the bolts D was forcing them to fight evey for yard. In the middle of the second quarter Sproles was set for another punt return, he shook off a couple of defenders a ran 65 yards for his 2nd return TD of the day. Kansas was in control of the ball but wasnt able to punch it in.

    The 3rd quarter was back and forth with no team being able to score. Right at the beginning of the 4th Sneed tackle LT on his own endzone forcing a Safety. It seemed as the chiefs were getting some momentum back then came Cason to pick a Tighpen pass in the Chargers 15 yard and returned to the endzone.

    Kansas City 2
    San Diego 28

    GG Junior, will be diferent nect game.

    The Highlights are on the Franchise site.
  15. stealth

    stealth Walk On

    Aug 1, 2009
    After Several disconnects the Bengals & Panthers finally get all the way thru a game.

    1st qrt

    Bengals would get on the board 1st in this 1 as Hb Scott wouldnt be denied a long run as he would plow thru 4 panther defenders on his way to a 49yd td run. 7-0 The lead would be short lived as the panther answer right back with a 5yd td run by QB Young. 7-7

    2nd qrt

    Panther would take their 1st lead of the game as K LLoyd would connect from 21yds. 10-7 Bengals would retake the lead just before the half as Hb Benson goes in from the 1yd line. 14-10 Bengals at the half

    3rd qrt

    Panthers would inch closer in the game as K LLoyd hits the 48yd fg. 14-13
    That would prove to be the only points of the qrt

    4th qrt

    Panther would retake the lead on K LLoyd 3rd fg of the day. 16-14 K Price again would answer with a fg of his own. 17-14 With a little of 2mins left in the game the Panthers get a huge 84yd td catch and run by their FB Fiannetta. Panther go for 2 and get it to take a 24-17 lead. Bengals go into their 2min offense and with :10 left on the clock backup qb Viciose would sneak into the endzone from 1 yd out. Extra point would be good and we are headed to overtime tied at 24-24


    Overtime would see the bengals drafted rooks save the day. CB Williams get it going as he would pick off a QB Young pass putting the bengals at the panthers 34yd line. after 3 runs play the Bengals call on their rookie K Price and he would deliver with the game winning 44yd fg.

    Bengals 27 Panthers 24

    gg Goth
  16. scholt31

    scholt31 Guest

    Saints visit Steelers for 24-17 win

    The revamped Saints(traded away their backfield) go into Pittsburg toface Hoyt in week 1.

    1st quarter no score, but in the 2nd Brees finds Devery Henderson for a 13 yd pass after driving down the field.

    3 minutes later 2nd rd pick Girley scampers 9 yds for the 6 making it 14-0.

    with 2 seconds left in the half Willie Parker walks in for the 2 yd touchdown making it 14-7 at the half.

    the 3rd only saw a fg from each team to make it 20-10.

    In the 4th the Sains returned an interception 28 yds, but Big Ben answered back with a 70 td pass and that is where the game would stay at 24-17.

    Brees 11/21 146 yds, 1 td, 1 int
    Stewart 8 att 46 yds
    Girley 6 att 40 yds

    Roethlisberge 13/28 216 yds, 1 td, 2 int
    Parker 16 att 85 yds 1 td
  17. Thelou

    Thelou Walk On

    Jul 24, 2009
    Well the fifth time was a charm. The Broncos and Jaguars were finally able to complete a full game. This game was a battle like all of the rest and came down to the last few seconds.

    The Broncos struck first as they methodically marched downfield to score a TD and make it 7-0 after 1 qtr. The drive consumed over 6 min and set the tone for the game.

    The Jags weren't going to be outdone as they took the kickoff and put together a long drive that would end with a TD pass from rookie QB James to rookie TE Squirek to tie the game at 7-7. The Jags defense tightened up and held the Broncos in check the rest of the half while the Jags managed to get two FGs to take a 13-7 halftime lead. The Broncos defense played tough forcing the Jags to settle for FGs and keeping them out of the endzone. This would be huge later in the game.

    The 3rd qtr saw the Jags defense step up as they picked off a Matt Cassel pass inside the redzone and returned it for a TD giving the Jags a 20-7 lead. The Broncos would get on the board in the quarter with a FG to make it 20-10 Jags after three qtrs.

    The fourth qtr saw the Jags blow a golden opportunity. The Jags stopped the Broncos deep in Jags territory and got the ball back. On the first play MJD took the handoff and went around the left side for a 64 yd run down to the Broncos 4 yd line. Champ Bailey made what would be the game saving tackle. The Jags played very conservative and were unable to get in the endzone so they settled for a FG to make it 23-10. The Broncos went 5 wide after that to get back into the game. It paid off as Cassel would hook up with WR Eddie Royal for a TD making it 23-17 Jags with about 5mins to play in the game.

    The Jags still stuck in conservative mode were unable to move the chains and were forced to punt the ball. The Broncos started to drive the field again and were threatening to score but FS Reggie Nelson got a pick and downed it in the endzone to kill that drive. The Jags once again went into safe mode and went 3 in out. The Broncos did what they do best and started to air it out getting into scoring position. With just under a minute to play, Matt Cassel found his target in the endzone to give the Broncos the lead at 24-23 with about 48 secs to play.

    The Jags finally came out of safe mode and started to drive themselves. With two timeouts left they completed a couple of passes but went into hurry up nstead of using their timeout, this would cost them. Rookie QB Kelley James completed a pass inside the Broncos 35 yd line close enough to kick the game winning FG but the Jags were unable to call timeout quick enough as the clock expired and the Broncos get the win.

    This was a great game to start the season. Coach Lou sees a lot of promise from his team and they just came up a little short today. It was a battle all the way and a really fun, tough game. Final score Broncos 24, Jags 23.

    Great game Ross, glad we could finally get it completed. Nice comeback and gl the rest of the way.
  18. hoytpower

    hoytpower Walk On

    Jul 24, 2009
    GG Scholt was a fun one. Injuries bit me hard this game.

    GL the rest
  19. adross33

    adross33 Walk On

    Sep 2, 2009
    Great game Lou! All 5 of them were tough and a hell of a lot of fun! ... Man, kicking that FG on 4th and goal on the one was a key turning pt .. smart play, but one that leaves feeling like WTF!! I should've went for it ...

    Great defense ... big turnovers ... I had 9 drops .. never had that many ... ever .. rookie WRs I guess ... you forced me out of LJ's game .. and I think I was freakin' lucky to win it ... gl the rest of the way
  20. Kan

    Kan Walk On

    Jul 24, 2009
    The Skins would host the Colts in week one. The game would get off to an exciting tart, as Campbell would be picked off on the first play from scrimmage. Lucky for the Skins, Landry would pick off Manning the very next play. After that, the Skins would take their time marching down the field.

    On his first touch as a Redskins, Bradshaw would take the ball for 21 yards down to the one. He would score on the next play. The Skins would add a field goal in the first quarter, and then Hall would take an interception for a touchdown. The Skins would take a commanding 17-0 lead after the first quarter.

    The Skins defense would play tough the entire game, picking off Manning five times. Short touchdowns in the second and third quarter would add to the lead and a field goal in the fourth would end the scoring at 34-0

    gg stealth, thanks for the sub
  21. stealth

    stealth Walk On

    Aug 1, 2009

    gg the colts defense played like crap in this game.
  22. DrunkenSoldier

    DrunkenSoldier Luck Of The Irish

    Jun 30, 2009
    Green Bay beats the Bills 31-10.

    The Pack only musters 167 yds of offense but finds other ways to score.

    Aaron Rodgers was 7-11 for 78 yds and a Int
    Leron James(Rookie) had 16 attempts for 60 yds and 2 TD's.

    The Packers started out with a nice Offensive drive to open the game and take a 7-0 lead finished with a 2 yd TD run by Leron James. Then after a Bills FG, Jerry Manning(A rookie drafted in the FA Filler draft) goes to work with a 103 yd Kick Return for a TD. Check out the poor kicker trying to get over to make a tackle then get lit up by a blocker from out of know where.

    [YOUTUBE]<object width="560" height="340"><param name="movie" value="http://www.youtube.com/v/aM5guGn3uvk&hl=en_US&fs=1&"></param><param name="allowFullScreen" value="true"></param><param name="allowscriptaccess" value="always"></param><embed src="http://www.youtube.com/v/aM5guGn3uvk&hl=en_US&fs=1&" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" allowscriptaccess="always" allowfullscreen="true" width="560" height="340"></embed></object>[/YOUTUBE]

    That was it for scoring in the first half as Green Bay went into the locker room with a 14-3 lead. Then early in the 3rd quarter Travon Williams returns an INt for 44 yds and a TD to put The Pack up 21-3. The Bills answered with Trent Edwards throwing a 20 yd TD pass to James Hardy to cut the deficit to 11 then on the onsueing Kick Return Jerry Manning was at it again almost returning the Kick to the house but a TD saving tackle put him down at the 22. Where Leron James on the first play broke a tackle and took it to the house to put the lead back up to 18, GB would add a FG to make the final 31-10.
    The Bills outgained The Packers 292 to 167, but Jerry Mannings 223 KR yds on 3 attempts made the difference, Who says you cant find an impact player in the FA Filler draft.

    Green Bay (1-0)
  23. I-ROD

    I-ROD Walk On

    Jul 27, 2009
    Jets At Dolphins

    The New York Jets visited the Miami Dolphins in a game which had alot of bad blood from both sides. The Dolphins started Chad Henne who converted the big downs when needed with Brown and Williams carring the load. Rookie TE Jackson had a great game out running defenders on some 3rd down conversions.

    Rookie DT Ford had a sack and three tackles and was in Sanchez's head most of the game.

    Jets tried getting back in the game late but the damage was done after Sanchez threw three picks, one for a CB Smith TD.

    Jets 0
    Dolphins 23

    GG Miller, catch you at your house later in the season.
  24. PoloMD

    PoloMD Walk On

    Jul 29, 2009
    You forgot something, say GG to your oponent is allways welcome.
  25. Millertime

    Millertime Guest

    Nice win IROD. I think the two restarts hurt me more than you because I couldn't get anything going in that 3rd game. We basically played 3 quarters that went for nothing, which as you said, is a waste of time. And just when I said in another thread that I never get disconnected..... :)

    Oh well, you won fair and square. Well played. See you in NY. $100K bounty on Ronnie Brown before then.

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