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Week 10: Cardinals ( 38 ) Hosting Packers ( 41 )

Discussion in 'Thread Archive' started by Miklos_Nyiszli, Mar 24, 2011.

  1. Miklos_Nyiszli

    Miklos_Nyiszli Walk On

    Sep 16, 2010
    Coming into the game both teams losing tough games last week face off. Packers facing the OMFL Champs Cardinals.

    The Packers win the coin toss and decide to kickoff to the Cardinals. Cardinals start off the game with the ball but unable to do much and have to punt. Packers move the ball down the field but only able to get 3 points to take the lead. The score would stay 3-0 with both defenses showing big to start the game out.

    The 2nd quarter starts with the Cardinals marchin down the field but only able to get 3 points and tie the game up. Packers decide to try and reclaim the lead but only to throw an out route that is picked by Toler and returned for a TD also to claim the lead. Packers waste no time to try and fix what went wrong. They end up hitting Saelii Davis for a 81 yard TD to tie the game back up. The following drive the Cardinals trying to reclaim the lead but end up throwing a INT. Packers try to take control of the game and end with hitting Jennings for a 20 yard TD to take the lead back. Half time would come with the game 17 to 10 Packers
    2nd Half starts with the Packers tryin to add to the lead and Boutte finally finds a big whole in the middle to go for a 72 yard TD run. Cardinals try to answer back but end up throwing a pick and the Packers take the ball to hit TE Hill for a 12 yard TD pass. Cardinals trying to put something together finally start marchin the ball down the field end with hitting TE Beckum 20 yard pass up the middle. Packers looking to answer back get sacked on the first play then throw a quick screen pass to Boutte that some how turns into a 74 yard TD pass and end the 3rd. Score at the end of the 3rd is 38 to 24 Packers leading the way.

    Cardinals finally get rolling like they normally do but is it to much to over come? Cardinals start the strike back with a 46 yard TD pass to Kuidis to get within 2 TDs. Packers unable to get anything going go 3 and out. Cardinals still rolling march the ball down the field to hit TE Beckum for a 5yard TD and puts them within 1 TD. Packers still getting stuck at the line end up going 3 and out once again. Cardinals end up getting the ball at the 50 yard line and dont look back. Cardinals moving the ball down into the redzone and hit the TE/FB Stone for a 3yard TE pass and tie the ball game up. The Packers get the ball back with just around 1m and 30 secs to try get a tough much needed win. Packers start off with a run and get nothing with Darter just killin the middle of the line. 2nd down the Packers hit an out route to Davis for a big gain then they hit Davis once again to get within FG range. Cardinals tryin to save some time but unable to do anything Packers end the game with a 40 yard FG and win the game 41 to 38.

    GG West and wish u the best of luck with ur season..

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