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Week 10: Cardinals 30 Seahawks 20

Discussion in 'Thread Archive' started by CoachWest, Oct 6, 2010.

  1. CoachWest

    CoachWest Walk On

    Sep 22, 2010
    Week 10: Cardinals 30 Seahawks 20

    This game featured the first rematch of the Cardinals new management era. The last game featured the Seahawks trying to earn there first win and a Cardinals team accessing it's contention possibilities throughout the remainder of the season with the Hawks coming out with a big win.

    The Cardinals won the toss and elected to receive. On thier intial drive the Cardinals find themselves short of the first around the 45 with a 4th and inches. Recalling the shootout that transpired the last game Coach West Elects to go for it and makes a first down. The Cardinals again stall but this time within their own redzone and elect to kick a FG, 3-0 Cardinals. The Seahawks receive the ensuing kickoff and begin a long drive of their own to end the first quarter.

    First Quarter Cardinals 3 Seahawks 0

    The Hawks continue their drive into the third and stall in the Redzone and elect to kick, it's good Cardinals 3 Hawks 3. The Cardinals recieve the ball and with a mix of running a passing find themselves at the 10 yard line when beanie wells breaks a run to the endzone TD! Flag on the play, Holding, and it is called back, with extra yards tacked on. Skeleton is able to make up ground where on third down, Beanie is able to punch it in again, this time from 2 yards out, Cardinals 10 - Seahawks 7. Seahawks recieve the kick and drive down the field until on 3rd and long they fumble the ball at the 23 yard line and the commentator announces that the defense recovers the fumble... However the offense not only keeps posession but gets a fresh set of downs to go with it, however they are unable to capitalize on the opportunity and elect to kick 10 - 6 Cardinals.

    End of Second Quarter

    The third quarter would feature a continued struggle for the seahawks offense as on the opening drive to start the quarter, as Dwyer coughs up the ball and Rogers-Cromartie returns it for a TD, 17-6 Cardinals. The Seahawks get the ball back, and begin a new drive. Until Josh Snead throws his first of 4 picks and the Cardinals take over posession. Skeleton reads man 2 man and no over the top help and finds Breaston for a 27yrd catch and run, 24-6 Cardinals.

    End 3rd Quarter

    The forth quarter becomes this blur of possessions as each team scores quickly when they can, and turns over the ball. Snead throws his 2nd INT, just to have Skeleton give it right back. Then Snead finds M. Williams for a 38 yrd TD, 24-13 Cardinals. The Cards decide to take their foot off the gas but fall short and end up punting. Then Snead throws his Third INT for the day, Cards take possession and drive down the field until Garvin finds paydirt on 3rd and Goal from the 9, 30 - 19 Cardinals. Seahawks get the kickoff and and on a third and long throw the ball up where Santana Moss comes down with an 83 yard catch and run with under 2 mins to play. 30 - 20 Cardinals. The Cardinals recieve and end up punting it away again. Seahawks end up throwing their 4th int for the day, and Moss breaks his hand on the play.

    Final Score Cardinals 30 Seahawks 20

    This game took an emotional and physical toll on the Hawks as they preformed poorly on Offense and lose LG Pitts for a week and Santana Moss 6 weeks with a broken hand, which has been one of their lone bright spots this year thus far.

    Offensive Player of the game again has to be John Skelton who comes out with a with an over 100 rating for the third week in a row and is able to spread the ball around to 9 different recievers on the day. Defensive Player of the Game Was Rogers-Cormartie who came up big covering Santana Moss and shutting him down most of the game and getting 2 picks in the process in addition to his fumble recovery for a TD.

    GG Bates, I'll see you next season for your turn at the rematch :)

    1 2 3 4 OT Final
    0 6 0 14 0 20
    3 7 14 6 0 30

    Team leaders

    J. Snead: 4/13 152 Yds, 2 TDs, 4 INTs

    J. Dwyer: 12 Atts, 49 Yds, 0 TD

    S. Moss: 4 Rec, 143 Yds, 1 TD
    M. Williams: 1 Rec, 38 Yds, 1 TD

    K. Ellison: 1 Sack, 0 FF, 0 INT


    J. Skelton: 21/31 280 Yds, 2 TDs, 1 INT
    B. Wells: 7 Atts, 19 Yds, 1 TD

    S. Breaston: 2 Rec, 63 Yds, 1 TD

    D. Rodgers-Cromartie: 0 Sack, 0 FF, 2 INTs

    Team stats
    1st Downs 10 12
    3rd Downs Att. 12 13
    3rd Downs Eff. 5 7
    4rd Downs Att. 2 1
    4rd Downs Eff. 1 1
    2 Point Conv. Atts. 2 0
    2 Point Conv. 1 0

    Total Yards 471 373
    Pass Yards 228 262
    Pass Ints. 4 1
    Rush Yards 95 24
    Total Offense 323 286
    Time of Poss. 13:25 18:35
    Score 20 30

    Fumbles Lost 2 1
    Kick Return Yds. 135 70
    Punt Return Yds. 13 17
    Penalty Count 0 1
    Penalty Yards 0 10
    Red Zone Atts. 1 3
    Red Zone Fgs. 1 1
    Red Zone Tds. 0 2

    Scoring Summary
    First Quarter
    (ARI) J.Feely, 20 Yd FG, 3:05
    Second Quarter
    (SEA) O.Mare, 28 Yd FG, 7:03
    (ARI) B.Wells, 2 Yd run(J.Feely kick), 3:34
    (SEA) O.Mare, 49 Yd FG, 1:48
    Third Quarter
    (ARI) D.Rodgers-Cromartie, returned fumble 25 Yds(J.Feely kick), 7:25
    (ARI) S.Breaston 27 Yd pass from J.Skelton(J.Feely kick), 6:29
    Fourth Quarter
    (SEA) M.Williams 38 Yd pass from J.Snead(two-point conversion failed), 4:30
    (ARI) M.Garvin 9 Yd pass from J.Skelton(missed kick), 2:27
    (SEA) S.Moss 83 Yd pass from J.Snead(2pt), 1:56
  2. pbates86

    pbates86 Walk On

    Mar 5, 2010
    Game was much more out of reach than the score shows. I got my but whipped.
  3. BadaBing319

    BadaBing319 OMFL Broncos / PMFL Eagles

    Jul 16, 2010
    Hey Coach, looks like you may have copied and pasted out of LC, so thought I'd just put this here if you want to use it instead:


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