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Week 10 Cardinals Redskins

Discussion in 'Thread Archive' started by CoachWest, Jan 8, 2011.

  1. CoachWest

    CoachWest Walk On

    Sep 22, 2010
    In week 10 the Cardinals welcome the Redskins over for some bruises and blood... In the tight NFC either team was in danger of losing their chance for the playoffs midway through the season. The Skins elect to kick and the Cards start out with the ball.

    Opening drive the Cards take the ball, and on a third and long test Rocky McIntosh and fail... And give the ball to the Skins inside the 30 yard line. It doesn't take long and the Skins are up 7-0 with a pass to Lance Moore from 7 yards out. The Cards get the ball back, and Michael Ray Garvin takes the kickoff back 99 yards for the TD 7-7 tied. Both teams trade a few punt until the Skins stall at the 26 yard line and kick a FG to take the lead 10-7 Skins.

    End of First 10-7 Skins

    Cards get the Kickoff and move down the field and stall at the 34 yard line and elect to kick a FG, 10-10 tied. Washington on High Alert Marches down the field and punches it in on a 2 yard run, 17-10 Redskins. The Cardinals still continue to struggle with moving the ball, and have to punt it to the Skins, Skins punt it back, and the Cards decide to bench John Skelton in favor of Jason Campbell. The change pays off and Campbell finds Roberts on a 35 yard TD, 17-17 tied. Skins get the ball and and drive down to the one, and punch it in form one yard out 24-17 Skins. The Cards get the ball with 1:45 to go and Garvin Fumbles the return giving the Skins a huge opportunity to go up by 2 scores receiving after half time. They get greedy and end up throwing a pick in the endzone giving the Cards a rebirth. Then on the next play the Cards attempt to throw a screen and the Redskins hit Campbell before he gets the ball off and get another chance to add points. The opt to play it safe with the lead, and are forced to kick a FG 27-17 Skins. The Cards receive the kick with a min left in the half and Garvin, wanting to make up for the Fumble takes it back 100 yards for the second Kick Return of the game, 27-24 Skins.

    Halftime 27-24 Skins

    The Skins get the ball, but make a huge mistake and throw an INT to Mike Huff, the Cards take over and on a 1 yard Colt Stone run take the lead 31-27 Cardinals. The Skins are unable to move the ball, opt to punt and the Cards manage to bring the ball into FG range, the kick is good 34-27 Cards. The Skins end up throwing another INT and the Cards take over deep in their own territory. The Cards move the ball to the 41 yard line with a 4th and 1 as time runs out in the Third Quarter...

    Third Quarter 34-27 Cards

    Before the next play I want to set the tone ... if you would like please feel free to click the link to get the reason for the next play-call http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Tctfq4tplQ4 . On 4th and 1 the Cardinals decide that giving the ball back to the skins at the 20 compared to their own 41 was just as dangerous... so on 4th and 1 on their own 41 they decide to go for the knockout blow, they come out in a big formation and the Skins decide to keep their punt return unit on the field instead of a timeout. Wells take it off-tackle and takes it 59 yards for a TD 41-27 Cardinals. The play visibly takes the wind out of the the Skins on their next drive has Hassleback throws his 5th pick of the game right to Justin Tuck, the Cards play it safe and kick the FG 44-27 Cards. Skins get the ball and keep it on the ground, Final 44-27 Cards

    GG Gaddy, I look forward to the rematch, and finally playing some scrim with you again ;)

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